Quantum Philosophy of Life


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Quantum Philosophy of Life

Newton's classical physics gave birth to the modern lifestyle. Quantum physics, which examines the existence, motion and interactions of particles in the atom, which cannot be explained by the laws of Newton's physics, has created a postmodern lifestyle. Quantum mechanics, which started 120 years ago with Planck's quantum hypothesis; With the contributions of Einstein, Heisenberg, Schrödinger, Bohr, Bohm and Aspect, it led to a revolutionary worldview.

In Quantum Philosophy of Life education; Both the contributions of these great scientists who established the experimental foundations of quantum mechanics to physics and the reflections of quantum mechanics established by these geniuses on our daily life are discussed. Quantum paradigm; It includes postmodern phenomena such as quantum morality, quantum epistemology, quantum relationship management, quantum theology and religion, quantum communication, quantum parapsychology.

Who Should Attend Quantum Life Philosophy Course?

  • University graduates should receive this course. Especially those who have graduated from social science fields and are interested in science, technology and philosophy should take it.
  • Self-helpers and those interested in life coaching
  • Those who work in the philosophy of physics
  • Those interested in the philosophy of quantum physics
  • Those who do academic research in the social sciences

Topics of Education

Lesson 1

  • Experimental Foundations of Quantum Philosophy
  • Big to Small, Classic to Quantum
  • Blackbody Radiation
  • Photoelectric Effect

Lesson 2

  • Experimental Foundations of Quantum Philosophy
  • Bohr Atomic Theory: A Part-Whole Model of the Universe
  • Compton Scattering: Photon Momentum
  • Double Slit Experiment

Lesson 3

  • Experimental Foundations of Quantum Philosophy
  • Aspect Experiments: Violation of Bell Inequalities
  • EPR-B Experiments
  • The Logical Structure of Bell's Inequalities
  • Developments After the Aspect Experiments

Lesson 4

  • Philosophical Interpretation of Quantum Physics
  • Correcting a Famous Galatian: Uncertainty and Uncertainty
  • Uncertainty and Chaotic Explanation in Physics and Life

Lesson 5

  • Ontological and Epistemological Sources of Uncertainty
  • Adapting Kant to Quantum Mechanics

Lesson 6

  • Entanglement and Nonlocality: Entangled Lives
  • From the Whole to the Part (Abandonment of the Outdated Analytical Approach, Miraculous Results of the Holistic View)

Lesson 7

  • Postmodern View of Quantum Being: Quantum Ontologies
  • New understanding of being and towards existence

Lecture 8

  • Epistemological Interpretation of Quantum
  • New ways of acquiring knowledge and epistemology
  • Postmodern Solutions to the Crisis of Modern Science
  • Deconstruction of Science: Towards Postmodern Science

Lesson 9

  • Quantum World View
  • Quantum Technologies: Nanotechnology
  • Quantum Life Coaching
  • Quantum Ethics
  • Quantum Politics
  • Quantum Education

Lesson 10

  • Quantum Art
  • Quantum Philosophy
  • Quantum Religion
  • Quantum Relationship Management
  • Quantum Parallel Universes

At the end of the course, you will be tested in the light of the knowledge you have acquired during the training and case studies. The certificate of achievement is valid in private and public institutions. The easiest way to prove your success!

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