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Do you want to learn English? Start from scratch or improve your level with our English courses.

Do you want to attend English trainings? There are many English courses that you can learn from home and attend online. If you are new to learning English or want to maintain your current language level, there are many free English courses you can attend. You can find English courses prepared for different education levels. We also have programs tailored to the business world and individual needs.

E.g; Let's say your grammar knowledge is good but you have problems on the speaking side. You can solve this with 10 hours of training. You can improve your "Speaking" level by taking an English speaking course. To give another example, many new graduates are invited to English interviews when they start looking for a job after university. You can also attend the trainings you need to be successful in these interviews. We also have one-on-one lessons for those who want to take private lessons.

If you want to learn English as a second language, do not give up on this goal. There are many opportunities to learn English. There is an opportunity where you can attend online and take a location-independent course, and it really eliminates the impossibilities. It is possible to find online training for all levels. For example, there are courses for A1-A2 level, B1-B2 level or for those who want to start from scratch and take all levels. These may seem simple to you, but there is a Business English course for those who want to write reports in English. All of this is to improve your English language skills in the fastest and easiest way. The best part is that you can do these without leaving your home.

What is included in the content of English courses?

When you think that it is done as an online education, you may think that you will watch a video. However, English courses at the Institute are usually held live. You can join the live lesson and ask questions to the instructor by using the raise hand button during the lesson. Live lessons are usually held in the evening and if you can't attend, you can watch the repetition of the lesson as a video. If you don't understand anything the instructor is saying, you can ask the instructor about it the next day after watching the replay. During the training, you can ask questions to the trainer on homework, exams or any other subject from the messaging system in the online training system. You can ask not only the teacher, but also your classmates. Because when you register for an English course, we register you in a chat group. This chat group completely belongs to the Institute's online education system, and your data and privacy are protected. Your classmates will definitely support you in the learning process. We can say that especially group chats are very productive and fun in English courses.

Learning a language is possible by talking to, listening to and talking to thousands of people of interest. When you talk to your class group during the English learning process, you will learn something from each student's perspective. This is an experience that is too valuable to be bought with money!

Most importantly, do not be afraid to make mistakes in the English course. Everyone makes mistakes. Do not think that they will make fun of you when you cannot pronounce a word correctly. Don't get hung up on mistakes. Instead, it is always better to learn from mistakes and not make the same mistakes again.

How can I find the most suitable English course?

The most appropriate way for this is to choose online education. Enrolling in an English course through online education and learning English is the least costly thing. If you are going to travel abroad and want to learn English, online education is still advantageous for you. When you attend English courses online, you can also connect with different students and double your learning speed. In other words, it is networking.

The Institute has dozens of quality English courses to improve your grammar rules and your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills with English courses. You can take lessons from quality-expert instructors for all ages and all levels. You can also try yourself with mini quizzes, quizzes and practice exams. However, you can increase your learning speed 2-3 times in artificial intelligence supported exercises.

You will already get an idea by reading the comments before registering for the courses.

Why should I attend English courses?

Many companies today want to hire employees who can speak English. English is considered the common language of the world and they want to join the competition by recruiting employees who can speak both business English and academic English. They want to contact their customers in other countries. For this reason, English has become a necessity. The Institute, on the other hand, focuses on English courses in order to increase the success of students and increase job opportunities due to its benefit-oriented studies.

Learning English is a skill. In fact, learning a language is a skill. Some people go to any course can learn English without pushing. But this is a skill that can be developed. By participating in our English trainings, you can improve your language skills and contribute to your career.

What should we pay attention to when choosing an English course?

We all want to choose the most suitable and advantageous course for ourselves. But our limited time, job situation or financial income makes it difficult for us to choose a good English course. In this section, we will talk about how to choose a good English course. The first thing we need to do when choosing an education in any subject, not just foreign, is to get to know the instructor. We need to decide whether the trainers are qualified or not. There are hundreds of thousands of English teachers around the world, and most of them teach far from a methodology. Because he hasn't been trained for it. There is a big difference between knowing and teaching English. If you start with a bad English teacher, the learning process will be very difficult for you. As the Institute, we are very selective in this regard and we stipulate that the instructors must graduate from the "English teaching" department. However, we expect them to have experience and to have a narrative style that students will love. This means that you will encounter a quality English teacher.

Secondly, where the course is located is important. If you want to receive a formal education, that is, if you want to receive face-to-face education, you should choose the one closest to your home.

This issue is still important if you want to take the training online. Because you need to learn whether the training will be video or live lesson. Although the video and live lesson seem technically similar, they are important in terms of learning. If you want to participate by giving yourself tasks, definitely choose the live lesson.

You have an advantage: English trainings are generally held as live lessons in our institution.

Third, you need to look at teaching methods. The teacher should know what materials he or she is using. You need to find out if there are documents, audio and similar activities in the course. It should have other materials that will help you learn English well. All of the courses offered at the Institute include activities such as interactive reading, listening, comprehension and speaking.

Finally, you need to know if additional services are provided by the institution. The Institute provides certification services to the students who attend the courses, and at the end of the course, the students receive a certificate.

As a result, when you consider all the factors, it is useful to choose the right institution. There are multiple options for the English course and dozens of trainings that you can attend with an instructor.

What is the most effective way to learn English?

If you ask English speaking people this, they will probably all give you some advice. They will give suggestions such as studying vocabulary, speaking or going abroad. Of course, these are all personal considerations and will not work the same for everyone. Because what we call learning works differently for everyone and everyone's learning method is different. So what does science say about it?

According to a study conducted in 1986, it is said that learning English becomes possible with practice. In other words, you should constantly use what you have learned in daily life. You can learn a language with 4480 hours of practice. To speak at a native level, you must practice 4480 hours. In 240 hours, you can talk like a foreigner.

In a study conducted in 1973, it was stated that reading is more disadvantageous than listening. In other words, students will learn more if they listen for 1 hour instead of reading for 5 hours. It has shown that reading books, stories or novels to learn vocabulary does not work. In other words, people learn ½ of the word they learn while writing, and ¼ while speaking. It is necessary not only to speak and read, but also to write.

An interesting experiment was conducted in a study conducted in the 2000s. Although it may seem pointless to carry out such a long experiment to learn a language, the results are quite striking. According to the experiment, people learning English listen to the radio for one hour a week. The other group read the texts of what was told on the radio. Afterwards, both groups were tested and it was revealed that neither of them improved in their reading comprehension. Although it is known that learning by listening works, this experiment turned out to be not enough.

As a result, there is no single way to learn a language. It doesn't have a recipe. It is different for each person and the person who can test it is the person who wants to learn. Even science could not reveal any meaningful and precise data on this subject. When trying to learn a language without taking English courses, people get disappointed and make a mistake about learning that language. If you want to improve your speaking ability, you should attend an English speaking course. If you want to improve your listening skills, you should listen to Podcasts. If you are starting from scratch, you should attend the English A1-A2 course and start from scratch.

You must attend classes in a disciplined manner.

How can I learn the fastest way by attending an English course?

There are thousands of books on learning English, but I'm sure no one has time to read these books. Unfortunately these books don't work very well because nowadays people want to learn everything as fast as possible. They are starting to look for courses and trainings on this subject and they want to join the course that can teach the fastest. Fast teaching is possible. For this, you can participate in the "English Education from Scratch". You will be able to speak English in a very short time. But when it comes to learning English the fastest, consider our advice below.

These suggestions will not work without attending an English course. You should apply it as a suggestion alongside the lessons you take in the English learning process.

1 - Get comfortable with accent and pronunciation.

When you come across an English word and everyone is looking at you, it is possible to be shy about pronouncing that word. Because you are afraid of being disgraced. You are afraid that people may make fun of you. Or when you go on vacation abroad and people in that country make fun of your pronunciation, you feel bad. This hits you like a sledgehammer in the learning process. You lose your enthusiasm for learning and try to be perfect. Do not do this. People just look weird and smile when you mispronounce them. They're not messing with you. Imagine a Japanese saying, "Have a good morning". How well can you say that? Surely we will have a smile on our face.

2 - The teacher is very important

English is not something that can be learned alone. Be sure to consider your teacher's suggestions. When searching for English courses, you will find that there are very expensive and free courses. But working with the most expensive teacher doesn't mean you can learn faster. The important thing is how well you implement and implement the teacher's suggestions. Also, the curriculum of the teacher is important here. There is a difference between English A1-A2 education and English education from scratch. Or there are different aspects in the Native English Course course compared to the others.

Our recommendation is to join the Native English Course and triple your learning speed. You can easily learn from Native teacher with hard work.

3 - Pay attention to the materials.

If you want to learn grammar, buying books like "The Present Continuous Tense" or "Present Perfect" will not work. Already in the English course, your teacher will teach you these subjects. What matters are the vocabulary cards and materials such as comprehension, listening and speaking. Make sure to apply these interactive contents on your course page.

How soon can I learn when I attend English courses?

This is a very difficult question, but it is possible to answer it. What you can learn when you attend an English course is written on the course page and how long it will be explained. However, your learning pace may not be suitable for our course schedule. However, despite all this, as the Institute's foreign language education unit, we are extending your subscription period and making your access to resources longer. So you have more time to learn.

If you want to learn in a shorter time, of course, we have other recommendations. By applying these, it is possible to learn in a shorter time with English courses. Below we have explained how long it takes to learn English according to your purpose.

1 - If your aim is to meet your basic needs when you go abroad and to talk to people in a simple way, this is possible. You can easily do this by attending any of our English courses. It may take a month or less.
2 - If your aim is an academic English, this takes about 1.5 years. With 1.5 years of hard work, you can become able to read academic articles.
3 - If you want to be a tourist guide, you can reach this level in 3 months.
4 - If you want to speak like a native English speaker, it may take up to 2 years.

If you are a beginner, that is, if you do not know any English, you should definitely start with A1 level. No one accepts that it is at A1 level, but the following topics are A1-A2 level subjects. Quickly review whether you know the following topics.

  • Verb to Be, Possesive Adjectives, Personal Information Verbs Have/Like/Live/Go, The Family

  • Present Simple, Jobs, What time is it? Adverbs of Frequency, There is/are, Some / any / a lot of

  • This / That / These / Those, Can - Can't, Past Simple, was / were / could

  • Time Expressions, Adverbs, Countable / Uncountable Nouns, How much / How many

  • Comparative Adjectives, Superlative Adjectives, Markets, Towns and Countries, Directions

If your English language level is below A2, “Teaching English from Scratch” will be beneficial for you.

If you say "I already know English, I don't have Speaking", we recommend you to attend the "English Speaking Course".

If your job requires you to work in an English-speaking company you learn different things from other parts of the country. You better understand the feelings of the People of that culture. In short, English allows you to become a more knowledgeable person. It is an undeniable fact that people who speak one or more foreign languages ​​can be much more successful in their lives.

Learning a foreign language, which is a great skill that everyone should have, offers you more career opportunities. It sets you apart from other candidates when applying for a job and ultimately increases your chances of being hired. It is effective in enhancing memory, improving critical thinking skills and sharpening minds. Learning a foreign language can also instill an interest in other cultures and a desire to travel. People can immerse themselves in another culture by learning another language. Ultimately, they also learn to respect the culture of that language.

Knowing a language is not just a good skill. To compete in the job market, people must learn at least two languages. By learning more languages, people gain life skills that make them more competitive for jobs on a global and national scale. An article published by Psychology Today in 2018 suggests how language studies can improve internal executive functions, including "working memory, attention control, and cognitive inhibition."

The Importance of English and 13 Reasons to Learn

Today, more and more people are devoting their time to English education and especially learning English. So how did English become so important? Everything goes back to the British Empire, which at its peak covered 25% of the earth's surface. During colonial times, British rulers often forced people in these countries to speak English rather than their mother tongue. Although the origins of English as a global language have a complex history, the language has left a significant mark in the media, business and business worlds.

Foreign language education is at the forefront in the school curricula of many countries. They include especially English education in their curricula. Children start learning English at a young age. So what is the real value of learning English? Whether you're looking for a new job or planning to travel the world, learning English can help you advance in your life, both personally and professionally. You can compete in the global job market, increase your career opportunities and start meeting people from all over the world. If you are still not sure whether you are learning this language or not, here are 13 good reasons to learn it:

  • English is a global language.

  • English is the language of the internet.

  • English is the language of the media industry.

  • Many scientific articles are written in English.

  • A good command of English makes traveling abroad much easier.

  • Learning English helps you find a job more easily.

  • Learning English can help you meet new people.

  • English is one of the most important languages ​​for the business world.

  • English provides access to multiple cultures.

  • With English you can work all over the world.

  • Many international businesses hold meetings in English.

  • All over the world, tourists and travelers use English as a common language.

  • Good knowledge of English gives you access to movies, music and literature from hundreds of countries around the world.

In conclusion, do not stop learning English. Because learning a foreign language is one of the most valuable skills. It is an essential ingredient for success in today's hustle and bustle world.
If you have decided to study English, never give up. And even keep working until you perfect yourself in the language you are learning. “It is very difficult to learn English. Even if you think, "I'm giving up now," you will thank yourself later for not giving up on learning. As people say, "hard work, perseverance, practice and reading makes perfect."

The English learning experience will allow you to grow further and improve yourself by learning about the values, habits and lifestyle of a different culture. Using these skills and applying them to the real world is an advantage in terms of efficiency. Remember, foreign language education creates more global members of a society who can influence the world and contribute to global developments. Ethnic origins of a society should be appreciated by learning their language. Ultimately, you respect and grow from the language culture of that society. Therefore, children and adults should be encouraged to study a foreign language, primarily because learning English provides many benefits and advantages, at least for themselves.

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