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Gökçen ÇOKAR ÇOBAN, who provides counseling support, is currently an clinical psychologist at a special education and rehabilitation center.

Gökçen Çokar Çoban, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Gökçen Çokar Çoban works as an institutional psychologist in a special education and rehabilitation center and provides counseling support to children with special needs.

She has worked in this field for more than two years and provides volunteer support to UCIM. Gökçen Çokar Çoban, who graduated from Near East University Clinical Psychology and Family Counseling Master's Degree, interned at Antalya Training and Research Hospital during this period and had the opportunity to apply many tests and work on cases.

She received many training and certificates in Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy, objective and projective tests used in the evaluation of children, MMPI, filial therapy, play therapy, fairy tale therapy, Dehb applications, child and adult counseling skills, clinical interviewing, and mindfulness.

She is also a MOXO attention performance and WISC-R test practitioner. In addition to her work in special education and rehabilitation center, she gives many seminars in the field of psychology.


  • 2005 - Osman Gazi University - Computer

  • 2015 - Anadolu University - Pedagogical Formation

  • 2016 - Near East University - Psychological Counseling and Guidance

  • 2018 - Near East University - Clinical Psychology Master's Degree with Thesis

Specialized Training and Certificate Programs

  • CBT Cognitive behavioral psychotherapy

  • Objective pediatric tests

  • Projective child tests

  • Neuropsychological tests

  • Image analysis

  • Filial therapy

  • Reversing habits such as nail biting, tics, hair plucking

  • Biruni University - Family Counseling

Awards and Degrees

  • 2016 - 2019 - Near East University - Honorary Certificate

Work Experience

  • 2005 - 30 August I.O.O Computer Teacher

  • 2014 - 2019 - Azize Kahraman Public Education Center

  • 2019 - Antalya Training and Research Hospital - Clinical Internship

  • 2019 - Corporate Psychologist

  • 2019 - still - Expert Clinical Psychologist and Trainer

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