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The man in the picture is smiling brightly, his eyes crinkling in joy and delight. His teeth are perfectly straight and white, his cheeks glowing with happiness. He is wearing a light blue shirt, and his dark hair is neatly combed. His hands are crossed in front of him, and his expression is one of contentment and satisfaction. His pose is relaxed, showing a sense of ease and comfort. The background of the image is a light grey, making his bright smile stand out even more. The image is perfectly captured, radiating a sense of joy and contentment.

Sedat Ateş


He received his Master's degree from Beykent University Body Language and Communication, Anadolu University Business Administration and Management, Selçuk University Business Administration Department. Digital transformation, e-commerce, social media, digital marketing etc. in many regions at TEDx and various universities in Turkey. He moderates the participation of valuable brands in important sessions on the subject such as, and continues as an active speaker in the panels.

TED x Speaker 2019 – 9th Personal Development Summit Honor Award (2 Projects) Digital Marketing / Social Media and E-Commerce Consultant Speaker and Trainer E-commerce Turkey Platform (Founding Member) I have been in a lot of work integrating online and offline retail. According to Fortune 500 data, I established E-commerce / Crm / Digital marketing units within Makro Market, in the 34th place in the ranking of the largest companies in Turkey in 2016 and 2017. At the same time, he is also actively publishing E-Commerce Turkey magazine etc. My articles and articles are published in monthly printed media.

Being one of the founding members of the E-commerce Turkey Academy, I have participated in a project aimed at bringing many trained personnel to the sector in the fields of innovation, marketing, artificial intelligence applications, entrepreneurship, social media, e-commerce, digital marketing in chambers of commerce, associations, companies and universities within the scope of the academy. I have provided consultancy to companies from different categories on the start-up journey from scratch. The Smart E-commerce book I wrote in 2010 is the first resource in the industry, and I have provided hundreds of startups and entrepreneurs with both face-to-face and written support in this process. Recently, I have been continuing my studies in the fields of storytelling, content management, neuromarketing. I follow the ongoing studies, new resources and theses with Silicon Valley very closely.

Digital transformation, e-commerce, social media, digital marketing etc. in many regions in various universities of Turkey. I moderate the participation of valuable brands in important sessions on the subject such as, and continue as an active speaker in the panels. I worked with the teams that started the first hot bread sale in Turkey via e-commerce, and started the first supermarket shopping in the market places. I have had experience from companies of different scales in areas such as the preparation of fictions in every sense, the determination of scenarios, problem and solution analysis, and the establishment of the system and field team. I like to make people look at them from a striking and different window by entertaining them and with examples from current life. I show you the way more than memorization. I carry the philosophy of lifelong learning that continues to learn and teach. For the better "Get on the road, the road is open! Make a difference."

My Areas of Expertise E-commerce Optimization to A-Z Installation of Erp systems and online integration with offline Starting the Omni Chanel journey Social Media Expertise, mass management Digital Marketing Brand Management Marketing Education / Consulting Experience E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Consultant Baby Mall Altunbilekler Trainer İstanbul Institute of Management E-Commerce Turkey Magazine & Author E-Commerce Turkey Magazine E-Commerce / Digital Marketing / Crm Manager ( Makro / Uyum Market - Market Sepeti ) Makro Market A.Ş. E-Commerce Digiturk - Let's Get Together ( Bacom A.Ş. & Çukurova Holding Subsidiary ) Founding Partner Sedat Ateş ve Ortaklığı Ltd. Sti. ( Online and Offline Consulting ) Education Selcuk University Department of Business Administration (MBA) Master of Business Administration (MBA) Anadolu University Business Administration and Management, General Beykent University Body Language and Communication.

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