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Convenience in Our Lives Social Media

30 May 2019
A group of people are standing together, holding up signs with various messages written on them. At the front of the group stands a woman wearing a black shirt and jeans, holding a book in her hand. To her right, a man wearing a green sweater and blue jeans holds a phone in his hand. To her left, a person holds a sign with a camera drawn on it and headphones and notes. In the back of the group, two people hold signs with various messages written on them. All of the people have serious expressions, and their signs are held up high.

Today, internet and social media usage areas have reached large masses with the developing technology. Communication between people has become more vital. When we try to keep up with the age of technology, there is a severe change in our old habits. Our way of life, our understanding of entertainment, is changing rapidly.

So much so that sometimes we find it challenging to keep up with this rapid change. We live in a golden age of social media that facilitates our daily lives, which everyone from seven to seventy can use. Their contribution towards the purpose and target is too high to be seen with the naked eye.

What is the Importance of Social Media used by everyone from seven to seventy?

If we look at the past, before the internet had entered our lives, tools such as radio, television, magazines, newspapers, and books were used as communication tools. The media was followed by single-channel TV channels or reading channels such as newspapers and magazines. In addition, corporate companies made their advertisements using billboards, posters, television, and radio.

This is no longer the case. We are faced with vast social media, whose power that transforms one-sided communication into two-sided communication cannot be denied. In this way, our sensitivity to daily events is realized instantly. Moreover, uniting or organizing against social events can be done freely through social media platforms.

It can put the whole world at our fingertips. Thus, we can influence everything on the internet and add something from ourselves. Furthermore, people have increased their communication with the channels offered on online platforms. They can also be used for other purposes, such as being a personal brand in social media channels.

So What Are These Social Media Networks?

The use of social media and the internet has allowed people worldwide to connect in ways that were never before possible. People can now share ideas, thoughts, or opinions on anything they find interesting without having any barriers between them because these networking platforms allow anyone anywhere access at any time!

The company increases its market share by making its mission clearer by using Facebook ads. Job interviews are now done over the internet using a social media profile. According to the research of the Similar website, the most access to Youtube platform is made in Turkey. Everyone can access the training they want free of charge and watch visual videos on Youtube. Companies can reach the end-user with Youtube ad models.

Traveling, Discovering New Tastes, Living in the Moment

Social media has undoubtedly changed our minds. The most excellent convenience is that everything is at our fingertips. Social media gives us the freedom to travel to the fullest. If we do not know where we will go, we can have an idea about suitable hotels and accommodation by checking the holiday sites.

We can also contribute to our budget by looking at their comments and features. By expressing our feelings and thoughts, we can communicate with other social media users who use social media. In short, it allows us to follow everything and be in everything. Our knowledge is expanding; our visual perceptions are opening up. It provides us with extraordinary innovations with its use in taste.

As a result, social media exists in every aspect of our daily life, business life, and social life and will continue to live by developing. Whether we are a person, a company, or an institution, our duty at this point is to be open to innovations and to keep up with the world and new conditions by following the innovations. Because the world is changing, getting smaller and smaller, and the most beautiful thing is getting more and more integrated. We are also a part of this whole, and we can enjoy being original and accessible in the entirety. We can always stay innovative with social media. Unity is beauty.

What is the Importance of Social Media?

In this way, our sensitivity to daily events is realized instantly. Moreover, uniting or organizing against social events can be done freely through social media platforms.

What are Social Media Networks?

The point that makes one-sided communication two-sided is the widespread use of social networks such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, which we call the internet and social media networks. Through these networks, people exchange ideas with each other.

Which Social Media Is Used Most In Turkey?

According to the research of the Similar website, the most access to Youtube platform is made in Turkey. Everyone can access the training they want free of charge and watch visual videos on Youtube. In addition, companies can reach the end-user with Youtube ad models.

Author: Ekrem Aktas

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