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Quantum Philosophy of Life

Quantum philosophy is a new science that places the observer at the center of all and has created reality.

Newton's classical physics gave birth to the modern lifestyle. Quantum physics, which examines the existence, motion and interactions of particles in the atom, which cannot be explained by the laws of Newton's physics, has created a postmodern lifestyle. Quantum mechanics, which started 120 years ago with Planck's quantum hypothesis; With the contributions of Einstein, Heisenberg, Schrödinger, Bohr, Bohm and Aspect, it led to a revolutionary worldview.

In Quantum Philosophy of Life education; Both the contributions of these great scientists who established the experimental foundations of quantum mechanics to physics and the reflections of quantum mechanics established by these geniuses on our daily life are discussed. Quantum paradigm; It includes postmodern phenomena such as quantum morality, quantum epistemology, quantum relationship management, quantum theology and religion, quantum communication, quantum parapsychology.

Who Should Attend Quantum Life Philosophy Course?

  • University graduates should receive this course. Especially those who have graduated from social science fields and are interested in science, technology and philosophy should take it.

  • Self-helpers and those interested in life coaching

  • Those who work in the philosophy of physics

  • Those interested in the philosophy of quantum physics

  • Those who do academic research in the social sciences

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This image depicts an online course centered around quantum philosophy of life. It focuses on exploring the fundamental principles of quantum physics and their implications for our understanding of life and our place in the universe. Through exploration and understanding of these principles, the course seeks to help participants cultivate a deeper sense of purpose, meaning, and connection to the world. It will cover topics such as quantum entanglement, uncertainty, wave-particle duality, and the fascinating implications of these phenomena for our lives. Through a combination of lectures, discussions, and practical exercises, it will provide students with an opportunity to engage in deep introspection and to explore the profound implications of quantum physics for our understanding of life.
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