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With the live lesson application, it provides access to students from anywhere. Although it is thought that the student is not active in the live lessons, it should be known that this practice is no different from the classroom environment. The topics covered over the determined curriculum are continued. The start and end times of the live lesson are planned in advance, and the student must be at the beginning of the system during these hours. The effort of the instructor assigned for the live lesson is as important as the students. By managing the adaptation of students to distance education well, the course should be conveyed well in order to facilitate learning.

Live lectures should be at a level that everyone can understand. The training should be standard so that all participants can understand it. Other people may have learned the lessons before. However, it is necessary to act according to the people who take the course for the first time and who will benefit from the course first. The institute is also very meticulous in this regard. Considers the general situation of the participants while giving live lessons. He teaches this lesson from scratch as if no one had taken it before. In this way, students' learning skills will be better.

The education level of the participating students actually does not matter for the classroom. Because, as we mentioned above, everyone is making a new start, a narrative is displayed. The most important part of an education is to talk to everyone. Access to information is provided more easily thanks to live lessons where collective lessons are given in person. Providing easier access makes significant contributions to personal development and business life. For this reason, many trainings given through the Institute make a significant contribution to both personal development and business life.

Those who are at the entry level of live lessons will be able to use this guide easily. Those who will use the live lesson for the first time will be able to easily find answers to many questions from this section. It will be a good source of guidance for those who show more than one use.

What is Live Lesson?

Live lessons are all of the trainings made over the internet. In order to have a live lesson, participation must be the same as formal education. If individuals do not participate, this training will not be deemed to have fulfilled its ability to be a live lesson. The best part of the live lesson is being an interactive participant.

We can also see the live lesson as the exact equivalent of the traditional formal education. The only difference from formal education is the environment in which it is located. In traditional training, a physical training takes place. However, this situation is different in live lessons. Individuals can participate in the training in the virtual environment. In other words, education can be seen on the internet. It would be correct to define live lessons as online education. As a result, trainings are carried out in a completely virtual environment.

In order to have a live lesson, there must be an instructor as well as students. Only a person who is an expert and an educator can provide training. Those who want to tell everything they know cannot take on the role of trainer. In order for the live lesson to take place perfectly, the teacher and the student must be together. There is no difference with traditional education. Live lessons are the same as formal education. There is even a feature to take exams in online trainings.

Especially for someone who prefers formal education more, online education may be a little more difficult. However, it is possible to understand that the live lesson is more practical by getting used to it over time. Thanks to the many advantages it provides, it gets ahead of formal education. You can also study at university online. Now, we can say that many cases have moved to the internet environment.

We thought that by giving live lessons, more people could receive individual training. We wanted to empower people with trainings that will help them transition to business life after university. With the trainings given, we aimed to raise the education level of people a little more. It is gratifying that the trainings are beneficial and that positive feedback is received.

How is Live Stream Course Made?

The way of doing live lessons is slightly different from formal education. First of all, formal education takes place in the real environment. Since it is done in a real environment, the curriculum is arranged accordingly. However, it is not possible to talk about the same situation in the live lesson. The system is a little easier and simpler. Its use is more understandable by individuals.

Live lectures take place with the camera of electronic devices. The specialist who will provide the training can provide lessons to his students anywhere. In order to teach, the trainer needs two indispensable objects. The first is the internet, the second is a computer. A trainer who has both will have no difficulty in teaching. Experts can train students without leaving their homes. This is the best part of the live lesson. Likewise, students can attend the live class without leaving their homes.

In order for the live lesson to be held, the instructor must start the broadcast from the system. After the instructors start the live broadcast, they instantly fall on the students' panel. It is possible to participate in the training after falling on the panel. In addition, students can not miss the hours of the lessons by using notifications and reminders. In which time period there are live lessons, individuals are notified. After that, the whole process is simple. You can join the live lesson by saying "Join the session". You can easily see the instructor from the electronic device you are connected to and experience the same formal education experience. After this time, the lesson will start for you.

Just like instructors, students must have internet access to connect. In fact, students can participate in the lesson via camera and audio through the Institute. This feature supports very efficient working. You can attend the class just like in traditional education. If you don't like camera or voice talk, it is possible to communicate with the instructor via messaging.

The live lesson is like a video training. The only and important difference is that the trainings are live. It is a great advantage to give live training with video. The main thing is that the trainings are live. It is a fact that live lessons contribute more to individuals. It is also said that thanks to live lessons, education becomes easier and the burden of formal education is alleviated.

Who Can Attend the Live Lesson?

People from all walks of life can attend the live lesson. Young students and adults in business life can participate in any way they want. It should not be limited to those who are working and students only. Live lessons are very useful for individuals who want to increase their personal development. In short, it is suitable for everyone.

Having more than one training also offers the participants the opportunity to choose. Therefore, the Institute appeals to a wide age range. It is not just a platform for a certain group of people to take lessons. Every individual, especially after the age of 15, can attend the live classes at the Institute. It is important for high school students to show interest in the education offered at the Institute. The live course trainings to be taken here can be considered as an investment in the future. In addition, he will be able to find trainings related to the department he will study at the university. Adults, on the other hand, will increase their level of knowledge and competence thanks to the training they will receive.

All you have to do to attend the classes is to register. It is very easy to register on the site online. After registration, you can choose live lesson intro training. No matter what level you are, you can attend any class. The purpose of the Institute is to teach people something. Therefore, you can register for the live lesson you want, even if you are at the entry level.

In short, the live lesson is designed to meet the needs of everyone. A certain program is organized according to the education that people of all ages want to receive. Therefore, a teenager can take the training, and an adult can easily take it. You can attend classes regardless of your education level.

How Students Use Live Lesson?

Live lessons are very simple and easy to use. It is used in a way that even people who are new to the internet can understand. Thanks to a simple interface, it is made easy for people to use. The panel is designed with a human focus. So much so that the improvements in the use of the panel have been made depending on the user experience. It has been simplified to make people more comfortable.

In order for anyone to use the live course, they must first be a member of the Institute website. After becoming a member, he logs into the system with his own account. After successful login, you can start live lesson training. You can choose what you want from the trainings in the live lesson area in the system. You are completely free to choose education. You can choose classrooms without being tied to anyone.

When you click on the option to join the course you will choose on the page, you are now registered. After completing the registration process, you can use the training live and online at the start of the live lesson. Remember, you must be connected to the internet for live lessons. No offline connection is possible.

Advantages of Live Lesson

Live lessons don't just allow you to learn. It also helps you interact with people you've never met before. You can meet new people. Maybe you will find people that you can be a colleague in the future. You can learn new information in the forums where there are different ideas.

The biggest advantage of the live lesson is that you don't have to go anywhere. You don't need to go anywhere just like formal education. You can attend classes directly from your home by turning on the internet. Those accustomed to the comfort of this educational format do not want to go back to formal education.

Finally, the advantage of the live lesson is that you can have a one-on-one dialogue with the instructor. As in traditional education, there is a teacher-student relationship in the live lesson. You can ask the instructor to repeat where you do not understand. You can ask questions about any topic you want.

Things to Consider for the Effectiveness of the Live Lesson

The effectiveness of the live lesson depends entirely on the student. The student should take the live lesson seriously, just like formal education. Participants should show the necessary importance to the live lesson. In the end, it is himself that he will learn and learn from.

Watching the live lesson on a computer or tablet will be more effective for people. Watching from smartphones can reduce the efficiency a little more. Headphones can also be used to listen to live lectures. It will be a good option to listen and perceive better.

During the live lesson, it is not necessary to deal with anything else. One should not listen to the lecture and surf the Internet at the same time. Concentration should be given completely to the lesson. Extracurricular distractions and movements that will miss the subject of the lesson should be avoided.

A quiet environment should be preferred while watching live lessons. Noisy places should not be used. If possible, do not go anywhere else during the hours of live classes. In other words, lessons should be watched directly from home.

In order not to miss the hours of the lessons, the schedule should be made accordingly. It is necessary to be in front of the computer at least 10-15 minutes before attending the classes. Necessary preparations should be made before the start of the lesson. If there are questions to be asked, they should be prepared in advance. It should not be forgotten that it is just like formal education.

The instructor's sharing of his own image during the live lesson is also effective in the eyes of the students. Individuals who see the instructor are more motivated to the lesson. They can see and experience what the trainer tells with gestures and mimics. In this way, a more effective lesson is made.

There may be parts that you do not understand with the end of the lesson. But remember, live lessons are recorded instantly. Same day access is available. So you can re-watch the parts you don't understand. You will also be repeating the course.

Remember that you are part of the live lesson. Participate in the class where necessary, don't just ask questions. Make suggestions and say what you have an opinion on. When instructors ask a question, answer it regardless of whether the answer is correct.

If you want the training to be efficient, have a good internet infrastructure. How efficient can education be on an internet that is constantly cut or frozen? Therefore, prefer a fast internet instead of a low speed internet before long. Internet speed will be needed in the long run.

In Which Fields Are Live Lessons Held?

Live lessons are provided in more than one field on the institute site. There is a wide variety of courses. This is a great advantage for people who are hungry for knowledge and open to learning. There are trainings that are both relevant to the business world and that can help during the student years. The Institute is always waiting for you with more than 15 live lessons. We recommend that you do not miss the classes held in a certain time period. Let's say some trainings are biweekly.

There are both paid and free trainings in the live class category. Let's also emphasize that there are trainings that you can enroll for a long time. Be sure to check the calendar of the training you want to receive in advance. Make a note of the calendar so you don't forget it later. Keep notifications on so you don't miss the time of your classes. Although people forget, the Institute reminds you of the start date of education by sending a message.

Live lessons provide training in all areas where the digital world is necessary. Facebook and Instagram Advertising, E-commerce training and Social media expertise are some of them. Whatever education is needed in today's conditions, the Institute provides them to the students. As the internet world gained importance, more importance was given to trainings for this medium.

Trainings do not only include digital channels. There is also more than one training in the field of software. In addition, video montage and graphics sections are also given a separate place. Photography training is also provided for those who want to improve themselves in graphics.

The Institute has not forgotten the health workers either. Simple level trainings are offered for healthcare professionals. There are TOEFL and IELTS courses as well as beginner levels for English. For the business world, there are trainings such as wise leadership ways, excel training, financial management, image and perception management.

As you can see about live lessons, training is provided in many areas. Besides, those who only think about personal development are not forgotten. It has been put in courses for individuals to develop themselves only. There are courses such as chess education, burnout syndrome, time management, NLP education and speed reading education with comprehension. This and similar trainings are suitable for personal development. You can find trainings that will appeal to people from all walks of life in the live lesson option.

What is a live lesson?

Live lessons are all of the trainings made over the internet. In order to have a live lesson, participation must be the same as formal education. If individuals do not participate, this training will not be deemed to have fulfilled its ability to be a live lesson.

Who can attend the live lesson?

Anyone can join the live classes. There are no restrictions on participation in the live lesson. However, young people and adults usually attend live lessons.

What makes the live lesson important?

The most important element of the live lesson is that it resembles formal education. In other words, you can attend classes just like in formal education. There is only the difference of place here. You can get together with the instructor and teach the course online.

The Institute is an online education platform where you can improve yourself by taking distance online education and get various certificates. The Institute was established in 2012 and gave certificates to nearly five hundred thousand people by giving distance education last year.

What are the Certificates Given by the Institute?

Thanks to the distance education of the Institute, you have the chance to receive distance education given by experts in almost every field, from the IT sector to the education sector. All you have to do for this is to register on the website of the Institute and then choose the branch you want to study remotely. In this way, you can follow the courses given by experts on the internet and get your certificate after fulfilling the conditions.

Among the certificates given by the Institute, sales consultancy and marketing strategies, communication skills, communication in business life, entrepreneurship, various foreign languages, coding and programming certificates stand out. In addition, many more courses and online education users are waiting.

How does distance education take place?

In order to participate in the distance trainings given by the Institute and then get a certificate, you must first become a member of the Institute platform over the internet. There are no prerequisites or conditions for distance education at the Institute. After registering to the system, you need to choose the courses that are suitable for you from the distance education courses in the system. You can choose any of these courses you want. Then, with the help of the videos and applications in the course content, you can get your certificate after you understand the subject and get the sufficient grade in the final exam at the end of the course.

Who are the Instructors at the Institute?

The people who provide training on the platform of the Institute are individuals who are experts in their fields and work on a voluntary basis. There are different instructors for each field and course. These trainers also make an effort to help the trainees with the problems they experience during the course. In addition to this, the trainers, who assist in obtaining certificates and course orientation, interact with the trainees throughout the training process.

Who Can Apply to the Institute's Distance Education Platform?

There is no age limit at the Institute. Therefore, everyone, young, old, working or student can register to the Institute and start taking online distance education. Since there are courses suitable for all ages and all groups, the Institute has a wide range of users. The Institute, which enables anyone who wants to learn to learn remotely over the internet, has reached thousands of users. With the certificates obtained as a result of the trainings given in almost every field, many individuals found a job or added them to their resumes, accelerating the process of finding a job.

Regardless of the reason, education is of great importance for every field. It is necessary to have extensive experience in certain subjects, especially in order to find a job, and also to make a career. Of course, certain trainings are important in order to make social life easier. In order to evaluate all these trainings under a single roof, a special opportunity is provided through the Institute's online certificate. Effective privileges are provided on behalf of many different departments where you can get online training within the site.

Institute Online Certificate

You can get online training in accordance with your purpose through different departments. Standing out as the largest education platform in Turkey, the Institute provides support with expert trainers who are experienced in their fields. The online option, where you can get training whenever you want, is also crowned with a certificate. Thus, thanks to the Institute's online certificate, which you can evaluate in the public and private sectors, you can take firm steps forward to the future.

Online Education in Different Fields

Today, online education is of great importance, especially for the working class. The reason for this is to receive quality education without wasting time and through flexible hours. In order to climb the career ladder quickly and reach the desired point, the right training can be taken.

There are many more trainings, such as sales and marketing, human resources or foreign language, in line with the purpose. Many departments under a wide spectrum end with a certificate after a successful exam. In order to perform this training in the best way, all you need to do is to log in to the site and provide a membership.

Different Online Trainings from Everywhere

You can easily evaluate online education support from anywhere you want. All you need is a quality internet connection and a mobile device. Thus, it is possible to easily access from home or from any point outside with workplaces. You can attend online trainings in the comfort of your home, especially without stress. It can provide again at different times; You can enjoy the quality and enjoyment of online education to the fullest.

Institute Online Certificate to Achieve the Goal Correctly

Every person has different goals in life. In order to achieve these goals in the right way, education is of great importance. However, if you do not have time to study in real-time places, you can evaluate it through online training with quality trainers. Moreover, as soon as you complete the training, you can have a certificate after you successfully pass the exam. The certificate code, which you can use both for business purposes and in social life, can be safely added to the CV with peace of mind.

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