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Dr. Bilal Şentürk


International Projects and Collaborations:

  • Joint research project with MIT Media Lab on "The Future of Digital Learning Tools."

  • Lead researcher in the European Union's "Effective Learning through Storytelling" project.

  • Advisor in UNESCO's "Global Digital Education Development" program.

Work on Learning and Education:

  • Design and implementation of digital learning platforms

  • Utilization of storytelling methods in education

  • Development of effective learning strategies in adult education

  • Integration of e-performance evaluation systems into learning processes

Research and Publications:

  • "Storytelling in the Digital Age: The Future of Education"

  • "Mobile Learning: A Guide for Digital Natives"

  • "Technology Integration for Teachers: Best Practices"

  • "Gamification and Learning: An Education Revolution"

Awards and Grants:

  • Research grant from the Gates Foundation for "Innovation in Education."

  • "Educational Technology Leader of the Year" award from the International Association for Educational Technology.

  • Apple Education Fellowship for innovative work on digital learning.

Additional Notes:

  • Keynote speaker at over 100 educational conferences worldwide.

  • Author of 5 books on digital learning and guest lecturer at more than 20 universities globally.

  • Conducts workshops on storytelling and learning and organizes training for teachers.

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