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A man stands in front of a white wall, wearing a black cotton shirt. He has a serious expression on his face and his arms are crossed. His dark hair is slicked back off his forehead, and his gaze is slightly averted. He has a pale complexion and glasses on that seem to reflect the light. His shirt is slightly wrinkled and it drapes over his slim frame. He stands looking confident and determined.

Erdem Turan


I am a sociologist and child development specialist. I have been providing training for children and adults as a chess and mind games instructor in the education sector for 16 years.

He graduated from Dumlupınar University, Department of Economics in 2005. He has been a Chess Coach for 14 years. He worked as a master trainer in many schools and non-governmental organizations and still continues his career on chess. With the Mind and Intelligence Games Bus social responsibility project for children whose financial situation is inadequate or disadvantaged, they go to village schools and mountain villages and take part in the project, which introduces many mind and intelligence games such as chess, resfebe, checkers and gives a new horizon in their lives.

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