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How Create Online Course?

27 November 2021
How Create Online Course?

It's always hard at first to start something new, but especially online courses. But remember, the best way to achieve your goals is by setting small milestones that are easy to reach.

1. Set SMART Goals

For example, you can set a goal of how many sales you want for the course in its first week online or what date the online course should be launched on.  You can also decide on how much time you want to invest every day during the next week in working on it - this will help with organizing your work and getting things done!

Once you've decided what goals you need to achieve within the next week, think about tactics that could help you meet those goals and then prioritize all of them based on their importance and impact.  Remember, you can always make more smaller goals and change them later!

2. Find Your Course Topic

If you already know what online course topic you want to create, perfect! If not, don't worry - in the next section we will go over how to do that step by step. The online course should be something that you're interested in or an area where your audience could benefit from your help and guidance. This is important because if you're not interested in it yourself then it's highly unlikely that others will download and enjoy your online course. Just like with any business idea, online course ideas are only successful when there is a demand for them among customers, so try to think about topics that aren't overly saturated online and that you personally want to create.

3. Tactic: Try New Things

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One way to come up with online course ideas is to try new activities or hobbies - if you enjoyed it then other people just might too! If this doesn't help, online courses can be created from existing content that already exists online or offline in PDF format etc. For example, if you have a lot of material about a certain topic from another online source, pitch the idea of creating an online course from that content to a potential client. Or perhaps there's a book based on the topic where one chapter could be focused on online courses? You could pitch an online course teaching how to build your own online course while providing examples from your own experience! Or if you want to create online courses on a completely different topic altogether, see if there's online material available online for this online course and pitch it as an online course extension.

4. Tactic: Brainstorm Ideas

Brainstorming is the first step of the creation process and often requires time and effort, but can be very effective and fun! It helps with getting those creative juices flowing and also makes it easier to organize your online course ideas later on.  Try listing as many online course topics as possible that solve specific problems or teach valuable skills - don't worry about how unique or original they are at this point, just try to list as many as possible before going further down in the process where you need to prioritize them more. If you are online course veteran, this would be a great chance to try online tools that could help you come up with online course ideas faster.

5. Tactic: Narrow Down Your Topics

Go through your online courses topics list and separate them into groups - for example, categorize the online courses by topic, main skill taught or just alphabetically. It's important to have an overview of all online courses ideas so that you don't forget about any online lesson idea later on! Once you've organized your online courses lists into categories, start narrowing down the number of topics in each category until there are only one or two online course topics left per category. Once again, try not to worry too much about originality at this point, just make sure that the online courses will be something you're excited about and want to create.

6. Tactic: Improve Your Topic

By now, we hope that you've already found online course ideas for your online business!  After you've narrowed down your online courses to a few topics it's time to evaluate the "best" online course idea and improve it by adding more unique elements or making other improvements based on feedback from potential clients. Make changes to the online courses title, screenshot previews etc. Don't worry - it's still not too late to change online course topics if testing shows that the overall idea isn't that great!

7. Tactic: Create Your Online Course Site

Now all you need is a platform to start selling your online courses from! There are many great online tools that can help you create a professional online course website in no time. As with every online business, it's important to market your online course site effectively and get as much exposure as possible - check out our online marketing tips for more information on how to achieve this. And don't forget the most important part of creating an online course: putting together all the pieces of your online course and uploading them one by one!

8. Tactic: Promote Your Online Course

The last step is to promote your online course well enough so that people actually know about it exists! Remember, if nobody knows about it then nobody will buy or sign up for it either, so online promotion is the key here. The online course marketing tips section will provide you with online and social media tactics you can use to promote your online courses effectively.

And that's it - six steps for creating an online course that everyone wants to take! Once your online course has been created, remember that there's always room for improvement and growth - just like any online business :) Make sure to track the sales of your online courses and how much time it takes each student to complete each online module so that you know if future online lessons need some fine-tuning or if they are all working really well by themselves.

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