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Learn sign language courses online with our flexible and affordable courses. We offer cued speech and manually coded language classes for children and adults of all ages!

Sign language is a form of communication that transfers feelings to hand gestures. It is an essential and primary language used by people who are deaf or hard of hearing, helping them communicate. There are many different types of sign language, each with its characteristics. Turkish sign language is one of them. American sign language is used in America. Sign language is not a universal language. International Sign Language (ISL), known as Gestuno, is composed of different local forms of sign language and is commonly known as a second language.

How to Use Sign Language?

Sign language, like speaking, requires one to use their hands and their breath to communicate. A deaf or hard of hearing person, while expressing himself, shows the situation with his hands and tries to say it with his facial expressions.

This is no different from everyday speech. Because in the same way, we use our body language and facial expressions when speaking. For example, when we say "there is a dog," we indicate where the dog is. In the same way, the person who uses sign language points with his hands as β€œthe dog is there.”

It is necessary to attend sign language training to remove the barriers to communication.

What is the Importance of Sign Language?

Many people think that learning signs are enough to communicate with someone who is deaf or hard of hearing. However, this alone is not enough. Because deaf people learn advanced techniques on how to speak since childhood, it is essential to understand the appropriate grammar skills of sign language to improve your communication with them.

Deaf people have been using sign language for centuries. This is why International Sign Language Day is celebrated in April every year. The purpose of this day is to raise international awareness of all deaf and hearing people in terms of sign language users and organizations around the world.

How to Learn Sign Language?

Sign language is a straightforward language but not that easy to master. If you want to specialize in sign language, you can participate in online training at the Institute. And set a clear goal on this language, patiently continue the process. You need a lot of time and energy for this. You should apply some techniques together in training to make progress.

Learning sign language is an invaluable task. This will add significant differences to your business life and your social life. Unfortunately, it takes much effort to learn sign language. However, you can learn the basics quickly and attend long-term sign language training to improve them. So you'll have plenty of time to specialize and advance.

Differences Between Levels of Sign Language Education

The first thing you should pay attention to; that you cannot communicate with others in sign language by knowing some signs. So you may know some words, but there are differences between knowing the words and having a conversation.

You can learn the basics of sign language with a 5-day short-term training. So the alphabet and some of its concepts. You should then attend the advanced level of this training. You can learn many subjects such as verbs and sentence formation in the advanced education of sign language. Afterward, you should master these terms and concepts in the same way as every job has technical terms. Finally, you can improve your sign language knowledge with sign language jargon training. All levels of sign language are available at the Institute.

What are the Advantages of Learning Sign Language?

Sign language is an essential tool for communicating. However, it is not limited to this. It helps deaf and hard of hearing individuals dance, do sports and carry out their creative/artistic activities with sign language. Linking sign language with activities significantly improves your learning process. Because you will have so much fun doing it, you will also understand individuals who use sign language.

You will not have difficulty communicating with any hard-of-hearing individual you encounter in business life. This gives you additional advantages. First, it will make you a prominent and sought-after person in business life. You will remove communication barriers.

What are the Stages of Learning Sign Language?

There are different stages to learning sign language. Fortunately, some milestones can help you measure progress. In particular, you can evaluate your success rates in the certification exams in training you attend, and you can re-register for sign language training to re-enter the training exam.

The steps of learning sign language;

  1. Basic vocabulary (Basic phrases: Greetings)

  2. Language expressions spoke in daily life

  3. Learn signs with different characteristics such as movement, direction, position. Especially sentences that describe what happened or how something was done. Making it easy for you to learn complex moves will overcome.

  4. Learn stereotypical short phrases

  5. Communicate with deaf individuals.

Here are five simple steps to learning sign language. You can find online sign language training that includes these five simple steps at the Institute. At IIENSTITU, you can improve yourself in sign language and get all the information about specialization whenever and wherever you want. You can make a significant contribution to your life by learning sign language.

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