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Is HR A Stressful Job?

01 May 2022
Is HR A Stressful Job?

When Sarah started her job in HR, she had no idea how stressful it would be. Every day seemed to bring a new challenge, and she was constantly fielding calls from angry employees. However, she quickly learned that the key to surviving in HR was staying calm and never showing weakness.

One morning, Sarah arrived at work to find that her computer had crashed overnight. She knew that she wouldn't be able to get any job done until it was fixed, so she called IT for help. But unfortunately, the IT department was busy with other emergencies, and they wouldn't be able to help her until later in the day.

Sarah spent the next few hours working on other tasks, but she couldn't stop thinking about her computer. She was worried that she wouldn't be able to get her work done and she would fall behind. Eventually, the IT department was able to fix her computer, and Sarah could finish her work for the day.

While the experience was stressful, Sarah learned that it is essential to stay calm in situations like these. She also learned that it is necessary to have a sound support system in place, like the IT department, to help you when things go wrong.

Sarah's story illustrates one of the most challenging aspects of HR: dealing with difficult situations. While it can be stressful at times, Sarah has learned that it is essential to stay calm and have a sound support system to help you when things go wrong.

Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one.

Hans Selye

Any job can have stressful moments, but it's fair to say that HR isn't the most stressed-out profession out there. Sure, there are deadlines and pressures to meet goals, but there's also a lot of support available within most HR departments. In addition, HR professionals typically have a good amount of control over their workload and how they prioritize their time. That said, some aspects of HR can be more stressful than others. For example, dealing with difficult employees or handling sensitive information are both situations that require a high level of care and attention. But overall, HR is a relatively stress-free job compared to other professions.

What are human resources in simple words?

Human resources (HR) refers to the department within a company or organization responsible for all things related to employees, from recruitment and hiring to training and development to employee benefits and payroll. In other words, HR is responsible for managing the people who work for the company.

While "human resources" is most often used in business settings, it can also refer to the people who make up a society or community. For example, a country's human resources are its citizens. Similarly, the human resources of a school are its students and teachers.

What do human resources do?

The human resources department is responsible for a wide variety of tasks, all of which are focused on supporting the employees of a company. Some of the most common HR duties include:

  • Recruiting and hiring new employees

  • Onboarding and orienting new hires

  • Managing employee benefits and records

  • Ensuring compliance with employment laws

  • Administering payroll

  • Addressing employee concerns and complaints

While the day-to-day tasks of HR can vary depending on the size and needs of a company, these are some of the most common duties that fall under the umbrella of HR.

What is the main purpose of HR?

The primary purpose of HR is to support the employees of a company and help them to be successful in their roles. This includes recruiting and hiring new employees, managing employee benefits, ensuring compliance with employment laws, and administering payroll. In addition, HR also works to address any employee concerns or complaints. By taking care of these various tasks, HR plays a vital role in supporting the overall success of a company.

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Bilal Senturk
Bilal Şentürk

He completed his undergraduate studies at Celal Bayar University, Anadolu University and Istanbul University, and a Master's degree with thesis on Human Resources Management at Yıldız Technical University and Business Management at Beykent University. He is currently writing a doctoral thesis on human resources and consulting businesses on human resources.

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