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HR Course

The human resource development field is always changing due to the current economic climate, however many aspects of HR will always remain the same. If you are looking to build your career in an industry that never stands still, then a human resource management course may be perfect for you. Currently, the need for human resource managers is growing exponentially, with some estimates suggesting that new positions will be created at twice the average rate of other jobs. With job security and advancement opportunities some of the best around, becoming a certified human worker resource manager could be just what you are looking for in your next step on the road to success.

Human resources management courses will help you to acquire the skills and knowledge required to become a certified HR professional. In today's complicated global job market this could be exactly what you need to seal the deal on an amazing career opportunity. Not only do HR managers have high career security, but they also have very appealing advancement prospects as well as generous benefits packages, including paid sick leave and vacation time, bonuses, and excellent healthcare.

This field is expected to see a large number of new positions created over the next decade with an impressive average pay rate that can top out at more than $150,000 per year for experienced professionals. This means secure employment opportunities that afford you many of life's luxuries such as travel, incredible homes, and shopping.

If you are looking for a stable future with plenty of career growth potential then becoming an HR professional may be perfect for you. By investing in one of the best human resource management courses you will be able to gain the knowledge required to get your foot in the door of this very lucrative field.

HR professionals who work in fields such as talent acquisition or training opportunities often start in entry-level positions so anyone hoping to become a certified human resources manager must fit in well with others in any group situation. If you want to be in charge of hiring new employees, managing performance reviews, or planning company events then having excellent communication skills will go a long way towards helping you succeed.

When it comes to the qualifications required for human resources managers, employers are looking for candidates with a strong educational background. A degree in business management, psychology, or another related discipline will go much further than an inexperienced candidate who lacks any real formal schooling. Even if you are already working in the HR field you may want to consider taking one of our highly rated courses as they can provide valuable new skills and help you move up in your current organization.

Not only do many companies now require professional certification for their HR staff, but some states even specify that any HR employees must be certified before they can legally work within their local area. With entry-level positions starting at $60,000 per year experienced professionals reaching up to six figures is not an impossible task.

Many colleges and universities are now offering specialized programs for potential HR managers, however, if you are looking to start your career immediately then our online courses can give you the knowledge required to get ahead of the game. Not only will our accredited human resource management certificate benefit your career but it can also be a lot less expensive than attending school full-time. Most employers will pay part or even all of the cost for their employees interested in developing more advanced skills, so look into this option before deciding that attending college is out of reach.

If you want to become a certified human resources manager, one of the best ways to do so is by taking one of our accredited courses today! With flexible scheduling and a full money-back guarantee, you can't go wrong with IIENSTITU and our top-rated training programs. We understand that your future is at stake and we are committed to helping you meet all of your career goals. Contact us today!

What is the human resources certificate program about

The human resource management certificate program is about managing the employees effectively. It will provide learners with skills and knowledge required to affect performance at all levels as well as improve productivity and loyalty in their organizations. Additionally, the learner will be able to help companies to stay competitive by achieving maximum efficiency.

What are the courses included?

The course includes fundamentals of HR, conflict management, employment law, and other advanced topics such as talent management and organizational development. We offer a variety of self-paced and instructor-led online training modules for this certification program which you can choose based on your schedule and expertise level.

To whom should the program be targeted?

Any individual who wishes to acquire new knowledge like managers, supervisors, personnel officers, or entry-level employees can benefit from the online human resource management certification.

What are the entry requirements?

Graduation in any discipline is required. Additionally, candidates must be 18 years of age or older and should have good communication skills apart from possessing an interest to learn new things every day.

What you will learn?

What is included in the HR course?

IIENSTITU HR certification program includes business policies & procedures such as recruitment process, performance management system training & development, compensation & benefits, training & development, and other HR issues.

This program also includes a complete guide to the top 12 HR Certification exams to help you prepare for the real exam from demo sessions through mock tests which emulate actual exam conditions. You can take these tests as many times as you want till you are satisfied with your performance. All of this is included in one certification program at a price so low there's no comparison anywhere else!

How do I get a job after getting certified?

After completing your IIENSTITU HR certification program, you have an edge over others who lack knowledge about this discipline thus helping you get hired by companies because recruiters look for professionals who are certified in their respective domain, allowing them to apply for positions that are much more lucrative than positions available for non-certified professionals.

IIENSTITU makes it easy for you to participate in our programs online at your own pace. Choose sessions based on your schedule and learn from experts through videos, animated lectures, case studies, and discussion boards. After completing the course successfully submit the final examination test to earn a certificate. You can find many jobs all over which require certified candidates especially for senior-level jobs or managerial positions which pay higher salaries as companies look for candidates who have been trained by reliable institutions rather than those who have learned through self-study modules.

The benefits of getting certified as a Human Resources professional

By having a certified professional in the HR department, companies can be sure that they are hiring someone who is an expert with all aspects of HR like recruitment & selection, employee performance management, and development along with legal issues such as labor laws and compliance standards.

HR certification also gives jobs seekers an edge over others because it tells employers that professionals have been trained by IIENSTITU to be qualified for senior-level jobs or managerial positions which pay higher salaries compared to entry-level jobs. Additionally, more recruiters prefer candidates with a strong resume which usually comes from a candidate who has been training at a credible institution while some even choose only those with certification while some recruiters just look for academic credentials. With online certification courses, students can get the training and certification without the hassle of commuting to a brick & mortar institution thus saving time and money.

FAQs About Education

How many hours does this course require?

Learners can also study at their own pace because these courses are available 24/7 on all days of the year except during holidays.

What career opportunities are there for pursuing this certificate program?

HR professionals can earn excellent salary packages working as recruiters, assistant managers, coordinators, etc.,

Why should you get a human resources certification?

The management of human resources has become a very crucial part of any business. HR is the process that provides organizations with resources and ensures their effective utilization for achieving company goals and objectives. It encompasses all the functions, policies, and procedures necessary to maintain employees, motivate them and retain them on one hand, and on the other hand ensure organizational growth and profit through people.

The certification in this particular field can make you stand out from your competitors as it will help you acquire an edge over others who lack knowledge of this discipline. Getting certified proves your skills, dedication, and commitment towards developing new ways to effectively manage an organization's staff members, thus building trust among colleagues as well as customers or clients; whether it's recruitment or training or anything else related to maintaining an organization's employees.

It will also help you in being promoted to the level of senior management because companies look for certified professionals rather than non-certified ones while appointing new executives, managers, or directors.

Being a certified professional proves your proficiency and mastery over the subject while making yourself known among peers, colleagues, or superiors thus opening new doors of opportunities for you regarding salary package, career growth, and recognition on one hand and the other hand respect from others thus contributing to better work environment thus increasing productivity. Getting certified will help you get ahead in your career which is why more people are choosing online training today instead of attending regular classroom courses where it can be difficult to focus. Attending regular classes can put a lot of stress on an individual apart from making it difficult to focus while online certification training is much easier. Being available 24/7 all 365 days in a year helps students to enroll at their convenience thus making the learning process easy for them.

The other good thing about online courses is that they provide learners with study materials that are readily available for download thus making the learning process fun apart from saving time and effort of students apart from enabling them to learn effectively without wasting any time.

What are your benefits?

You can get trained at your own pace by conveniently choosing sessions based on your schedule available on the IIENSTITU website or through IIENSTITU apps available on iOS, Android & Windows devices. You can decide when you want to take tests and appear for exams. 

What do I get after paying the fee?

IIENSTITU offers one of the most comprehensive HR certification programs at extremely low prices compared to other HR certifications, which give you access to course materials such as videos & animated lectures, case studies, discussion boards, etc.

The entire program is designed using advanced learning methodologies that have been customized into bite-sized modules for easy recall and retention of key concepts so that learners can quickly develop competence in the field of human resource management without having to worry about their performance.

The cost involved with HR Certification is likely to be lesser than obtaining education and training through a traditional academic institution because students do not have to pay an infrastructure fee which comes for universities and colleges that charge tuition fees along with other expenses such as lab fees, transportation, food, and accommodation so you can save money while earning their certification.

What happens after I complete my online quiz?

After completing your IIENSTITU Human Resource Management course, IIENSTITU will send you a certificate that you can print or share on social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter for sharing. You can also create your portfolio by downloading the PDF copy.


At the end of the course, you will be tested in the light of the knowledge you have acquired during the training and case studies. The certificate of achievement is valid in private and public institutions. The easiest way to prove your success!

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Expert Comments
Anyone who wants to work as an HR specialist in Europe should attend this training.
Lianne Leach Lianne Leach Senior HR Specialist
I liked the course because it was a lot more interactive than most other courses, and you get to meet a great variety of people from different companies. 
Bilal Şentürk Bilal Şentürk HR Professional
This course is important for those interested in developing a career as a human resources professional or occupational therapist.
Miguel Sheppard Miguel Sheppard Delo*** HR Manager
Course Rating 4,8
Emilie Barajas
27 January 2022
That course was a piece of cake. I took it during the summer, and didn't have any prior experience in HR. My friends told me to be careful, but my coworkers raved about how easy it is. In fact, they said that there's nothing more difficult than writing resumes or interviewing someone who can't answer an interview question to save their life! So yes, if you're looking for something light then definitely take this course!
Konnor Mccarthy
25 January 2022
I'm pretty much addicted now, so I recommend the class! Review lectures as soon as you can and take notes--and by that means take detailed notes! The professor doesn't really go over everything again, so if you miss something then it's just gone or somewhere in those notes.
Yuvraj Stacey
23 January 2022
I enjoyed this class but what not enjoy was all the work given and specific instructions for each assignment