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Fatos Kanitemiz

Fatoş Kanıtemiz


With the storms of his entrepreneurial spirit, she published a local newspaper in Manisa in 2005-2006. In 2006, she changed the sector and established two private teaching institutions. She took part in the sector from primary education to university preparation, from Open Education to KPSS preparation courses until 2012, with projects beyond the classical teaching school understanding. For more than 10 years, including these periods, she has been giving trainings in the fields of communication, sales and customer relations in institutions, NGOs and businesses.

She worked as a master trainer in Adaptesk, an EU project to increase the adaptability of tradesmen and craftsmen. She is currently continuing her trainings with the leaders of Turkey's top 500 companies with the participants of the Istanbul Business Institute platform. Fatoş Kanıtemiz, who continues to prepare a book titled "How far is the conflict" after the sectoral articles published in national magazines and websites, conducts trainings, workshops and original case designs in the field of conflict management in corporate companies.

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