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Gülşen Yegin


She graduated from Uludag University, Department of Business Administration in 1982. She worked as a trainer and manager at Türk Telekom Academy for many years, giving trainings in the fields of Telecommunication Products Management, Customer-Oriented Sales Techniques, Public Relations Management, and Personal Development.

I worked at Türk Telekomünikasyon A.Ş. for 26 years. I worked as Chief, Specialist, Marketing Manager, Customer Relations Manager and Commercial Activities Manager, respectively, in the process from the Headquarters to the provinces. I contributed significantly to the profitability of the company in my studies in the field of marketing and customer relations. In addition to these duties, I made a difference as an Internal Trainer at Türk Telekom Academy after 2008. I gave trainings on Telecommunication Products Management, Customer Focused Sales Techniques, Public Relations and Personal Development.

I learn while teaching. “A student cannot leave my classroom without learning.” I am preparing for the claim. Because I love research very much. Since 2019, he has been giving trainings as an instructor at Istanbul Business Institute.

Education, Course and Certificate Programs

  • 2019 Blogging Training (IIENSTITU)

  • 2019 Photography Training (IIENSTITU)

  • 2019 Effective Communication Strategies and Body Language Training (IIENSTITU)

  • 2019 Stress and Stress Management Training (IIENSTITU)

  • 2018 Digital Marketing (IIENSTITU)

  • 2018 Diction Training (IIENSTITU)

  • 2018 Six-Hat Thinking Technique (IIENSTITU)

  • 2018 Total Quality Management Internal Auditor Training (IIENSTITU)

  • 2018 Social Media Specialist (IIENSTITU)

  • 2012 Telecommunications Technologies and Vision (Türk Telekom Academy)

  • 2012 Competition and Telecommunication Services Management in the Age of Customers (Türk Telekom Academy)

  • 2012 The Secret of Success in Sales (Türk Telekom Academy)

  • 2012 Effective Speech and Presentation Techniques (Türk Telekom Academy)

  • 2011 ISO 10002 Customer Complaints Management (Türk Telekom Academy)

  • 2011 Basic Awareness ARis Documentation (Türk Telekom Academy)

  • 2011 Effective Office Management (Türk Telekom Academy)

  • 2009 Introduction to Regulatory Issues in the Telecommunications Industry (PGlobal)

  • 2008 Customer Retention (Sinerji Eğitim Danışmanlık)

  • 2008 Trainer's Training (Sinerji Eğitim Danışmanlık)

  • 2008Practical Leadership (TMI)

  • 2008 Customer Retention Seminar (Sinerji Eğitim Danışmanlık)

  • 2007 Customer Focused Sales Techniques (The Madison Consulting Group)

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