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How to Get Rid of Social Media Addiction?

28 May 2019
A cartoon of a person falling off a cell phone is depicted in this image. The background of the image is an orange and brown rectangular shape. The person falling is a man and is flying through the cell phone. He is wearing a blue shirt and has his arms and legs spread out. His facial expression is one of surprise. His hair is black and his eyes are wide open. He appears to be floating in mid-air. The cell phone is black with a silver border and a white screen. The phone has an open door and the man is falling out of it. The phone has a yellow and blue logo on the back. The scene is set in a cartoonish and whimsical environment. The colors are vibrant and the atmosphere is lighthearted. The image is humorous and captures the surprise of the person's fall.

Considering the age of the world we live in, the concept of social media emerges as a reasonably new formation. However, research shows that 4 billion out of 8 billion people are already social media users. In Turkey, this rate is said to be 52 million.

In other words, although it is seen as a new formation, all these data reveal that social media networks are adopted by people very quickly. This concept, which is considered unique for our recent history, is used by young people. Even the generations that did not grow up with technology are now looking for and learning ways to benefit from this new world's services and use the Internet in the best way.

Social Media Networks

In this changing world, many entrepreneurs create new business areas from new concepts such as digital entrepreneurship and e-commerce, which come into our lives with different ideas. Thanks to these initiatives, many social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat are available to people today.

Considering the past years, it is undeniable that the concept of social media, which has entered our lives with technology, has led to many conveniences. People generally use these networks through phones, computers, tablets. Thanks to these networks, today's people can easily access information, meet new people, and come across different ideas. However, social media brings with it both positive and negative aspects.

What Problems Does Social Media Cause for Today?

Studies show that the Internet has different effects on people, depending on people's personality traits and experiences. However, with the introduction of the concept of social media into our lives, many mental illnesses such as loneliness, caring for others, envy, depression, stress, lack of self-esteem, sleep problems, anxiety disorder, burnout syndrome symptoms are increasingly becoming a part of our daily lives.

A person looks back and realizes that he hasn't done a single thing that will be useful for him, which is the beginning of all these questions. As human nature, he starts to feel uncomfortable when he spends an empty day. This discomfort grows over time and causes irreversible problems.

At the root of all these problems lies the problem of addiction and time management. Like the addictive temptations of today's world, social media has a similarly addictive effect on people. Even if they do not have a job, many people spend hours wandering on social media networks and cannot provide time management.

Research shows that people spend at least 2 hours a day on these networks. However, people who spend all day on social media tend to deny this fact.

Can Social Media Addiction Be Prevented?

How can we prove that a person who thinks that his time is not wasted because he only uses social media at certain intervals all day is wrong? With data, of course! At this point, one must first see how much time he spends on the Internet with his own eyes. Thus, while we think he spends very little time on social media networks during the day, we can show how this little time becomes a waste of time when gathered together.

The same goes for anyone who uses social media. Even those who think that they use these channels most necessarily, in some cases, cannot control their time and may spend much more time on social media than they planned.

In parallel with the development of the concept of social media, various alternatives are emerging to control the effect of this concept on people. One of the essential alternatives is the application to provide time management. Once you install the applications created for this purpose, you can see how much time you spend on which social media network.

By downloading these applications, you can see the time you spend on social media in detail and create a more regular schedule.

social media
The woman in the image has a pleasant expression on her face. She has fair skin with a light blush on her cheeks. Her eyes are almond-shaped and her eyebrows are perfectly shaped. Her lips are slightly parted, and her hair is a dark shade of brown, pulled back from her face. Her long lashes frame her eyes, giving her a gentle, yet elegant look. She is wearing a delicate necklace that adds a subtle touch of style. Overall, the image captures a moment of beauty and contentment.
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