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A middle-aged man with a serious expression stands facing the camera with his arms crossed. He has short, dark hair, a defined jawline, and his eyes are intense and focused. He is wearing a navy blue button-down shirt, and the sleeves are rolled up to expose his tan, muscular forearms. His stance is confident and determined, and his posture conveys a sense of strength and power. His gaze is direct and uncompromising, and his expression is resolute and determined.

Erdem Karagöz

Communication Expert, Instructor

Erdem Karagöz worked in sales after graduating from Ege University Faculty of Communication. He then continued his sales experience as a trainer and consultant.

He received Livcon Master Certified Coach Trainings. He worked in the fields of Sales and Corporate Coaching. Erdem Karagöz, who worked as a sales trainer at United for four years, is still working as a partner of Kevin Hogan Turkey. He gave four years of Brian Tracy training. 

On September 5, 2016, as a Ministry of Labor Accredited Master Trainer, he had been training trainers and trainers in EU and State Projects. In addition, he has given training on Sales and Persuasion in 70 cities in Turkey. He is the author of Never Give Up, Career Dolmus, Turkish Business, and Sales Persuasion. In addition, he is working on an attitude management book. He has been providing training in corporate training for 14 years. In 2018, he gave 210 days of training.

Apart from corporate training, he provides open-for-sale training and online training. Erdem Karagöz, who works in sales consultancy and sales coaching projects for companies other than sales training, continues to provide high energy, fun, and behavior change targeted training in the fields of sales and persuasion in the areas of Telecommunications, Banking, Network Marketing, Real Estate companies, Banking, Pharmaceuticals, and White goods. He enjoys learning and sharing information with the slogan "Change adds value."

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