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Coaching courses are a great way for ambitious, motivated individuals looking to achieve success in their business.

Perhaps the first and most famous life coach in history was Socrates. By asking the right questions, he was bringing to the surface the information that the person in front of him knew but was not aware of, with the method he called Maotic (giving birth). Much has changed since Socrates. Our minds could not keep up with the speed of time. Unfortunately, many people have become unable to cope with their problems. At this point, the concept of life coaching came into our lives.

What is Coaching Courses?

We can define coaching, which has been a popular profession in recent years, as a person who takes the client on a journey within himself and helps him discover his potential by asking the right and strong questions. Aries doesn't care about the past. It keeps the person in the moment and focuses on the future. By enabling the person to look at himself from different angles, he participates in the development process with him in order to achieve the goals he wants to achieve or realize. This is actually a personal journey, but on the way to the goal, it sheds light on the client so that they can realize their wishes and dreams.

What Is Coaching?

Interviews with people who provide coaching should not be confused with the therapy of psychologists or psychiatrists. Aries is not a friend who will listen to complaints and complaints all the time. It does not dictate what the person should do. In this journey, the choices are entirely up to the client. It is often possible to confuse coaching with mentoring. However, it should not be forgotten that the mentor is the person who gives information and directs the subject in which he is an expert. In coaching, there is no direction. It simply asks the right questions to activate the potential within the person and reveals what actually exists.

What are the Types of Coaching?

Considering the diversity of the problems we face, it is inevitable that coaching should be divided into more than one field and that there is a need for specialization in different subjects. Moreover, working with a specialized coach will make the client feel safer and more beneficial. If we list the commonly known services;

  • life coaching,

  • marriage and Relationship coaching,

  • career coaching,

  • executive coaching,

  • training coaching,

  • breath coaching,

  • nutrition and wellness coaching,

  • birth coaching

However, it should not be forgotten that life coaching has an inclusive aspect to other types of coaching. Although there are separate areas of expertise, there may be transitions between areas. While an education coach helps the client to plan their education preferences, he or she will also be a career coach.

It is important to decide on which field you will specialize in after taking the basic training of coaching. Then, directing your work in this direction will play an important role in reaching your new career goal.

E.g; If you have made the issue of healthy living an important part of your life, if eating healthy and doing sports is a great pleasure for you, you can combine this field of interest with coaching training and have a profession that you will be truly happy with.

Who Can Be Coaching?

The most important criterion for coaching is your personal disposition. In addition, if you are a people-oriented person who wants to understand and believes that he will discover the right questions, you can learn to have that point of view called the "coach muscle". However, it is not right to have the idea that “I received this training and now I am a coach”. With the research and hard work you will do on top of the training you have received, it will be possible to confidently progress towards becoming a good coach.

Do not forget that; Coaching is lifelong work and the learning process will never end.

Where Should I Start Taking Coaching Courses?

There are now institutions in our country that provide serious training so that you can start a good career in this field.

Some of these courses are given online, free of charge or for reasonable fees, and by issuing certificates. This type of online training can be seen as the first step to help those who want to make a new start in their careers get an answer to the question "Can I really do this job?" will also be more economical.

Now, at the point where you have decided that your new career in coaching, you can turn to courses that cover longer periods (3-4 months). Thus, it is possible to go deeper into the profession and become much more equipped. Researches such as life coaching etc. It has been shown that people who want to receive services have more confidence in certified experts. In this sense, an international document will contribute significantly to your professional seriousness.

Now you have the instruments you need to become a brand in your profession and reach your own customers. You can start to progress with confident steps in your career.

We hope you enjoy this life-long adventure as you enjoy your new career.

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