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Ph.D. Evrim Derinözlü


Graduated from İstanbul University, Department of Business Administration, Dr. Evrim Derinözlü completed her MSc in Sales and Marketing and her PhD in Business Administration at Okan University.


  • İstanbul Aydın University - Institute of Social Sciences - Ph.D. in Business Administration, 2019. Thesis : The Effect of Emotional Advertising Attractions on Brand Preference in Luxury Brand Communication and an Application Okan University - Institute of Social Sciences - Sales & Marketing MA, 2011.

  • Graduation Project: Internet Advertising İstanbul University - Faculty of Business Administration - Bachelor of Business Administration, 2006.

Work Experience

  • June 2021 – (continued) INGEV – Entrepreneurship Trainer & Mentor - I gave online entrepreneurship training within the scope of Şanlıurfa Incubation and Small Grant Program project. -Employability, Entrepreneurship and Social Stability Project for Syrian and Turkish Youth in Response to the Syria Crisis - I gave Entrepreneurship training to 6 groups in Ankara, Istanbul, Bursa. I gave online entrepreneurship training to 1 group consisting of all provinces.

  • May 2018 – (continued) BrandingSmart – Marketing & Sales Strategist We provide strategic management and consultancy services and trainings to companies in the fields of branding, marketing, sales, corporate communication and visual communication.

  • September 2017 – November 2019 MEB Private Yamakoğlu Higher Education Girls' Dormitory – Deputy Director I managed all processes in the fields of Marketing, Advertising and Corporate Communications.

  • September 2012 – September 2016 İstanbul Aydın University – Anadolu BİL Vocational School – Instructor Retail Sales and Store Management (Distance Education) – Program Head Alumni Association (MEYODER) – President & Event Coordinator 50+ Event Organizations, University Promotion Activities, Promotion and Regional Representatives Education, Orientation and Graduation Ceremonies Presenter, Haber Türk TV on 20 June 2015 "On the Road" Program Guest, University Exam Preference Consultancy, Turkey Anti-Smoking Association Events Presenter, Beşiktaş Municipality Garden and Flower Festival IAU Hair Care and Beauty Department Fashion Show Presenter, Discipline Board, Recruitment, Scholarship Applications, Doctorate Class Representative, Discipline Committee, Student Graduation Project Advisory, Doctorate Student Representative. Lessons: Marketing, International Marketing, Marketing Research, Consumer Behavior, Customer Relationship Management, Production Management, Human Resources Management, Retail and Store Management, Warehouse and Stock Management, Service Management, General Economy, Advertising and Advertising Campaigns, Supply Management

  • December 2006 – November 2010 Finansbank Branch – Mass Banking – Customer Relations Manager I served the retail and micro banking needs of branch customers, I sold products and services, and carried out all systemic and operational transactions. I have worked in housing projects. I became the Anatolian side regional winner in POS and commercial card sales.

Academic Publications

  • Luxury Brand Communication, Academician Publishing House, 2020.

  • The Role of Parasocial Interaction in Consumer Loyalty for Organic Food, Journal of Social, Humanities and Administrative Sciences, December 2020.

  • The Mediating Role of Price Sensitivity in The Effect of Trust and Loyalty to Luxury Brands on The Brand Preference, Upravlenets (The Manager), December 2020.

  • Country Marketing in a Globalizing World, 13th International Congress on Social Studies with Recent Researches, November 2020.

  • City Branding and Communication, 3rd. International Conference on Communication in New World, November 2020.

  •  The Effect of Emotional Advertising Attractions on Luxury Brand Preference, SOBİDER, December 2019.


  • Marketing Turkey – Effect of Corona Virus on Luxury Brands, Effect of Corona Virus in E-Commerce, Sale of Holistic Meaning in Luxury Marketing, Relationship Marketing for Lifetime Unity, Webinar Marketing, Branding Turkey in a Globalizing World, 14 Marketing Tactics for Valentine's Day on February 14, Transparency in Marketing

  • New York Business Excellence - Turkish Business Localism, Appreciating Art, University Marketing

  • Yenikapı Haber.com - Branding Women in a Globalizing World

  • 3Nisan.com – Advice to SMEs After the Corona Pandemic, Indispensable Job Applications CV

  • Ekonomidoktoruzun.com – The Principle of “Rarity” in Brands

  • Gönül Magazine - Luxury Brand Communication

  • Boss Life Magazine - Luxury Brand Communication, Luxury Entrepreneurship

Provided Trainings

  • Employment, Entrepreneurship and Social Cohesion Project for Syrian and Turkish Youth, Entrepreneurship Education, 2021.

  • Şanlıurfa Incubation and Small Grant Program, Entrepreneurship Education, 2021.

  • Marketing 5.0 Training in a Digitalized World, German Chamber of Commerce, May, 2021.

  • Marketing 5.0 Tutorial, Session Heroes, Kubist, 2021.

  • Marketing 5.0, Doğuş University Digital Marketing Certificate Program, March 2021.

  • Relationship Marketing Training, 1Career, February 2021.

  • Luxury Brand Communication Education, Kubist, Suspended Education, 2020.

  • Marketing Education for Entrepreneurs, Session Heroes, 2020.

  • Next Generation Marketing Education, Development Generation, 2020.

Training and Courses Taken

  • Structural Equation Modeling with AMOS – Başkent University, 2017.

  • Diction Course – Etisem & Başkent University, 20

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