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What is Digital Marketing Consultancy?

14 August 2021
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Digital marketing is one of the most frequently used types of marketing today. In addition, since it is one of the most frequently used types of marketing, it has created what we can call new generation jobs. One of these is digital marketing consultancy, which we are slowly seeing everywhere. Consultancy service includes a specialization that covers various professions. Digital marketing consultancy is a business service that offers solution-oriented suggestions and applications by knowing the kitchen of the business. In today's article, we will get to know this business area more closely. 

How is Digital Marketing Consulting Done?

Digital marketing is a type of marketing that moves marketing methods to digital and enables digital-specific target audience marketing. We know that businesses and brands reach their target audience through social media and websites. However, we cannot say that every business is successful in this regard. Some businesses are still determined not to get involved in digital marketing and social media, and this determination even eliminates the possibility of reaching the target audience easily. Fortunately, our topic is not for such businesses, but for those who want to benefit from digital marketing in some way.

Digital marketing involves a solution-oriented service that streamlines complex digital methods. A series of methods ranging from finding and creating a potential customer group to analyzing the target audience gain functionality through the stages we call digital marketing applications. Creating and managing sales and marketing activities with digital methods is possible with digital marketing methods. For example, you have a target audience. You want to use social media to sell products to this target audience. Then you will use social media advertising, one of the digital marketing methods. For this, you should know advertising measurements and Google Ads applications suitable for social media channels to analyze the target audience. 

Digital marketing services are used to handle all these solution-oriented applications in the right stages. While some of the businesses solve this job by directly employing a digital marketing specialist, some of them purchase services for a certain period by making use of digital marketing consultancy. Digital marketing consultancy is one of the first choices of businesses that are aware of digital marketing and want more professional and long-term solutions. In addition, brands and companies that want to implement marketing as a strategy also receive services from digital marketing consultancy.

The general logic of marketing is to reach the target audience and carry out activities that encourage them to buy. In digital marketing consultancy, marketing activities such as analyzing the target audience, target audience communication and most importantly, marketing activities are applied through digital channels in the long or short term.

Digital marketing consultancy produces professional solutions related to the relevant subject or field. In business processes, it is necessary to utilize digital marketing measurements and methods for various campaigns, studies or plans. If you want to carry out serious and profitable work for the target audience, you can benefit from teams with professional experience in their business. 

What are Digital Marketing Consulting Services?

Digital marketing consultancy offers a service that brings together interrelated fields. Social media advertising, target audience analysis, SEO-SEM, email marketing, ad measurement and content marketing are some of the applications within the scope of digital marketing. Companies or agencies that provide digital marketing consultancy services offer services within packages that include digital marketing applications or brief-specific areas. At the same time, some consultancy companies also provide digital marketing trainings for businesses and those who want to work in this field. In general, the services within the scope of digital marketing consultancy are as follows: 

  • Google Ads 

  • Web Design and User Experience - User Interface Design

  • E-Commerce Marketing

  • Content Marketing - SEO

  • E-Mail Marketing

  • Mobile Application Design and Marketing

  • Viral Marketing

  • Digital Communication

  • Online Advertising

  • Reporting Digital Metrics 

  • Digital Customer Relationship Management

  • PPC Advertising and Social Media Advertising

Marketing services based on traditional methods are not included in this scope. In fact, most businesses can leave the whole initiative to the consultancy company to take part in digital. At the same time, all the applications we have mentioned are not included in a single package. Rather, a planning is made according to the needs and the brief presented by the business. In order to actually fulfill these applications, a progressive marketing strategy is put forward. Generally, digital marketing experts or digital marketing consultants manage the work by establishing a team in the process. Digital marketing consultancy manages a detailed and progressive process in the fields of branding, brand management, content marketing, digital advertising, digital communication design and e-commerce. In addition, businesses should be able to accept that the consultancy service received for the work to be more solution-oriented will show its effect in the long term. 

What is the Job of a Digital Marketing Consultant?

A digital marketing consultant, who can work freelance or affiliated with a certain consulting company, prepares a digital marketing strategy suitable for the customer. Digital marketing consultants can also find clients by working freelance. It also has the opportunity to earn more income by working freelance. Of course, for this situation, the consultant needs to make a name for himself/herself. So, whether freelancing or not, what work does a digital marketing consultant do for the client?

Prepares the necessary plans for content marketing. 

Content marketing is one of the most widely used sub-types of digital marketing. Producing content, reaching the target audience and making your voice heard is one of the most important marketing strategies of today. A digital marketing consultant also prepares a content plan and utilizes content production methods for the target audience. Within the scope of content marketing; determines how and how to prepare visual and written content. It activates stages such as storytelling, video advertising, user experience design and SEO-compatible copywriting for content marketing.

Analyzes Target Audience and Competitors.

A general rule of marketing is to start by identifying the target audience. In digital marketing consultancy, analysis represents a process in itself. Some businesses leave the target audience and competitor analysis to the digital marketing consultant. In this context, the digital marketing consultant fulfills the target audience-competitor analysis stages using Google Ads, social media target audience determinations and measurement techniques. 

Implements the Steps of Social Media Advertising. 

The digital marketing consultant prepares the appropriate advertising strategy by analyzing the business's movements on social media channels. In social media advertising, the Facebook company and its other brand Instagram are mostly used. Applications such as advertising and advertising measurements are managed on the Facebook Business Manager panel. In addition, within the scope of online advertising; ad design, text is prepared and website measurements are used. 

Manages SEO and SEM Works.

We can say that SEO application is mostly used within the scope of digital marketing. However, when the use of SEO is not done by professionals, misunderstandings can also occur. Thinking SEO is only about keywords and conducting a single-stage study causes a one-way SEO. However, SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a set of technical studies that offer multi-stage and different solutions. Work such as keywords, corporate blog usage, website redirects, organic traffic, product category management and determining targeting factors should be done by a professional.

Makes Evaluations and Prepares Necessary Reports. 

A professional digital marketing consultant knows that they are not only responsible for the process. It also deals with the implementation results of a comprehensive service. At the end of the management in digital marketing processes, there are steps that require evaluations. An expert consultant also reports most stages in the process and presents them to the client. It checks the results by preparing a report of each application and measurement. 

First Choice for Digital Marketing Consultancy: Digital Marketing Trainings

The consultancy profession has a job description that requires expertise in itself. When it comes to digital marketing, people will expect specialized knowledge from you. So in which areas do you need to be trained and specialized to become a digital marketing consultant?

First of all, you should not have a goal of becoming a consultant immediately. Professional employees of this business have risen to consultancy by making a name for themselves in the sector and getting used to teamwork. You will need to walk a little further to specialize in your job. Even after becoming a consultant, you will need to make a difference in your business by exploring different paths. So what can you do at the very beginning? By taking the trainings we recommend, you will get to know the digital marketing field and learn which competencies you need to develop to work in digital marketing. In this context, the digital marketing trainings we recommend are as follows:

  • Digital Marketing Training

  • Content Expertise Training

  • SEO Expertise

  • Facebook and Instagram Advertising

  • Google Ads 

  • Online Advertising

  • User Experience Design

  • Customer Experience Management

  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

  • E-commerce Training

What is Digital Marketing Consultancy and What Does It Do?

There are digital marketing consulting organizations that provide services with teams that have a certain expertise in digital marketing. Digital marketing consultancy; It helps businesses that have customers within the relevant subject and brief in the marketing applications they want and analyze. The digital marketing consultant professionally fulfills the desired gain by using solution-oriented applications in the long or short term. 

How to Become a Digital Marketing Consultant?

Digital marketing consultancy requires experience and expertise. At the very beginning of the path, it is necessary to have knowledge and experience in the field of digital marketing. While you can follow internships in digital marketing, SEO and social media for experience, you can also look at the trainings within the Institute to gain knowledge. 

What Does Digital Marketing Consultancy Do?

The digital marketing consultant and the digital marketing team decide which digital marketing methods to apply by analyzing the business needs and the brief given. They implement digital marketing methods step by step and present the results to the business in reports. 

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