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A middle-aged man with a full beard and mustache is wearing a blue collared shirt. He is looking straight ahead, his face slightly turned to the side. His hair is dark brown and wavy, and his eyes are a deep brown. His beard and mustache are neatly trimmed, and he has a stoic expression on his face. His shirt is a light shade of blue, and he wears a black belt and dark jeans. His hands are folded in front of him, and his posture is confident and upright.

Ph.D. Mustafa Ceylan

English Teacher, Research Assistant

I studied English Language Teaching at Middle East Technical University between 2006-2010. After graduating, I worked as a teacher at the Ministry of National Education for two years and then as a research assistant, first at Kırıkkale University and then at Hacettepe University. I completed my master's and a doctorate in educational sciences.

Since teaching, I have taught English at different age levels, from primary school students to university graduates. I have also taught general English and specific skill-oriented courses (such as Speaking/Writing/Business English/Exam English). In addition, as an academician, I have published research in different scientific journals and translated books.

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