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A bearded man with a thick mustache wearing a black t-shirt stands against a white background. His facial hair is dark and neatly trimmed, and his gaze is focused off into the distance. He has a wide forehead, a long nose, and thin lips. His eyes are a deep brown, and he has a strong jawline. His thick dark hair is styled in a short, straight cut. His arms are crossed in front of him, and he has a confident posture. He is clean-shaven and has a masculine presence.

Ekrem Sözen


Ekrem Sözen, who graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Communication (1990/1994), has been giving training on video editing for many years. He mainly shoots training, event and promotional videos for companies and makes his own editing. He also worked as a director in many short films and documentaries, as a cinematographer, mainly in editing, and most recently he edited the feature film called Letters from Bodrum. He continues to shoot and edit short films/educational/event/promotional videos under the umbrella of Freelance and Kadıköy Art Production.

Birthplace: Lonsee/ Germany

Previous Trainings:

  • Video Editing / Editing training with Adobe Premiere Pro CC (Kadıköy Art Production) -2020

  • Basic Photography and Video - (Hospitadent Hospitals ) - 2019

  • Introduction to Digital Video and Video Editing ( S.Zaim University) - 2019

  • Video Editing with Digital Video and Adobe Premiere ( Doğuş Otomotiv ) - 2017


  • Bodrum Letters - 2019 - Feature Film ( Editing )

  • Phenomenon - 2019 - Short Film (Director & Editing)

  • They Are Giving Five Thousand To Violence Against Women - 2019 -Short Film (Director of Photography & Editing)


  • Maslak Acıbadem Hospital - Pancreas Forum Event video work - 2019

  • UNDP ( United Nations Development Program ) Turkey - Climate Conversations - ( 4 Episodes) - 2019

  • Skoda Yuce Automotive - Mind Series Video Training Project (20 Episodes) - 2019/… - Mod (Customer Orientation Transformation) - 01-07/2018

  • Hospitadent Dental Hospitals - Smiling Center / Performance and Bonus System / Hd 4.0 -2018 - MQI Total Quality Management (8 Chapters) - 2018 - Patient Experience (10 Chapters) - 2018/2019

  • Bmw Borusan Automotive - Boots Coaching Project -2017 - Mini Surprise Video -2017 - KVKK Promotional Video -2018

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