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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  1. IIENSTITU ensure that all students, faculty and staff are provided with the same opportunities to receive an excellent education and succeed in their respective fields.

  2. IIENSTITU strives to create a campus community where everyone's perspectives, needs and beliefs are valued, respected and included.

  3. IIENSTITU is committed to promoting an environment of diversity, equity, and inclusion through policies, procedures, and educational programming that address issues of discrimination and oppression.

  4. IIENSTITU also encourages dialogue among diverse groups to foster understanding and collaboration. IIENSTITU works closely with its student body to embrace the diversity found within our campus community.

  5. IIENSTITU continues to build partnerships with local organizations and communities in order to provide additional support for its students who come from diverse backgrounds.

  6. IIENSTITU is dedicated to creating a safe learning environment in which all our students can thrive without any fear of discrimination or prejudice.

  7. IIENSTITU will continue to advocate for those who feel oppressed or marginalized in society because they are living examples of IIENSTITU's commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

  8. IIENSTITU understands that a culture of acceptance and inclusion creates positive outcomes for everyone involved in our community.

  9. IIENSTITU is dedicated to continuing its work towards creating an inclusive campus where all students are respected and appreciated.

  10. IIENSTITU is committed to being an inclusive organization with respect for all members of the IIENSTITU community, regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, age or any other identity.

  11. IIENSTITU will strive to build a safe and respectful learning environment where everyone can thrive in an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding.

  12. IIENSTITU will continue to actively promote diversity initiatives and programs that foster understanding among diverse populations on campus.

  13. IIENSTITU will also strive to ensure all students feel welcome, included and respected no matter who they are or where they come from.

  14. IIENSTITU is dedicated to creating an equitable campus climate in which everyone feels like they belong. We believe that creating a more diverse and inclusive campus will help IIENSTITU achieve its goals of providing a world-class education to our students.

  15. IIENSTITU is also committed to continually evaluating our policies, practices and procedures to ensure they are progressive and meet the needs of our diverse community.

  16. IIENSTITU strives to create an environment in which all members feel accepted, respected and supported.

  17. IIENSTITU believes that through working together as one IIENSTITU family we can continue to build a stronger and more equitable future for everyone. These commitments demonstrate IIENSTITU’s commitment to creating an environment that values diversity, equity, inclusion, and respect for all individuals.