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Personal Development Courses

Personal development means different things to different people, which is why we have a range of courses for you.

Personal development is a lifelong process. The Istanbul Business Institute, which set out from here, shares various training with you like free online training, where you will have the opportunity to continuously improve yourself in various fields. Among these training, you can make the right investment in your own future by choosing the programs that appeal to many areas of interest, that will guide you in various professions or in daily life.

Personal Development Courses

Today, an extremely competitive environment has developed in business life. There is absolutely no room for mistakes to be made in this environment, and every piece of information to be learned will take you one step further than the people around you. Istanbul Business Institute, which is aware of the importance of learning, has programs in the form of distance education, completely free of charge, ensuring that everyone can access the training it offers. Anyone can participate in these programs. All you have to do for this is to review the programs as a member and register for any one of your choices. It is possible to attend the training online and complete the program from any place where the internet is available.

Upon completion of the program, you will be subject to an exam about what you learned in the lessons, and if you are successful, you will be entitled to receive the certificate presented to you by the Istanbul Business Institute. Although this certificate is an approved document with a cold stamp on it, it will be presented to you subject to a fee. But instead, you have the chance to use this code wherever you want by getting the certificate code, which is given free of charge to everyone who completes the programs. The certificate code is a code that is registered on the system base and can be viewed by employers on this base, although you add it to your CVs. You can even add this certificate code to your CVs on platforms like LinkedIn.

What are Personal Development Courses?

Personal development courses given within the body of Istanbul Business Institute include programs that will benefit those working in the field of human resources, company managers, those who want to be more successful in their work or those who want to acquire a new work area. For example, you can create a fun workspace for yourself by taking blogging training, which is very popular today. In addition, by getting training on time management, you can manage time more accurately both in your work, school life or in daily life, so you can complete your studies perfectly and spend time with your family and friends. The training given to you by us have quite different options.

If you work in human resources or you have a business, you can attend a training program where you can learn interview techniques in order to choose the right people to work with you. Or if you want to be a more successful manager, the strategic management training offered on this subject will be an alternative for you. Because in order to manage a business, it is necessary to produce an effective strategy in times of crisis and to take fast and correct decisions in addition to the leadership qualities, capital owned, knowledge and skills. It is very close to you to have all these skills mentioned in this training. To have information about all these training programs and to register for the training, it is sufficient to visit the Istanbul Business Institute page.

Finding a job has become very difficult nowadays. Thanks to the university certificate programs, the number of young people receiving an education was also increased. This being the case, while being a university graduate was an important criterion for being recruited, today's training outside of university education has become an important factor in employment. The training offered to you under this title will benefit you to make a difference in your CVs.

Online Personal Development Courses

Time is a very important concept in today's world. Everyone has a very busy life and a place in their life where they have to catch up. It is not easy to allocate time for training programs while being swept away from home to work, from work to various meetings and interviews. Considering this situation, Istanbul Business Institute brings the free training it offers to your location. The most important reason for presenting the training online is the ease of participation. In this way, it becomes much easier to benefit from personal development courses. If you wish, you can watch the lessons given as distance education in the comfort of your home or at your workplace.

The personal development courses given by the Istanbul Business Institute, which brings together the experience of many years, are carried out in the company of professional trainers, each of whom is an expert in their field. You have the opportunity to register for two programs at the same time, if you wish, in the programs that are started every two weeks. After successfully completing these programs,

It is also possible to register.

The reason why the training is free is that contrary to what is known so far, online education is not an expensive form of education. The only expense in these training is the fees paid to the trainers. In this system, the instructors who give lessons to you provide services voluntarily. All these opportunities ensure that online education is free. However, apart from online education, Certificate Programs are also available. These training are given formally and are subject to a fee. For more detailed information about all training programs, you can contact the Istanbul Business Institute.

Why is Personal Development Important?

People have a certain potential within themselves from the moment they are born. However, besides this, people can improve themselves physically as well as improve themselves in terms of quality. It is called personal development as a result of the work that people have done in order to improve themselves in a field.

The Importance of Personal Development for Human

During personal development, individuals embark on a journey of self-knowledge. Individuals being aware of themselves and knowing their shortcomings can be defined as a personal development journey where they do some work in order to eliminate these shortcomings. Some of the training that people take to improve themselves are also referred to as "personal development training".

Persons with personal development;

  • Increasing their communication in their social life

  • Setting your life goals

  • refresh your images

  • Taking perspectives to different dimensions

  • Adapting to change and what age brings

  • Making a difference in society

  • To gain experience

  • Working in a more motivating way

  • be more self-confident

  • They can improve themselves in areas such as managing time correctly.

What is Personal Development?

Personal development is the name given to the development of individuals in a certain field. In addition, it is the name given to people to learn some techniques in order not to lose their motivation to reach their goals.

Thanks to personal development, individuals can see their goals more clearly. However, it is also possible to get a different perspective. Personal development is actually the programming of individuals by their own will.

However, it should not be forgotten that personal development does not suggest to people that there is nothing they cannot achieve and that they are extraordinary beings. It should not be forgotten that human beings are creatures that make mistakes. However, the important thing is to learn from these mistakes and continue from where you left off stronger. In personal development, these issues should be explained to people.

What Does Personal Development Mean?

Human nature is ambitious. This causes it to be success-oriented. For this reason, most people turn to personal development to be successful. In this context, people develop in a multi-faceted way and realize their own potential. For this, first of all, people need to know themselves.

A person who is aware of his own potential and knows what he can and cannot do can make better progress in this direction by setting clearer goals. In order for a person to be successful in both social and business life, he must first have a purpose. Afterwards, he needs to focus on imagination, belief, values, principles, behaviour, self-confidence, desire, subconscious, motivation, positive thinking.

How does an individual's self-awareness take place?

Those who have taken a step towards self-knowledge need to understand the reality of this concept before realizing their own potential. Regardless of what a person's potential and abilities are, he must be aware that he is a unique being, primarily because he is human.

The quality of being human in individuals causes each person to be a unique and perfect being. The first step on the path of personal development is to realize how valuable a person is existential.

While evaluating oneself physically, physically and spiritually, one should always consider this fact and see himself as he deserves. People need to take steps on this path, knowing their own potential and what they can achieve. Because the value of a human being because he is a human requires this completely. If a person can fully understand his own worth, then he can start his personal development journey correctly.

Personal Development Process

In the personal development process, individuals need to be tolerant towards themselves and their environment and approach what is happening around them with maturity. Of course, it is also very important to approach oneself with maturity and tolerance. Man is a creature that can make mistakes by nature. No person is perfect. While most people can be tolerant and mature towards the mistakes of others, they can be cruel to themselves. For this reason, first of all, must be tolerant.

Everyone has flaws and can make mistakes. For this reason, there may be issues that all of us cannot reach or achieve. For this reason, mistakes made in the personal development journey should not be an obstacle for people. If the person focuses on his shortcomings, then he cannot focus on success and development. It is very important for the individual to meet himself with tolerance and motivate himself to do better.

What are the Benefits of Personal Development?

Thanks to personal development, people develop themselves in many ways. In order for a person to be efficient, powerful and effective in his social life, he must first be equipped with knowledge. This is only possible with different learning methods. If a person can build a bridge with the training he has received, then he will start to think creatively. With personal development, it is aimed that people can do this.

Thanks to personal development, people can communicate more effectively with their environment as their qualities will improve. They become more efficient and effective in social life. This will play a big role in their happiness. The benefit obtained with these training affects not only the individual but also the society. Since a person is a social being, he can be easily influenced by his environment or can affect the people around him. The interaction of people with each other will allow the formation of multi-faceted societies.

How Personal Development Emerged

With the existence of man, the process of personal development has also begun. Legends, stories, fairy tales, religions, games are of great importance for the personal development of people. The fact that personal development is a science and there are various researches occurred in the 1900s.

What are the Gains of Personal Development?

First of all, people need to develop self-respect for themselves. The next one will come like a sock rip. Knowing their own weaknesses and potentials, drawing a roadmap accordingly will enable people to be stronger against the difficulties they face.

Being aware of one's own strengths is one of the most important steps in personal development. Every person has different abilities and interests. Even people who don't think they have talent have talents in many things. For this reason, people should first determine their abilities and in which subjects they are better. Once you realize your abilities, improving yourself in this regard will enable you to become a more successful person.

Realizing One's Own Potential

If a person does not have a musical ear, making a lot of effort to play the guitar will cause him to give up and get tired after a while. However, someone who has a musical ear and a talent for music will have a lot of pleasure and fun while walking on this road. For this reason, it is very important for people to determine their strengths by observing themselves.

One has to look at life from his own perspective and move forward in this way. It is very important to determine what you want from this life and what you are successful in. In addition, the person should know his weaknesses and develop a defence in this regard.

In the personal development journey, individuals need to take steps to improve themselves every day and progress on this path. When you look back after a while, you will see how far you have come and how you have improved yourself. For this, you need to start working without wasting time. While this doesn't mean anything to you now, even you might be surprised at the improvement you've experienced six months later.

People find many excuses for their failures or unhappiness; Both situations are closely related to each other. An unhappy person will not be successful in his work and private life, and an unsuccessful person will not feel happy. Because people spend most of their lives at work; When either case is negative, the other case will be automatically affected.

Individuals who want to be happy and successful in both their business and private lives will have taken the first step by participating in the code of success training. The training, which is an online training program and the passwords of success are explained, will be the greatest help for those who want to improve themselves.

The key to success should be at the beginning of the training that will be preferred by everyone who wants to go to the goals they want to reach with confident, peaceful, successful and happy steps. Education, which helps the journey to be successful and happy by increasing human motivation, will help individuals develop or create their awareness.

  • What does it mean to learn and what are its stages?

  • Information about learning methods

  • What should individuals do in order to change their behaviour methods?

  • What is a responsibility, what is not taking responsibility and what is a

What is the feeling of not taking responsibility for things?

  • What is the decision, how should the decision-making process be, and what responsibilities should individuals take as a result of the decision?

  • What are the difficulties encountered in making decisions?

  • The power and impact of decision making

  • What is scale analysis and how is it applied?

What are the most basic fears of individuals and what are the reflections of fears on individuals?

  • What is the target & creation of the target list?

  • Detailed information about the comfort zone of individuals

  • Learned helplessness

  • What is the victim's reaction, what needs to be done to get rid of it?

  • What is the elephant mission?

The methods that need to be done to overcome the problems that occur in the private and business lives of individuals or to minimize their problems are explained. The biggest obstacle for individuals to realize their wishes is the person himself; In order to solve the problem, individuals need to be aware of the events and take responsibility and take action. As a result of the training, although the methods of what and how individuals should do are explained, the important thing is to improve the awareness of the people.

The Institute aims to raise individuals whose outlook on life has expanded with the password of success and many other online pieces of training.

Those who have a good education and a good career in their future plans are undoubtedly those who give the most importance to education and specialization. For these people, education comes first. Because they are aware that they can build their future only with education. For this reason, just graduating from university is not enough for them. They are in need of continuous learning in order to stabilize their progress in their careers.

The most preferred method of these people in order to advance in their careers is to attend courses related to their fields of interest. There are two purposes for people who care about knowledge to attend the courses. The first is to do their job better and professionally, and the other is to present their knowledge to their employers. There are only courses that meet these two subjects.

However, these courses, which are preferred to advance in their careers, also have some disadvantages. One of these disadvantages is that the courses require the time of the participants. However, in order for a full-time employee to devote time to these courses, they must either take leave from the workplace or attend the evening classes. Both methods cause a decrease in the performance of the employees. An employee who takes leave will not be able to find time to rest because he takes the leaves he needs to rest. The lucky group who can take leave other than annual leave is very limited. Employees who prefer evening classes will have to experience the tiredness of evening classes and the road on top of working fatigue.

Another and the biggest disadvantage of formal education courses is that they charge serious fees for the courses they provide. Those who want to progress in their career may not always have enough budget to attend these courses.

Overcoming Negativities

Due to the disadvantages listed above, most people cannot attend courses that will enable them to advance in their careers. Fortunately, the Institute is an educational institution that has succeeded in creating a solution to this great problem. Thanks to the free course provided by the Institute, the institute hosts free online courses that will enable those who do not have enough budget to attend the courses to advance in their careers. It even gives certificates to those who get sufficient grades from the success determination exams held at the end of these courses.

In order to benefit from the free courses of the Institute, the only move that needs to be made is to register for the course. Afterwards, being in front of your computer or smart device during the lesson is sufficient to attend the course. It is possible to specialize in the desired field with online courses given in the evening. In addition, lessons are taught in an interactive way. In this way, participants can solve their stuck points with their trainers.

Sometimes the best way to spend free time is to improve ourselves by adding new information to ourselves. For this, a newly established Institute offers you different training courses such as internet journalism, entrepreneurship, sales techniques, image and perception management in exchange for affordable prices. The training courses you receive from this Institute can give a new direction to your life by taking certain times in your spare time and breaks in your daily life. You can register on the site as a free course in order to discover the benefits of spending an hour or two a day at this Institute, among which there is free training. In addition, you can use the certificates you received as a result of completing online training in job applications and create a new path for yourself.

you can draw.

For example, let's say you bought an online training package about customer service. When you finish this package, you will be a new individual with the knowledge you have gained and you will be able to interact with your customers more effectively in a profession you work or want to do. Perhaps you will even have a skill that will make your own business a better place or win the favour of your boss. But of course, in order to achieve this, you will need an assistant who can shape your life in a new direction, namely the institute free course training packages that you will receive from this Institute.

To give another example, let's say you have entrepreneurial ideas and projects that you want to realize your dreams. The certified training programs you will receive from this Institute will help you a lot in order to learn how you can realize these or how you can process them more effectively and make them more qualified.

If we talk about internet journalism, today's agenda is always provided on the internet. The fact that our lives are based on the internet is one of the biggest factors in this. The training packages you receive from this Institute, which is certified to keep up with this technology and also to use internet journalism as a profession, will add a lot of information to you. It is a situation that requires a lot of experience to follow the rapidly changing agenda and at the same time to use this rapidly developing agenda correctly. For this reason, the training you will receive from the experts will advance you on the way to improve yourself much faster, and they will be able to make you an expert on this subject.

Finally, with image and perception management, you can find a job much more easily, or you can come to a position where you can be more successful in the job you find or have. Even a few simple details that you can add to your dressing, facial expressions, speech and diction will make you stand out from your other colleagues. In order to achieve these, you must sign up for free and take a step to change your life.

Although we can find information everywhere in today's world, information still seems to be our most valuable asset. In an age where information is so easily accessible, it is not surprising that everyone has more or less knowledge on every subject. However, what is now sought is to have expert knowledge on certain subjects. Expertise in any subject is the key to progress. In order to reach a place you want, especially in your career path, you need to be knowledgeable and document this knowledge as well as experience. At this point, the courses where you can get a certificate come into play.

It is important to have certificates related to the field you want to advance in order to reach the point you aim at in your career or if you are a recent graduate, to make a right start in your career. There are many courses where you can get these certificates. However, these courses are courses that you need both time and money. It may not always be possible to take leave from your workplace during the course, especially if you are an employee. In addition, the fees demanded such courses can reach serious figures and cannot be met in every budget. At this point, iienstitu.com steps in to solve these problems.

The IIENSTITU Free Online Courses

For those who cannot benefit from formal education courses due to the reasons we have mentioned above, but give importance to education in order to advance in their career, there is another way they can choose. The Institute's free course is a system created for these people. The Institute organizes online courses for people who value learning but do not have enough time or money. Moreover, they do not charge any fees for this online training. In case of success in the exam held at the end of the training, the certificate of the training is given to the participants of the course. These certificates can be sent in writing to those who attend the course, or they can be given online to those who attend the course. Which certificate to choose is completely left to the preference of the trainees.

Online certificates obtained with the Institute's free course can be added to channels such as Linkedin. For this reason, this is the method most preferred by those who care about their online resumes. On the other hand, printed certificates are the certificates preferred by people who want to declare to their workplaces. The point to be noted here is that the printed certificates are sent to the course participants for a small fee. Apart from this, the Institute does not charge any fees for those who attend the online courses.

The only thing to do in order to attend free courses is to register for the course you want to become a member of the Institute's page. Afterwards, you can attend online classes held in the evening.

Institutes all over the world with the aim of ensuring equality in education

Free training is organized through Thanks to the online training, training can be taken regardless of the place. It is presented as a complete opportunity for those who want to train themselves in different subjects. Those who do not have the opportunity to receive education in the region where they live can participate online from anywhere with internet access.

Participation in Courses

It is necessary to register by choosing the department you want to attend from the training offered free of charge. Registration is easy and free. Afterwards, it is possible to participate in the desired training program by using the login information. You can apply for any open course. Applications to courses are made within the quota. In addition, registration must be made before the start of the courses. It is not possible to register for the course when the determined quota is full. But the courses are constantly being opened. For this reason, it is necessary to immediately decide on the desired course and enrol.

Online Courses

Online training provides advantages to the trainees. Participation in many courses is free of charge. In addition, it does not require any additional costs. It is not necessary to attend the classes at certain time intervals. Online training is advantageous training that the trainee can participate in at a suitable time.

Education is becoming widespread through the Institute's online course, which is applied by those who want to advance in their careers. In this way, it is also possible to create a new career with the training to be received. In addition, the opportunity to develop many of your hobbies is offered with online courses opened again. Participants who are successful at the end of this training also get a certificate.

The training attended in job applications also attract the attention of employers. Every training you attend means that you are one step ahead in applications. In particular, the training organized through the Institute is documented with valid certificates that also contain a verification code.

Stepping Up in Career

Today, the only condition for advancement on the career ladder is education. Regardless of the job you do, a career path is opened to people who are educated and constantly renewing themselves. While people who improve themselves advance on the steps, those who do not attach importance to education stay in place. Here, one of the elements that stand in the way of people is time.

Participating in one-on-one training and seminars, the person must be at the venue where the event is held within the specified time period. This is an extra time expenditure when you add the time to be spent on transportation, the duration of the course and the return time. Lack of time, one of today's problems, is solved by the IIENSTITU online course. Participants do not need to waste time while participating in time management training.

The advantages of online education are understood day by day. The importance given to education is exceeded with online courses that provide equality in every aspect. Participation in training is increasing day by day. Thanks to the training in different fields that everyone can participate in, the opportunity for self-development is recognized equally. Career goals are the choice of those who want to improve themselves personally.

In the twenty-first century, the most basic point that will ensure the progress of societies is education. Compared to the past century, we live in an age where being literate, graduating from primary school or university is by no means sufficient. What a person adds to himself in order to improve himself is the most important factor in this age. Therefore, personal development has come to the fore in the 21st century.

If you want to find a job, take a position in the job you have found, or work in different business areas, you should definitely attend the training that you can take as an online course offered by the Institute and get a certificate. The training provided by the Institute is certified.

There are many free, personal development and certificate programs provided by the Istanbul Business Institute. Some of these online courses are speed reading with comprehension, scientific research and writing techniques training, blogging training, digital marketing training. In addition, you can get information about different pieces of training by visiting www.iienstitü.com. For example, if you want to learn about photography and take photos like a professional, you can attend the photography course, which is among the personal development and certificate programs, learn photography in detail, and open an exhibition with the photos you have taken.

If you are preparing for an exam and competing with time, then speed reading will be an advantage for you. You can sign up for a free-to-understand speed reading course provided by the Istanbul Business Institute. With the online course offered for seven days, you will be subjected to an exam at the end of seven days by listening to the lectures. After passing the exam, you get a certificate.

You are going to start a job and you need to prepare a good CV for application. But you don't know how to do it. In this case yin

You can attend the CV preparation and job interview preparation training course provided by e-institute as free and online training, you can go more prepared by learning what you can do before applying for a job.

With the online free personal development certificate programs provided by the Istanbul Business Institute, you can always be one step ahead in your education life, business life and social life. In this century we live in, catching the time and coming to the forefront in this competitive environment will only be possible by improving oneself in every sense. Other training you can find at Istanbul Business Institute are as follows; You can find many pieces of training such as image and perception management training, English interview preparation training, content editing, sign language training, workplace etiquette and ethics training, interview techniques training, chess training and NLP training, stress and coping with stress training. The road to success is through development.

What is Personal Development? Why is it Necessary?

Personal development is one of the areas that has received the most attention in recent years. So do we know exactly what it is? Let's examine it together. The literal meaning of the word person is person, person, person. The word development means progress, action. So, we can say that personal development is the whole of conscious behaviours done to take ourselves further as an individual in society.

Human beings are in continuous development both physically and spiritually from the moment they are born. He is curious about everything around him. The more he discovers, the more he gets happy. What he learned is not enough for him in time. Always striving to achieve more. In other words, development is a natural process in the structure of human beings. There is no limit to our body and soul. Man is a creature that can develop more and more as he develops. In order to enjoy life, we must not disrupt this natural process. We must continue to evolve and discover new things.

Personal Development and Journey to Our Inner World

Each individual's developmental process is different. Therefore, as individuals, we must first discover ourselves. It is not possible for a person who does not know himself to contribute to his personal development. So how do we discover ourselves? When we do research on a topic, we start by asking questions. Then we can start by asking ourselves some questions. What makes me happiest in life? What are my priorities in life? What do I like to do? What are the aspects of myself that I see lacking but want to improve? Where would I like to be? What do I need to get where I want to be? Do I have a hobby that will relax and nourish my soul and body? If we can find answers to questions like these, we are on the right track. After identifying our talents, interests, needs, deficiencies and areas for improvement, we can chart a course for ourselves.

What Can Be Done for Personal Development?

I liken the personal development journey to the rays of the sun. You start somewhere, but there is no end. It flows into infinity. If you have found your starting point, who can hold you if you have the helm and your route is clear? Today, the possibilities are very wide, the alternatives are many. You can progress very easily with the methods and techniques that are suitable for you. If you like to read books, you have a great advantage. There are many books available in this field. In addition, if you say that you have difficulty in choosing a book, you can take a look at book reviews and book recommendations on social media. If you are one of those who say that they do not prefer to read books, then you can get support from movies. However, reading books is very important for personal development. Because everything in the world is constantly changing. In order to follow the change, it is necessary to read constantly. So what else can be done, let's take a look? Man is a social being, he must travel, see, exchange information, in short, socialize.

Personal Development and Education

Studies have shown that developing countries have high levels of education. Where there is development, there is also education. Education is inevitable in order to keep up with the ever-advancing and developing technology and age. Education and personal development are like two halves that make up a whole. They support each other. They cannot be considered separately from each other. Today, there is training in various fields and on various platforms for personal development. With the online education model, which is the new face of education, it is possible to receive education from any institution at any time and place. In fact, there are many institutions and organizations that provide this training for free. You can get support from them.

Martin Luther King said, “If you can't fly, run; If you can't run, walk. If you cannot walk, crawl; but keep moving. Keep moving forward.” How well do the sentences summarize our topic? Regardless of the circumstances, there is always a way to develop and progress. He must find the way and move forward.

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