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How to do an Online Interview?

06 February 2020
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An online interview is a remote employment interview that employs video technology to communicate. Video interviews are becoming increasingly popular among businesses. It's advantageous for job applicants and employers to ask questions through video since it saves time and money. Therefore, geo-restrictions should be removed, candidate screening should be automated, and data quality in the recruitment and management system should be improved by eliminating geo-restrictions.

Online interviews have become more common, so the technology needed to conduct them has become more widespread. It's a simple and effective technique for interviewing job applicants. You won't be caught off guard if you learn about interview procedures and how to prepare. Job seekers may efficiently conduct interviews from home. It saves time and can be less stressful than meeting in person. There are many different kinds of online discussions. Being aware of them might assist you in thinking more clearly and performing better in internet interviews.

Online Interview Questions

Online interview questions are made up of several parts. The first portion is used to assist you in speaking and relaxing. The recruitment procedure begins with your ability to communicate and talk. In the second part, you're asked questions to determine whether you're a good fit. This is where you get to speak about yourself. Interview questions regarding the candidate's competence area are asked in the third part. It's attempted here to discover if you're a suitable match for the job.

Candidates for employment, whether in person or through an internet interview, are generally asked various questions throughout the recruiting process. The following are some sample interview questions.

  • Tell us about yourself.

  • How did you learn about this position?

  • Why would you leave your current job?

  • How well do you know us?

  • Why did you choose us?

  • What is your strongest and weakest aspect/trait?

  • What is your salary expectation?

  • Why should we hire you?

  • Why do you think you are suitable for this job?

  • What are your career and future goals?

Before preparing for the interview questions, consider why they're asked during the selection procedure. Then, it will be simpler to reply when the time comes.

Video Interview Types

The video interview system is utilized throughout the hiring process. For example, a recruiter may ask some interview questions early on and request that job seekers record their answers on video. This allows companies to evaluate candidates and choose which ones to continue with swiftly.

Synchronized and asynchronous video interviews are the most common types. The synchronized interview is conducted live over the internet, with both the interviewer and the applicant candidate, rather than in person. It's typically a substitute for a face-to-face meeting. A good internet connection, a webcam, and a microphone are required.

Employers sometimes do not interview individuals. Instead, the interview sends you an email with the questions to record and send as a video, after which it inquires whether you'd like to do an in-person or remote interview. An asynchronous interview is what this is called. Even though you're not speaking directly to a person, make sure you smile and maintain pleasant eye contact with the camera. Remember to speak slowly and clearly. It's easy to speed up or become flustered while interviewing at your own pace. Take a deep breath before beginning. If you appear to be talking too slowly, you're probably doing it correctly.

How to Prepare for an Online Interview?

Video chatting platforms like Skype or Google Hangouts are often utilized to conduct video interviews. If you're not comfortable with these technologies, it's good to practice with a buddy before conducting an internet interview. Set your camera angle so that your entire face may be seen comfortably. Many novices look at their reflection on the screen or in the corner rather than the camera. If you're speaking, focus on the camera rather than looking at someone else's image on the net or yourself in the mirror.

The video interview may be held in your living room, but you can't be lax. Prepare to dress the part for a job interview. It's easy to get caught up in putting together an outfit that looks nice but performs well. Dressing appropriately will put you in the mindset for the job interview. Wearing business attire tells your mind it's time to work, not unwind. A simple yet powerful mental technique that works every time!

Do not use notes: You cannot utilize notes in a video interview, so don't try it. There's no way to employ them secretly, regardless of how hard you try. In the video, your shifty gaze is evident. This demonstrates that the hiring manager you are cheating. The other person's perception is not the message you wish to convey; instead, it's the ready-made one with which you don't trust yourself. As a result, it will appear as if you're not there. This may persuade the hiring manager to stop looking at your video and move on to another hopeful applicant.

Know the regulations: Read the instructions carefully before your video interview is recorded. Online interview questions have a limited time limit. Determine how long it will take to answer each question and if there is a re-recording option for each recording. It's not advised to use the re-registration tool.

Take measures to avoid the phone: Put your phone in a quiet location and out of reach. You don't want any distractions during the interview, and a brief look at a phone might cause you to lose your train of thought. Alternatively, please turn off the vibration function on your phone to be entirely silent. This will create a distraction-free environment perfect for focusing.

Prepare your demeanor: Nothing is more annoying than a raucous individual or the whirring of a coffee machine in the background. Select an empty place to interview to guarantee there will be no background noise. Let people at home know you're going to the interview, so they don't disturb you. Also, do not chew gum or eat during asynchronous discussions to avoid having your voice recorded on tape.

Have your documents and other essentials ready 10 minutes before the interview starts. Picking up your phone, turning on your computer, having your login details prepared, then taking a few moments to relax will all help you prepare. Brief meditation or a guided breathing exercise might help you relax and concentrate.

Do a hardware check:

  1. Make sure everything is in working order before beginning the internet interview.

  2. Check whether your camera is functional and find an excellent vantage point with adequate lighting.

  3. Make sure your background isn't cluttered or revealing anything improper.

Repeat the same steps you would take before a typical job interview. Do your research, learn about the firm, study the job description, and define the skills you'd want to highlight in the conversation. Try to be at ease while speaking. Avoid using phrases that are overly brief or lengthy. In an interview, utilize these strong words. The video interview is merely another manner of doing things; don't let it throw you off balance.

What to Wear for a Video Call

For a video interview, you should dress professionally in the same manner as you would for a typical job interview. Do your homework on the firm's culture before the meeting to know what to do and what not to do. In order of preference, choose softer colors rather than bright ones if you're wearing a tie. If you wear glasses, adjust the lighting indoors so that there is less glare from the lenses.

Adjust the camera position to both faces of the screen and show the other party a clear view. Wearing professional pants or skirts is a smart idea if you need to stand up for any reason because only your upper body will be seen. On the other hand, you don't want to be discovered in Bermuda shorts.

Body Language in a Video Interview

You'll want to make eye contact during a face-to-face interview at the same rate as during a video interview. When answering interview questions, avoid looking directly at your on-screen interviewer. Instead, while speaking, look into the webcam. Your eyes will be more likely to line up with those of the interviewer on the other side if you do this. After listening to the other person, you can return your attention to the screen. Polish it off until it becomes natural for you. Then, after repeating it a few times, get used to how things are now.

Keep your spirits up as the interview questions continue to arrive, and exude confidence with your body language. To do this, maintain a good posture. Sit with your back straight and shoulders open. The soles of your feet should be on the floor, and you should keep your arms on your lap or the table. Do not lean forward while resting your elbows on the table. Although it is desirable to be at ease, this may appear too personal.

When listening, nod your head and smile when indicated so that the other person knows you are paying attention. Then, when it appears appropriate, use hand signals to help move the conversation forward. Avoid fidgeting or having your attention wander while using this communication device.

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