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This is an image of a young man taking a selfie. He is standing in front of a light-colored wall with his arms outstretched. He is wearing a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and a pair of sneakers. He has a cell phone in his right hand and is holding it up to take a picture of himself. He has a bright smile on his face, and his eyes are closed in concentration. His dark hair is neatly combed to one side. He looks relaxed and happy as he captures a moment of his life.

Kemal Kaluç

Photoshop Instructor

Kemal Kaluç's adventure, which started with oil painting in his school years, progressed to becoming a professional photographer and retoucher in 2010, when he bought a digital camera and met with photoshop. When photography and teaching activities, which he carried out with his business life, started to dominate, he left the corporate life aside in December 2012 and established his own company in 2013. Since the establishment of the company, he worked with many famous companies and gave training in institutions.

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