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A beautiful woman with long dark hair stands in front of the camera, wearing a white top and a bright smile on her face. Her eyes sparkle with joy and her lips are slightly parted, making her look cheerful and content. She is standing with her hands held slightly away from her body, showing off her slender figure. Her gaze is inviting and confident, and her expression is full of life and energy. The picture captures her happy and carefree attitude, and her joyful expression is sure to bring a smile to anyone who looks at it.

Duygu Çetin

Italian Language Teacher, Instructor

She graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Language, History and Geography, Department of Italian Language and Literature in 2016. She had the chance to study in the city of Bari, in the Puglia Region of Italy, for the first semester of the last year of the department, after the Erasmus exam he had passed. She returned to Turkey after successfully completing all of the 6 courses she had chosen there, and completed his education with his graduation thesis on "Paragonare Le Fiabe di Dede Korkut con Le Fiabe di Italo Calvino (Comparison of Dede Korkut Tales and Italo Calvino Narratives)".

Her interest in English, which started at a young age, led him to choose the Foreign Language Department in high school. Realizing that language is a very valuable communication tool and having the ability to express herself in different languages ​​and experiencing the freedom of this always led her to learn different languages, she chose a different language at the university. To the Latin Family In addition to having the chance to examine the Italian of the member in a versatile way such as literature, history, geography and culture, she also uses the language actively and lives the "Exposure to Language", which is the most important point in language learning, by constantly talking with Italian Lecturers and Professors. The department also had the opportunity to take elective courses such as Latin, Romanian and Portuguese and to get to know the languages ​​in question at the beginner level.

Her "teaching" journey, which started when he was a student, continued after graduation. It has always acted with the aim of making people like the language with different teaching methods, from a small group of 5 years old to university students in their 20s, in various institutions, both in English and Italian, and aiming not only to teach but also to keep that language alive. Duygu Çetin, who is very happy to share what she has learned and always intends to continue by improving her teaching ability, happily introduces this beautiful Latin language at A1 level to students in our Institute.

Education and Certificates


  • New Exchange Regime Implementation Principles in Exports – Southeastern Anatolia Exporters' Associations (GAİB)

  • International Commercial Agreements and Dispute Resolutions – GAİB

  • Close of Sale – GAİB

  • Performance Management and Winning Feedback – GAİB

  • Supply Chain Management – ​​GAİB

  • Customer Complaint Management – ​​GAİB

  • Kaizen – GAİB

  • Incoterms 2020 – GAIB

  • Business Correspondence in English – GAİB

  • Powerpoint Usage Techniques – GAİB

  • Risks in Foreign Trade – GAİB

  • Business Networking: Networking Skills – GAİB

  • Google Adwords Applications in E-Commerce – GAİB

  • Documents Used in Foreign Trade – GAİB

  • Effective Communication Techniques – GAİB

  • Intelligence Channels in Foreign Trade – GAİB

  • Strategic Growth and Institutional Development – ​​GAİB


  • Basic Accounting and Legal Information to Prevent Risk in Sales – GAİB

  • Value-Creating Sales – GAİB

  • VAT Exemption and Transactions in Export – GAİB

  • Image Management in the Digital World and Social Media – GAİB

  • Effective Communication and Mental Image Management – ​​Lost & Found

  • Conflict Management – ​​Suspended Education

  • Building Your Sales Process – LinkedIn Learning

  • Customer Service: Customer Expectation Management – ​​LinkedIn Learning

  • Communication for the Business World – GAİB

  • Developing Export Efficiency in Companies – GAİB

  • Digital Branding – GAİB

  • Customer Satisfaction Training = Customer Relationship Management (MİY-CRM) - GAİB

  • Digital Competencies at VUCA - GAİB

  • Digital Marketing and Social Media - GAİB

  • Neuromarketing - GAIB

  • Excel Reporting Techniques - GAIB

  • Foreign Trade Information Seminar - GAİB

  • Churn and Customer Retention Management - IIENSTITU


  • German Education (A1-A2) - IIENSTITU

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - IIENSTITU

  • Foreign Trade - Bilgeİş Project (METU)

  • Basic Customs Education - Doğruer Customs Consultancy


  • Sign Language – Public Education Center

Workshops Held

  • January 2021: Training on "Learning a Language" – Suspended Education

  • June – July 2021: "English Skills 101" (A1) – Job Club

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