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Why Should You Learn Programming?

17 November 2021
Why Should You Learn Programming?

You had the opportunity to work for a primary news portal in Bangladesh. Let your job description be to protect their IT infrastructure. This includes checking the website frequently so businesses across Bangladesh can access it during business hours. Exciting job, isn't it? Because you will not only hear the breaking news. You can also access and assist your colleagues with the latest information they are working on.

What about Bangladesh? So how can you find the opportunity to work anywhere in the world? That's why you can learn programming languages and specialize in this field.

Another exciting and challenging issue when checking out a website is that it sometimes crashes after posting new content or uploading images in its editorial section. Sometimes, although you don't know exactly why these things wouldn't be ideal under ideal circumstances, you may not be able to help your colleagues right away when they need something published urgently. You may wonder if your colleagues can publish their content without your help. Or better yet, what if you could set up a system that would automatically check the site every 5 minutes and notify your colleagues of any errors?

We guess it didn't take long to realize that this task requires you to learn programming you have wanted to do for a long time. So, we introduce you to the Institute, which is now the most essential resource for learning programming with a little more research and practical examples.

You can join all the programming-related training sessions that are just a phone call away, wherever you want, and start watching the videos. It also has live lessons periodically. In addition to these tutorials, you can get the best programming resources. You can read the books along with the training, and you can also practice the techniques you learned at the Institute on the computer.

You can work from home as a full-time web developer. This will give me plenty of time to take my skills to the next level using online resources as there are no distractions at work.

Programming training you can attend;

  • Python Training

  • C# Education

  • Introduction to Basic Programming

  • Algorithm Training

  • HTML5 and CSS3 Training

  • JavaScript Training

In addition to these, you can browse the Software Courses category.

Why Should You Learn Programming?

Most people don't know why they need to learn to program because there is almost no awareness of what programmers actually do or how this profession can take your career to a completely different level. This lack of knowledge is that big IT companies market their courses and workshops promising good salaries, without mentioning the difficulties of being a programmer. This misleads many people into thinking that this profession is all about blindly writing code to solve someone else's problem! The truth couldn't be further from the truth because programming can significantly impact the world. For example, anyone who has worked in the healthcare field will tell you how much of a difference this makes by applying simple text parsers to medical record data that used to take weeks.

Most people are driven by their passion for something, which explains why many programmers are fascinated by curiosity. Curiosity is what drives all people in the world to learn to program. And we need more such curious minds in various industries if we want this planet not to turn into a weedy hill. If you're going to do something to lessen people's suffering globally, you have to start programming for at least a few years.

7 Reasons to Learn Programming

Below we will share 7 reasons why you should learn programming:

1- It can lead to a good salary

This is very easy because the world works on code. A simple example would be Google, which has billions of dollars as computers learn how to understand natural languages ​​without teaching them separately! Suppose companies like Google and Facebook are willing to pay millions of dollars each year. In that case, it's safe to say that programmers make pretty good salaries these days. This blog post explains this point in more detail.

2- You don't need admins

We often hear the saying, "A good manager can get things done without having to do it personally." The basic idea is that a programmer can code something that would take days or even weeks if given some spare time and clear instructions. Suppose you are a self-learner with no guidance. In that case, your learning speed will increase exponentially because there are no unnecessary intermediaries throughout the day who do nothing but cause trouble to the programmers by asking useless questions! This point may sound crazy, but we are experienced in both cases, so why mention we know we are :)

3- It's fun!

There's no such feeling when you find that your code is working as expected after writing hundreds of lines of code in a few nights sitting. You can't get this feeling from anything else in the world.

4- Difficult problems are also fun!

If you're facing an impossible problem that you've been pondering for days, it's time to start practicing. Thanks to programming, you will be able to solve this complex problem by using your creativity. This may sound strange, but I've seen many developers work on seemingly unsolvable problems with patience and perseverance. We need such creative minds in various industries if we want our world not to turn into a hell of a weedy human. If you're going to do something to lessen people's suffering globally, you have to start programming for at least a few years.

5- It's a great experience!

Programming is an experimental process involving trial and error to solve any problem. We try different approaches during our daily work, making it a unique experience in itself. If you're a curious person, that should be reason enough for you to take programming as a profession because you can't get that kind of feeling anywhere else other than being a programmer :)

6- You will be independent!

Once you understand the basic concepts of programming, you can start working on various projects on your own without the help of anyone else. In fact, many successful programmers don't even have degrees but enjoy pretty decent salaries as programmers. This takes us to item 7...

7- A very lucrative profession!

It really doesn't matter what kind of university you graduate from. All you need is patience and perseverance to solve any problem. If you can develop this skill, it will take you places, and programming is like a ticket to get there. I hope these points make sense and help you become the person you want to be :)

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