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This is a close-up shot of a young adult woman with tan skin and shoulder-length wavy brown hair. She is looking off to the left with a slight smile, her eyes lightly closed. Her brows are slightly furrowed, giving her a thoughtful expression. Her chin and jawline are strong, and she has a few freckles scattered across her cheeks. She is wearing a light pink shirt with a white collar.

Şerife Demir


She is a graduate of Erciyes University, Faculty of Fine Arts. She has been teaching architectural visualization and 3D printing for many years.

Visual Communication and 3D Designer

  • 3D Maker

  • 3Ds Max Trainer

  • 3D Printer Instructor

  • I worked as a graphic designer in companies and agencies.

In 2015, I was involved in 3D Printer R&D studies in the institution I worked for.

  • I have attended in-house Trainer's Trainings.

  • I received a certificate of appreciation by contributing to the competition organized by Autodesk.

  • As a 3Ds Max instructor in IMM Courses, I gave many group trainings.

In 2016, I started 3D printer trainings in the institution I worked for.

By taking 3D Print Trainings and in-house R&D Studies at IMM Educational Institution

I contributed to the start of 3D printer trainings at IMM Belnet Branches.

I have provided job opportunities to many students studying at the educational institution where I worked.

I enabled students to participate in exhibition works within the institution.

I continue to give Architectural Modeling trainings, besides, I do Corporate Identity studies for several companies.

I am always open to innovation and development in my field.

I use my photography competence for the importance of photographic knowledge in 3D modeling Render stages.

My Areas of Expertise

  • 3Ds Max, Marvelous Designer

  • V_Ray

  • 3D Maker (3d printer)


  • Erciyes University Faculty of Fine Arts : Visual Communication Department

  • Anadolu University : Cameraman and Photography

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