Asuhan Turhal

Korean Instructor

I graduated from Korea Language and Literature USA in 2018. I completed my master's degree in Korean Language and Literature at the same university. In my fourth year at university, I attended the LTI Korea Translation Workshop, which was held for the first time in Turkey. Since this workshop is about translations of Korean modern poetry, it was a good experience in modern literature poetry translation.

On the other hand, I translated the Chun Hyang Story, one of the three most important works in Korean ancient literature, into Turkish as my graduation thesis. It was my first encounter with classical literature and Korean classical literature made me fall in love with it. From now on, I aim to continue my journey in the field of translation with other classics.

I started my university education a little late because of my health problems (I had scoliosis surgery). For this reason, I could not go to Korea as an exchange student during my education. In fact, we can say that I learned Korean with my university books at home under difficult conditions. However, throughout my education life, I have successfully graduated with my own semesters by getting high grades. Learning a language is a process that requires great effort and discipline. I have successfully completed this process and I want to be an inspiration to those who want to learn Korean.

In October of the year I graduated, I went to Korea to attend the LTI Korean-Turkish Translation Workshop organized by the Literature Translation Institute of Korea. This workshop is from Korean to Turkish; It was about the translation of novels from Turkish to Korean. We translated the novels of our two esteemed authors.

As soon as I returned from Korea, I taught Korean for two terms as a master instructor at İSMEK in November. This was my first instructor experience addressing a student body. It was a small step for the world, but a big step for me who aims to be a teacher at the university.

After that, I continue my journey by teaching Korean at Beyoğlu Youth Center affiliated to Beyoğlu Public Education. In these two institutions and in my private trainings, I applied different learning methods in a blended way and I continue to do so. Since Korean is a language with a different alphabet, it requires a little more attention when learning than other western languages. That's why I teach lessons based on students' understanding as much as I can. I also like to give information to my students about Korean culture, literature and history from time to time in the lessons.

In this world where knowledge increases as it is shared, it is my goal to share with you what I know as much as my knowledge is sufficient.

My Areas of Expertise

  • Literary translation
  • A1-A2 level Korean teaching


  • Korean Master Tutorial - İSMEK
  •     Korean Teacher - Beyoğlu Youth Center


  • Erciyes University - Korean Language and Literature - MA
  • Erciyes University - Korean Language and Literature USA
  • Anadolu University - International Trade and Logistics Management


  • Fun Korean
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nehir nisa gezder
nehir nisa gezder
27 August 2021

birçok derse katıldım fakat en emek veren ve iyi anlatan hoca Asuhan hoca

Büşra   Baykal
Büşra Baykal
25 May 2021

Koreceyi çok güzel öğretiyor. Her dersi eğlenceli ve akıcı. :) Korecenin tüm kurlarını Asuhan hocadan öğrenmeyi çok isterim. 💕

Tubu Khanım Hamidova
23 March 2021

Gerçekten çok iyi anlatım. Çok başarılı. Kısa dönem eğitimini bitirdim ve gerçektende çok verimli. Kesinlikle uzun dönem eğitimi almayı düşünüyorum. Emeğinize sağlık hocam.

Beyzanur Ergüner
Beyzanur Ergüner
21 March 2021

Gerçekten emekleriniz için teşekkürler. 아수한 성생님 너무 감사합니다

İzel Şeyma Kirazlı
İzel Şeyma Kirazlı
21 March 2021

Asuhan hocanın dersine 2. Kez katıldım. Biri kısa dönem, diğeri uzun dönem. Çok ama çok güzel geçiyor dersler. Hem öğrenip hem eğleniyoruz. Her zaman bize tam destek sağlıyor. Mutlaka ama mutlaka Asuhan hocanın derslerine katılmalısınız. İyi ki varsınız hocam. 🙏🏻🌸🥰