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A young woman with bright red hair stands in front of a plain white background. She is wearing a black and white polka dot shirt with a V-neck. Her eyes are closed, and she has a slight smile on her face. Her arms are crossed in front of her, and her hands are slightly clasped together. She is wearing simple silver hoop earrings, and her hair is pulled back in a low ponytail. She looks relaxed and content, enjoying the moment.

Çağla Alper

Spanish Instructor

Çağla Alper, who graduated from İstanbul Aydın University Applied Spanish Translation Department, teaches Spanish.

Born in Istanbul, Çağla Alper graduated from Nişantaşı Nuri Akın High School and preferred İstanbul Aydın University Applied Spanish Translation Department. She then continued her education at Istanbul University. She received various trainings at the University of Salamanca, Spain's second oldest university for teaching formations. He is a notary sworn translator. His interest in foreign languages ​​started at a young age, and translating fairy tale books in foreign languages ​​into Turkish became the best game for him.

He did his internship at Dolmabahçe Palace as a Tour Guide during his university years. He started his working life during university years and worked as a Sales Specialist and Manager in the health - cosmetics and tourism sectors for many years. He has been teaching and coaching students in private schools and public institutions since 2016. It offers individual, group and online lessons to all age groups.


  • Coffee Making Techniques 03.2021 iSMEK

  • Preparation of Products Suitable for Skin Type with Vegetable Oils 03.2021 İSMEK

  • Responsibilities of Owning Animals 03.2021 İSMEK

  • Skin Care Cosmetics and Introduction to Skin Analysis - 02.2021 İSMEK

  • Complaint Management

  • Conflict Management

  • Mobbing

  • 21st Century Instructional Design 11.2020 Microsoft Educator Center (21st Century Instructional Techniques - Teacher Education)

  • Reiki 09.2020 Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho (Reiki first degree)

  • Certificado de Asistencia 02.2019 Edelsa

  • First aid

  • Sign Language Education 05.2018 IIENSTITU

  • Recruitment and Interview Techniques 05.2018 IIENSTITU

  • Dealing with Difficult People

  • Effective Presentation Techniques Training 04.2018 IIENSTITU

  • Stress and Coping with Stress Training 04.2018 IIENSTITU

  • Occupational Safety Training Participation Certificate 04.2018 Collective Occupational Safety Training and Consultancy

  • Diction 05.2018 IIENSTITU

  • Effective Executive Assistantship 06.2017 IIENSTITU

  • Time Management 06.2017 IIENSTITU

  • Business Process Management Training 06.2017 IIENSTITU

  • General Accounting Education 05.2017 IIENSTITU

  • Effective Communication Strategies and Body Language 05.2017 IIENSTITU

  • Payroll Applications Training 05.2017 IIENSTITU

  • Financial Management Education 05.2017 IIENSTITU

  • Sales and Marketing Techniques 04.2017 IIENSTITU

  • Management and Organization Education 04.2017 IIENSTITU

  • Methods of Dealing with Difficult Customers Date 04.2017 IIENSTITU

  • Effective Communication Strategies and Body Language 03.2017 IIENSTITU

  • Stress Management Training 03.2017 IIENSTITU

  • Micros 03.2015 Radisson Blu

  • Hygiene 02.2015 İSMEK

  • Applied Entrepreneurship 05.2014 KOSGEB

  • Certificate of Appreciation 06.2014 Dolmabahçe Palace Directorate

  • Foreign Language Spanish 06.2012 Istanbul Aydın University

  • English 06.2011 İSMEK

  • Guitar 06.2010 İSMEK

  • Computer Management 01.2009 İSMEK

  • Certificate of Honor 06.2006 - Nişantaşı Nuri Akın High School

  • Certificate of Participation 06.2004 Şişli National Education Folk Dance Competition

  • Certificate of Participation 05.2003 Istanbul Ministry of National Education 2002 - 2003 Volleyball Competition

  • English 2001 British English


  • Clases Virtuales -11.05.2020 18.05.2020 EnClave - Ele

  • Business School 21.12.2015 21.12.2015 Carlson Rezidor

  • Yes I Can 01.01.2015 Radisson Blu

  • Consumer Products Training 15.02.2011 - Loreal

  • Retail Sales Education United Brands Association


  • Atlas Group – Sales First Prize (2 times)

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