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This is an image of a woman wearing round glasses, a blue denim jacket, and a white shirt. Her hair is brown and pulled back in a ponytail, and her face is looking straight ahead. She is standing in front of a beige wall with a few decorative plants visible in the background. She appears to be in her early twenties, and her eyes have a look of determination and focus. She is standing in a confident pose, her arms at her sides and her chin held high. Her clothing is stylish and modern, and her expression is determined and strong.

Göksel Yılmaz


Marmara University Faculty of Health Sciences/Health Management Department/Health Management Pr. After graduating, she completed her master's degree with thesis in Marmara University Institute of Social Sciences / Management and Work Psychology.

She took part in a Research, Research Project among Public and Private Hospital Employees in Istanbul on Measuring the Responses to the Psychological Contract Violation in the Context of the Perception of Organizational Justice. He has participated in training, seminars and conferences on Customer Relationship Management in many universities and institutes as a speech. She has books and book chapters in her field. She is currently working as a lecturer at a university.

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