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Yasemin Nasır

Yasemin Nasır Erbek


She is a graduate of Uludag University, Department of Economics.

It is equally exciting to be involved in a story that has been written as much as writing a story. It is the greatest happiness to know that real lives will take pleasure, pleasure and lessons from this while you experience pain, love and struggle in the lives you create from nothing…". continues.

She has done more than a hundred studies as an editor, proofreader and writer coach. He has five published works.

Published Works:

  • 365 DAYS WITH ATATÜRK: A compilation book that can be read by everyone from seven to seventy

  • CLOUD LOAD: A story that should be read by adults as well as children, about our hero, who is dealing with growth problems, and his friendships with his specially trained sibling.

  • There is Divorce at Dinner: Every marriage is wanted to last forever, but sometimes it needs to end for new beginnings.

  • PUPPERTOON- WALKING TOMORROW: Detective, love, adventure

  • REMAINS OF THE PAST: The experiences, new friendships, new loves of people who came together in the therapy group to get rid of the burdens they decided to leave in the past.

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