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A young woman with long, wavy brown hair stands in front of a white wall. She has a friendly expression on her face, and her hair cascades down her back in soft waves. Her eyes are a deep brown, and her lips are curved in a slight smile. She is wearing a light blue dress with a white belt, and her ensemble is completed with a pair of white sandals. Her soft tresses are illuminated by the sunlight streaming in from the window. She looks natural and relaxed, a picture of beauty and grace.

Münevver Birol


As a Training Officer, she gives on-the-job training, call management and other vocational training to the personnel who have just started the call center. She worked in one of Turkey's leading cargo companies and established a quality unit in this company. It continues to provide sales training, quality and coaching support to agencies providing boutique call center services.

She entered her first business life with an internship at Garanti Bank in 2005-2006. Later on, she started to work as a contracted officer in Üsküdar District Directorate of National Education in 2007. She moved to the tourism sector, which she believed would be more active and contribute to the development of general culture. While studying Tourism and Travel Services, she started as a sales representative in a travel agency in 2008 and became an office official in a short time after her graduation. In 2011, she worked in the call center of one of Turkey's leading tourism companies. She worked there as a customer representative, office chief, team leader, and as of 2015, as a training and quality officer, respectively. In order to advance in the field of education, she attended many trainings and worked with expert trainers.

In July 2019, she worked in an outsourced call center company, again in one of Turkey's leading cargo companies, and established a training and quality unit in this company. She continued to provide call center, system, communication and personal development trainings to newly recruited personnel.

Currently, she is actively working as a Content Development and Education Specialist at IIENSTITU, developing educational content, and publishing on professional fields that will raise awareness for all students with Institute trainers and external business experts. She continues to provide trainings on consultancy, sales training, quality and coaching support to companies that provide call center services in certain periods, correspondence techniques to corporate companies, feedback in business life, personal development and communication techniques.

Education and Certificates Received

  • Effective Telephone Sales Techniques - UNIQ

  • Team and Sales Coaching- UNIQ

  • Effective Feedback - Utegro

  • Effective Communication & Body Language – Cem İlkir

  • Diction Education – Cem EĞİRIR

  • Effective Coaching Skills - Call Center Masters

  • Persuasion and Communication Techniques - Call Center Masters

  • Tele-Sales Techniques - Call Center Masters

  • Life Coaching - IIENSTITU

  • Effective Communication Strategies and Body Language - IIENSTITU

  • Training of the Trainer - IIENSTITU

  • Effective Presentation Techniques – IIENSTITU

  • Seo Education – IIENSTITU

  • Blogging – IIENSTITU

  • Trainings Given to Outsource Call Centers on behalf of the Company

  • Webhelp – Customer Relations and Telephone Communication

  • CMC – Backoffice and Communication

  • Practicall – Telephone Communication / Sales Techniques

  • Practicall – Tourism Education

  • Job Access Client service – Customer Relations and Telephone Communication

  • Vodatech - Tourism Education and Telephone Communication

  • Holiday Screen – Tourism Education and Telephone Communication

  • Holiday Screen – Sales Techniques and Correspondence Techniques

  • Full Tour – Telephone Communication and Customer Correspondence Techniques


  • E-Commerce Call Center - Alotech

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