Umur Çalıkoğlu

Consultant and Author

He received a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and a master's degree in Educational Sciences. He conducted research on synergy communication and teamwork in Romania, and career and talent management in Germany. She worked as a facilitator in two EU projects. Member of the Board of the Turkish Ethical Values ​​Center Association. In this context, he gave lectures on ethics at various universities. He developed practices and seminars to increase ethical awareness in companies and business professionals. He worked as a Project Manager in various training and consultancy companies and as a Career Specialist at two foundation universities in Istanbul. He still writes in Indigo Magazine's column called Management Issue. He gives trainings on Motivation, Branding, Leadership, Ethics, Integrity in Sales. In short, he is a speaker, consultant and writer devoted to the art of management.

International Projects

Imagination for All and Realization for All_2013: The European Union Commission, within the scope of the "Youth in Action" Program budgeted by the European Union Commission, various focus group studies and practices were carried out with disadvantaged child groups on an educational basis, with the participation of 25 people from 5 different countries in Kırklareli. participant and facilitator of the responsibility and youth exchange project. Event Date: 19-27.04.2013
The Principial Capital of Europe

The Youth: European Union Commission, within the scope of the "Youth in Action" Program budgeted by the European Union Commission, in Romania, with the participation of 30 people from 7 different countries, the main subject of adaptation to the multinational and multicultural working environment and synergetic communication, especially non-formal Participant and facilitator of the course where training methods and various practices, group studies and seminars are held. Event Date: 16-23.03.2013


Indigo Magazine: Starting from 2014, the column titled "Management Matter" covers management, career, human resources, economy, social media, etc. 40 articles have been written on the subject and he is still working as a writer.
Scholarships and Awards

Istanbul Kultur University Achievement Scholarship and Certificate of High Honor_2010-2013: The scholarship support given by Istanbul Kultur University in return for academic achievement and the High Honor Certificate given to successful, social and active students by the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences were won twice during the education period. Wilhelm University of Westphalia: Career Center Research_Germany_2015: A 15-day research support was provided by the Career Center of Wilhelm University of Westphalia, one of the largest Career Planning and Talent Management centers in Europe. By visiting the relevant career center, R&D and Know-How researches were conducted for 15 days and all expenses were financed by the European Commission. Istanbul Kultur University_Social Media Club_Best Mentor Award_2016: They presented the award, which was appreciated by Istanbul Kultur University Social Media Club for their support in digital marketing and personal development, after my "Leadership in Social Media" speech I gave during the Social Media Festival.


  • Leadership: İstanbul Kültür University – 7 Weeks (2016)
  • Business Etiquette and Business Ethics: İstanbul Kültür University – 5 Weeks (2016)
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization: İstanbul Kültür University – 8 Weeks (2016)
  • Personal Development and Vocational Guidance: İstanbul Kültür University – 8 Weeks (2016)

Seminars, Courses and Congresses

  • Prevention of Corruption and Promotion of Ethics _2016: Prime Ministry Ethics Committee - 28.09.2016 (8 Hours)
  • 7th Family Business Congress_2016: IKU Family Businesses and Entrepreneurship Research Center
  • 6th Family Business Congress_2014: IKU Family Businesses and Entrepreneurship Research Center
  • 5th Family Business Congress_2012: IKU Family Businesses and Entrepreneurship Research Center
  • SMEs and Efficiency Congress_2012: IKU SME and Competition Application and Research 7
  • European Communication Conference_2012: ECREA – 24 - 27.10.2012 (27 Hours)
  • Family Business Symposium_2011: IKU Family Business and Entrepreneurship Application Research Center
  • Kaizen and Lean Management Training_2010: İMMİB – 27.08.2010 (10 Hours)

Membership Associations and Clubs

  • Turkish Ethical Values ​​Center Association: Member of the Board of Directors (2015- Present) Coordinator of the training program, which is one of the social responsibility activities carried out by the Association and known as the Ethical Leadership Academy, which aims to increase professionalization and ethical awareness among young people. At the same time, within the scope of this academy program, he has been serving as a trainer for 5 terms on subjects such as communication, corporate ethics, sales and marketing, and pragmatic management.
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