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Betül Yavaş Koç

Betül Yavaş Koç


She gives lectures as an Instructor in Faruk Saraç Vocational School of Design Cookery Program. She worked as an R&D officer during the production transition period, where the sauces of companies such as Chicken Dunyası, Green Salad, Şok, Alaçatı Muhallebicisi were demoed.

Business Information

  • T.R. Faruk Saraç Vocational School of Design Cookery Program - Instructor

  • Mudanya Food Inc. R&D Responsible - I worked as an R&D officer during the production transition process and demo studies of sauces of companies such as Chicken Dunyası, Green Salad, Şok, Alaçatı Muhallebicisi.

  • BUSMEK Instructor Chef - I worked as an instructor chef in Traditional Turkish Cuisine, International Cuisine, Olive Oil Dishes, Basic Cooking courses in the Cookery branch.

  • Ministry of National Education Food and Beverage Teacher - In the 2016-2018 academic year, I worked as a paid teacher under the Bursa District Directorate of National Education. I have taught pastry making techniques and application, service preparations, basic food production, culinary applications, Turkish cuisine dishes, dessert making techniques, beverage service and basic dough techniques.

  • Hayat Restaurant General Coordinator - Starting with the guest relations department of the restaurant, we carried out all the feasibility studies of the branch to be opened in Istanbul together with my team.

  • Bursa Çelik Palas Hotel - I continued my duty in the department that I started as an intern until the end of the internship and the beginning of the training period. I was in charge of the daily, weekly and monthly duties of the sales, marketing, kitchen, purchasing, personnel training and finance departments.

  • Medusa AJANS Regional Manager / Regional Manager - I was in charge of regional distribution, product placement and control in the project held on April 23 every year as part of the Ülker Children's Cinema event.

Seminar and courses

  • IIENSTITU Emotional Intelligence Training

  • IIENSTITU Marketing Communication Training

  • IIENSTITU Trainer's Training

  • IIENSTITU Internal Audit Training

  • IIENSTITU Strategic Management

  • IIENSTITU Creative Thinking and Innovation

  • IIENSTITU Career Management Training

Research Papers

  • Use of sugar in the food industry

  • Strategic brand management and sensory analysis of olive oil

  • Futurist kitchen analysis and its reflections on today

  • Gastronomic properties and sensory analysis of wine

  • Coffee culture and coffeehouses in gastronomy

  • The role of Islamic civilization in the formation of Mediterranean cuisine

  • The food culture of the Ottoman elite

  • Lunch boxes in Islamic cuisine

  • Chronology of taste

  • Food and social classes in late medieval and renaissance Italy

  • Food & Beverage design criteria and financing

  • The effect of the decision mechanisms of the managers related to the nutrition processes

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