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A woman is smiling and looking at a laptop computer. She has curly hair and is wearing glasses. Her hand is resting on the laptop's keyboard. The laptop is placed on top of a white wall with a sign above it that has black text on it. The woman's face is in close up, and her smile is wide and genuine. Her eyes are bright and her cheeks are slightly flushed. The laptop has a grey and white case and a black keyboard.
Human Resources

Get The Complete HR Certification Course

14 December 2021
This image is of a man wearing a suit and tie. He is smiling and looking directly at the camera. His suit is a light grey color, and the tie is a navy blue color with a white and light blue pattern. The man is wearing a white dress shirt underneath the suit. His hair is cut short and is black. He has a clean-shaven face. His eyes are a dark brown color, and his eyebrows are slightly raised. His lips are slightly parted, revealing his white teeth. He is standing in front of a plain white background. The man is wearing a black leather belt with a silver buckle. He has his hands clasped in front of him. The lighting is soft and even.
Change Management

Why Change Management is Important?

13 December 2021
A man and woman are engaged in an animated conversation. The man is wearing a suit and glasses and is smiling, while the woman looks serious yet attentive. Both are facing each other and their body language suggests a lively dialogue between them. The man's shirt is visible in a close-up view, and the woman's eye can be seen in a close-up shot. The background is blurred, emphasizing the two people in the foreground. Their conversation seems to be of great importance or interest to them.
Personal Development

What Are The Benefits Of English Speaking Course?

12 December 2021
A group of people, including a man holding a laptop, a woman with her hands in her pockets, and another woman wearing a striped shirt, are standing together in a closeknit formation. One woman is holding a cup of coffee, and another has their butt partially visible in blue jeans. Everyone is smiling, and the man with the laptop appears to be engaged in conversation. The group is bathed in warm sunlight, creating a friendly atmosphere.
Problem Solving

A Problem Solving Method: Brainstorming

12 December 2021
A woman is seen holding a laptop computer in her hands, with the laptop's screen facing the camera. She is wearing a light blue shirt and has her hair tied back. The laptop is silver in color and has a black keyboard and trackpad. The laptop is held securely in her hands and her arms are bent slightly as she looks at the screen. She is sitting in a chair with a white background and her face is illuminated in the light. The laptop has a white bezel around the display and is slightly tilted towards the camera.
Online Training

Free Online Courses With Certification

10 December 2021
A man and woman are sitting at a table in a room. The man has a full beard, and is wearing a blue shirt. The woman has her arms on the table and is looking directly at the man. In the foreground, there is a knife resting on the table. There is a blurry image of a person's face in the background, and a black and white striped background visible at the top of the frame. The man and woman are engaged in conversation, with the woman's facial expression conveying a sense of curiosity.
Personal Development

Classes in Business: Get A Job After Graduation

09 December 2021
A young woman is sitting on a couch, using her laptop. She has her eyes closed, as if concentrating deeply. There is a plant in a pot to her right, and a pillow on the couch next to her. She is wearing a pink shirt with white text on it. In the background, there is a white wall with a light shining through. A close-up of a sign can be seen at the top of the image. She is focused on the laptop in front of her, using it for whatever task she is doing.
Stress Management

How to Manage Stress Without Spending Any Money?

08 December 2021