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Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management course is a holistic, forward-looking strategy that focuses on managing an organization's supply system.

Supply chain management is the handling of the entire process of manufacturing a good or providing a service.

Supply chain management is the process of ensuring that goods are made so they can be shipped, stored correctly, and delivered with all their potential intact. This means everything from planning what products will go on production lines to making sure trucks have enough fuel before heading out for another day's work!

There are many supply chains around the world. For example, supply chains bring coffee beans from South America, cocoa beans from Africa, and tea leaves from Asia to Europe and North America shops. 

Many supply chains use roads, railways, ships, and planes to transfer goods between countries. They also require people who make sure the supply chain runs smoothly every day - supply chain managers! Their responsibility is to plan how suppliers provide raw materials needed to manufacture goods. For example, supply chain managers decide how many trucks are required for deliveries and manage supply chains to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Supply chain management also involves storage! The supply chain manager makes certain goods in supply chains are stored correctly in warehouses, shops, and other supply chain facilities. This keeps interests fresh and helps them reach customers quickly when they order online or go to the store! 

Working in supply chains is exciting because you never know what will come next! You may be planning production one day and reorganizing supply chains the next. People who work in this area help their organizations grow by making things more efficient.

There is always something new in supply chain management - it's not like your desk job where every day is the same!

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Supply Chain Management
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