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This is a photo of a woman with long red hair. She appears to be a professional, likely a course instructor, with her confident posture and expression. Her hair is styled in a fashionable way that adds an air of sophistication. Her natural beauty is highlighted by her long, vibrant red hair, which cascades down her back. Her features are well-defined and her skin is glowing, giving her an overall attractive look. Her clothing is professional, yet stylish. She has a positive energy that radiates from her, letting us know that she is knowledgeable and prepared to share her expertise. Her look is both inviting and inspiring, making her the perfect person to learn from. Her presence is captivating and her beauty shines through in this photograph.

Assoc. Prof. Ezgi Uzel Aydınocak


Ezgi Uzel Aydınocak has been in academia for more than ten years. She is the editor of an academy journal and also an academician. In addition, she gives Supply Chain Management course at the IIENSTITU.

She has scientific studies in national and international journals.


  • I Have an E-Profession, European Union, Trainer - 01/09/2014 - 31/08/2015.

Administrative Duties:

  • Beykoz University, İYBF, Head of Logistics Management Department, 2017-ongoing

  • Beykoz Logistics Vocational School, Head of Management and Organization Department, 2016-2017

  • Beykoz Logistics Vocational School, Head of Logistics Program, 2013 -cont.

Memberships to Scientific and Professional Organizations:

  • Marketing and Marketing Research Association / Member

  • Turkish Marketing Association / Member

  • LODER / Member

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