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Yasemin Erdemir


In 2013, she started to work as the Responsible Manager and Psychologist at the Çekirdek Kindergarten and Children's Club. She completed his Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology (with thesis) at Beykent University between 2013-2015. She completed his Pedagogical Formation training at Istanbul Commerce University in 2016.

She started to work as a Clinical Psychologist at the Mentis Psychology Center, which she started in 2016, and still continues this duty. Afterwards, she started to work as a Guidance and Psychological Counselor for the secondary and high school levels at Maltepe Yonder Schools in 2017 and still continues this duty. She works on cognitive field measurement and development of these fields for school students, and attends thinking skills courses.

She works on project development, newsletter creation and training. It organizes parent school trainings for families and also gives personal and professional development trainings and seminars for teachers. Published in online journals by Yasemin Erdemir she has professional writings.

Yasemin Erdemir is a teacher, psychologist, social worker, etc. in many provinces of Turkey. to those working in the fields;

  • Student Coaching

  • Memory Techniques

  • Mind and Intelligence Games

  • Objective Tests

  • Game and Fairy Tale Therapy

  • Story and Storytelling

  • Child Pictures Analysis

  • She provides certified training on topics such as Emotional Freedom Technique.

She is a student coach, following the academic, psychological and social development of the students, learning styles, cognitive development, psychological attitudes etc. to the students. She makes an inventory application and carries out spatial studies according to her needs. Erdemir gives conferences to teachers, students and families on the following topics;

  • Examination system

  • Student Motivation

  • Planned Study and Goal Setting

  • Preferences and Choice of Profession

  • Exam Tracking

  • Coping with Anxiety

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