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A beautiful woman with short, dark hair and a warm smile stands in front of the camera. She is wearing a white, loose-fitting shirt with a pink flower pattern, and a pair of light denim jeans. Her eyes are closed in joy as her lips curl into a broad smile that reaches up to her cheeks. Her arms are slightly bent at the elbow, and her hands are loosely tucked into her jeans pockets. The sun shines through a nearby window, illuminating her face with a soft, natural light. She is a picture of joy, radiating warmth and contentment.

Magdalini Timou


I studied English Language and Literature at Aristotle University and Translation at Boğaziçi University. I have been teaching English academically since 2014. In addition to English, I speak Greek and Spanish. Teaching English is not just a job for me, I also love helping people learn a second language. In this way, my students can travel abroad and feel more comfortable and self-confident.

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