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A young woman in her mid-twenties is seen wearing glasses and a black suit. She stands with her hands in her pockets, her hair pulled back in a neat bun. Her gaze is fixed ahead, her expression serious. She has a confident air, her presence commanding attention. She looks professional and stylish. Her glasses are round and her suit is fitted. The dark color of the suit contrasts nicely with her fair skin and light hair color. She looks poised and ready to take on the world.

Gülşen Yegin


She graduated from Uludag University, Department of Business Administration in 1982. She worked as a trainer and manager at Türk Telekom Academy for many years, giving trainings in the fields of Telecommunication Products Management, Customer-Oriented Sales Techniques, Public Relations Management, and Personal Development.

I worked at Türk Telekomünikasyon A.Ş. for 26 years. I worked as Chief, Specialist, Marketing Manager, Customer Relations Manager and Commercial Activities Manager, respectively, in the process from the Headquarters to the provinces. I contributed significantly to the profitability of the company in my studies in the field of marketing and customer relations. In addition to these duties, I made a difference as an Internal Trainer at Türk Telekom Academy after 2008. I gave trainings on Telecommunication Products Management, Customer Focused Sales Techniques, Public Relations and Personal Development.

I learn while teaching. “A student cannot leave my classroom without learning.” I am preparing for the claim. Because I love research very much. Since 2019, he has been giving trainings as an instructor at Istanbul Business Institute.

Education, Course and Certificate Programs

  • 2019 Blogging Training (IIENSTITU)

  • 2019 Photography Training (IIENSTITU)

  • 2019 Effective Communication Strategies and Body Language Training (IIENSTITU)

  • 2019 Stress and Stress Management Training (IIENSTITU)

  • 2018 Digital Marketing (IIENSTITU)

  • 2018 Diction Training (IIENSTITU)

  • 2018 Six-Hat Thinking Technique (IIENSTITU)

  • 2018 Total Quality Management Internal Auditor Training (IIENSTITU)

  • 2018 Social Media Specialist (IIENSTITU)

  • 2012 Telecommunications Technologies and Vision (Türk Telekom Academy)

  • 2012 Competition and Telecommunication Services Management in the Age of Customers (Türk Telekom Academy)

  • 2012 The Secret of Success in Sales (Türk Telekom Academy)

  • 2012 Effective Speech and Presentation Techniques (Türk Telekom Academy)

  • 2011 ISO 10002 Customer Complaints Management (Türk Telekom Academy)

  • 2011 Basic Awareness ARis Documentation (Türk Telekom Academy)

  • 2011 Effective Office Management (Türk Telekom Academy)

  • 2009 Introduction to Regulatory Issues in the Telecommunications Industry (PGlobal)

  • 2008 Customer Retention (Sinerji Eğitim Danışmanlık)

  • 2008 Trainer's Training (Sinerji Eğitim Danışmanlık)

  • 2008Practical Leadership (TMI)

  • 2008 Customer Retention Seminar (Sinerji Eğitim Danışmanlık)

  • 2007 Customer Focused Sales Techniques (The Madison Consulting Group)

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