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This image is of a black circle with a person inside it. The person is standing with their arms spread out, facing the camera. The person is wearing a white shirt and blue jeans. The background is a grey-tone. The person has light brown eyes and short dark hair. The circle has a smooth, curved texture and a glossy finish. The person looks confident and strong. They have a determined expression as they stand in the centre of the circle. The atmosphere of the image is inviting and warm.

Course Instructors


The Course Instructor profile has been designed to maintain the continuity and quality of the course at the highest level. This system, aiming to offer our valued students an uninterrupted and top-notch education, represents our teaching assistants, academic staff, and faculty when our regular instructors are unavailable.

Those designated as Course Instructors are experts in their field, experienced, and thoroughly knowledgeable. To ensure that our students don't experience any interruption in their learning journey, the appointment of a Course Instructor is done with great care.

Throughout this process, our academic team plays an active role, always ensuring the highest course quality.

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