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Foreign trade courses are the best way to learn all about international business. Learn how to do business with other countries.

Are you looking for training on foreign trade but can't decide where to get it? Join the free foreign trade training at the Institute and start improving yourself right away. You will have made a good start with foreign trade training. If you are ready, let's start with what foreign trade training is.

Free Foreign Trade Trainings

Foreign trade education comes first among the courses you can take in economics, international trade, business, law, international relations and other university departments. With globalization, the transfer of goods and services in the world is accelerating. Both imports and exports are made to facilitate exchange between countries.

Foreign trade is carried out by parties who bargain for products or services abroad between potential buyers and sellers. There are a lot of job opportunities in this field, if it is a department that is in your area of ​​interest, you should definitely take foreign trade training.

You can choose this major at university. However, you may want to take these trainings after graduating from university or before you enter this department. It is very easy to participate in the online and free foreign trade training.

You need to develop yourself in the foreign trade sector. In particular, you should improve your foreign language. However, you should also have an idea about basic foreign trade issues. You should at least have a certificate. Certified free foreign trade trainings at the Institute are as follows;

  • Foreign Trade Education

  • Export Development

  • Business Correspondence in English

  • E-Commerce

  • Retail Management

  • Marketing Communications

  • Digital marketing

  • Sales Management

  • World Cultures and Destinations

  • Financial Literacy Education

  • Financial management

When you take these trainings, you will have come a long way in foreign trade.

What Will You Learn in Foreign Trade Trainings?

Foreign trade education is basically an education about how foreign trade is done. You will master the basics. In this, you will learn foreign trade terms, foreign trade documents, applications, invoices and more. The training you receive is purely practical. For example, when you export a product, you will understand with examples how to issue an invoice. You will improve yourself with how foreign trade is done and feasibility analyzes in terms of businesses. Foreign trade has a contribution for our country as well as for businesses. You will have knowledge in all areas from the execution of foreign trade to technical issues.

In export development training, you will learn all kinds of processes necessary for businesses to play an active role in the foreign market and to make a profit. You will learn about target markets and various referral channels from the corporate training level expert. There are various distribution channels in the world. Which of these should you choose, it is one of the foreign trade trainings you need to make the right choice.

There are people who speak English all over the world. At the same time, the language of all software is almost English. Therefore, you need to have a good command of English while performing foreign trade transactions. But you don't need to know English completely. There are some words used in the industry. You can express yourself with these words. Most importantly, you can have sufficient knowledge with this English Commercial Correspondence Training to successfully carry out foreign trade. A long-term training based on your specialization. You can improve yourself without having to spend a lot of money.

The term e-commerce will continue its continuity today and in the future. If you want to create a target audience of more than billions of people in the globalizing world, e-commerce is a must. You can develop sales processes both nationally and internationally. It is not necessary to be a local business in order to carry out foreign trade. With e-commerce, you can become a supplier or offer products or services to many people through your site. For this reason, e-commerce education is also considered among the sine qua non.

Retail management is one of the subjects that everyone interested in trade should master. Thanks to the Retail Management Training, if you run a local store and want to get involved in foreign trade, you will have information on many subjects from how to manage your team to increasing sales.

Marketing communications will help you understand the 7P marketing mix. Most importantly, you can shape the marketing mix on an international level when you take it together with foreign trade training. Of course, the easiest way to acquire and reach customers is through marketing communication.

In addition, you can get your share of the accessibility brought by digitalization. How Does? Thanks to Digital Marketing Training, you can reach more audiences and organize campaigns on a global scale. It will be useful to take this training as well. It is a must-have training in foreign trade training.

Sales management, on the other hand, is a training that includes how a sales process should be managed. Foreign trade is the exact equivalent of selling. There is no trade without sales. Therefore, you should have more information about the sales processes. In addition to foreign trade training, you can also attend many trainings on sales from the Institute.

World Cultures and Destinations Training provides you with information about the countries with which you have foreign trade relations. You need to master world cultures and destinations. You cannot do foreign trade in a country you do not know. There is a classic example that everyone knows; It is not possible to sell beef burgers or export beef in India, where there are people who worship cows. That's why you need to know the unique features of each country. You need to pay attention to these, especially when organizing an advertising campaign.

Financial management and financial literacy trainings also help you when making an attempt, how much you will lose while making your foreign trade payments, how to evaluate the money, where to invest. When transactions are made in foreign currencies, there are also some exchange differences or disadvantages of incurring losses. If you manage your resources correctly, you can come to an advantageous position. There are also some incentives and tax deductions. You need to be able to properly financialize them and incorporate them into your processes.

How are Foreign Trade Trainings Conducted?

Foreign trade trainings are given online at the Institute. In the trainings, you have the opportunity to practice exams, assignments, concepts and many applications. You can follow the trainings from the videos and start whenever you want without waiting.

Those who give training in foreign trade training are experts in their field. Thanks to the experts, you can learn useful information about practice and theory from anywhere.

When you receive foreign trade training at the Institute, you will realize that the content of the training is quite rich. The biggest advantage of conducting foreign trade trainings online is that if you are working in a job, you can learn while resting in your spare time. While there are many people in formal education, you will feel like you are taking one-to-one lessons in online foreign trade training.

You can usually find people who are experts in the field of foreign trade in the sector, but if you are not working in such a workplace, it may be difficult to meet such people. However, the instructors at the Institute are both academics and experts in the sector. Thanks to these people, you can learn more about foreign trade practices. Sharing their experiences will add more to you.

What are the Benefits of Foreign Trade Trainings?

Foreign trade is not just about sending the product. There are some extra things you need to know in order to perform a successful foreign trade. You will reinforce the subjects you know practically in the trainings. You will improve yourself thanks to the foreign trade trainings you receive at the Institute. Foreign trade trainings include very important issues for you to manage processes correctly, how to evaluate your money, to get to know cultures and to reach more countries.

Everything in the industry is constantly changing. That's why you have to constantly renew your information. You will build a solid foundation for yourself thanks to the foreign trade trainings that are constantly renewed and carried out with live lessons at the Institute. At the same time, employers will carefully examine the foreign trade training you receive, even if you are going to work in a field as well as your attempts to establish your own business.

What does the Certificate of Foreign Trade Trainings Do?

There are many graduates in the field of foreign trade. Yes, they may have a diploma, but some do nothing to improve themselves. In addition to not developing themselves, they do not have projects that will create any added value.

Most of the foreign trade trainings you receive at the Institute are free of charge. This helps everyone to participate in foreign trade training. You can improve yourself. At the end of the training, you will receive a free certificate code that you are successful. You can write the certificates you have received from foreign trade trainings on your CV.

Thanks to the foreign trade trainings you write on your CV, you will come to the forefront compared to people who have not developed themselves, participated in any activities or made any projects. At the same time, you will be evaluated by employers that you have knowledge about foreign trade training or that you want to work in the field of foreign trade. Employers or human resources specialists will pay attention to what you have learned about foreign trade and what certificates you have received. Getting your documents in hard copy is also an added advantage.

The certificates you receive from foreign trade trainings are the easiest and most attractive way to show that you have developed yourself and that you want to work in this field.

What can you do with a Foreign Trade Certificate?

To address some of the jobs you can do after receiving foreign trade training, first of all, if the institutions require you to graduate, you may need to complete such compulsory training. If businesses have different hiring policies, they share them in their postings, and you need to pay attention to them. Here, the professions you can work in the field of foreign trade and the certificates are discussed to show which field;

1 - Foreign Trade Assistant

You can be the auxiliary person in direct contact with foreign customers. You have duties to sell goods and services to people living abroad. In order to work in this position, you can declare your foreign trade education certificates such as foreign trade education, world cultures and destinations, and commercial correspondence in English. It is not a very common profession. However, your certificates will help you seize this job opportunity.

2 - Foreign Trade Specialist

It has advanced duties and responsibilities in the field of foreign trade. Generally, undergraduate or higher graduation requirements may be sought. The larger the company, the greater your responsibilities. The most important duties of foreign trade experts; to analyze the market, customer and other data. It is also responsible for supervising relations with foreign customers. All foreign trade training certificates must be obtained. In addition, training on customer relations can also be obtained.

3 - International Sales Representative

People working in this field should have a broader language portfolio. You need to have more knowledge about foreign trade practices. While working in this field, you will be close with other departments, it is important for you to have a good command of all processes. Here again, although not as much as a manager, you should have detailed information in general. You can attend all foreign trade trainings and add your certificates to your CV. In addition, you can get more training on sales training.

A few of these professions, but in general, these are the trainings that everyone working in the field of foreign trade should know. In addition, having complementary trainings that you can take gives you an extra advantage. Thanks to the foreign trade trainings you received at the Institute, you can apply in the field of your choice. You can get important information about the processes from the expert.

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