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This is a photo of a young woman wearing a professional business suit. She is standing in a well-lit room with a blue wall and brown carpet. The woman has her hands in her pockets, and her posture is confident and poised. Her dark hair is styled in a neat updo, and her face is lightly made-up. She is wearing a navy blue suit jacket with a white blouse underneath, and navy blue trousers. Her black shoes are polished and give her a look of sophistication. She looks proud and self-assured, and her expression is calm and focused.

Selin Tezel


She worked as a manager in Recruitment and Training at Rixos Hotel and Ado Group companies for years. Afterwards, she started counseling by combining Association For Coaching-approved Coaching Trainings with Human Resources and Professional Coaching. She established job analysis, productivity measurements, performance evaluations, training process management and career management systems according to the demands of the companies.

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