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What Is The Quantum Philosophy Of Life?

01 December 2021
What Is The Quantum Philosophy Of Life?

The best way to learn about quantum philosophy is to think of it like this: There's the world, and then there's our perception of the world. Humans seem obsessed with reality - how it works, what's real and what isn't, how we can become better people, etc. Quantum philosophy is all about the fact - but it looks at it from a different angle than mainstream science.

The equation for quantum philosophy is this: 

Reality = Perception + Observation Choice

"That's so simple!" you might be thinking, but this equation is actually profound. It's simple if you break it down to its essence, but it becomes really complex if you look at the whole thing.

"Reality equals perception plus observation times choice." Perception is like the "big picture" of the whole thing. We're not trying to give you a philosophical answer about reality; we're trying to help you look at things from our perspective.

But, it's hard for humans to accept that there might be another way to see things without dismissing them altogether. This is why quantum philosophy has this equation structure - it's simple but simultaneously invites you to look deeper into things. If we were to express perception as a variable, we'd put "Reality" first and then "-Perception." This is because reality results from our "perception" minus whatever we think about what's happening.

So if things aren't going the way we want, then our perception becomes positive - and reality is just a result of that. Well, perception is arduous to change. The world around us doesn't change that quickly, and what we think about it - takes time. For instance: You can spend all week thinking about how crappy your job is, but unless you actually quit, nothing's going to happen. And even if you do leave - then what? You still have to find another job.

So this brings us to the third part of the equation: choice. The choice is exciting because it's directly related to action, but we need a destination to know where we're going! This is why choice equals "action." And so if you look at the whole thing, you'll see that it looks like this:

Reality = Perception + Action

So, perception plus action equals change! At least in the "reality" that each of us lives in. Now here's where things get a little complicated. It seems as though we're saying that a particular thought plus a specific action equals something - but what? If your original idea was negative, then the second part of this equation would also be harmful. And so, reality would have a negative result.

On the other hand, if your original thought was positive, reality would have a positive result. And so, in either case: Reality would have a different impact than it did before! This is what we call "real change." It's almost as though your mind can create something and that something has a specific effect on the world around you.

So, what's the point of all this? Well, to know where we're going - we need a destination! And here it is: Through our perception of these things and our actions, we can create anything we want. So if we want a change, we can make it happen in reality. And this is quantum philosophy - the idea that our thoughts and actions shape our reality. This is why they say: "Change your thoughts; change your life."

The Benefits Of Applying Quantum Philosophy To Your Life

The benefits of using quantum philosophy in your life are that you may end up with a more fulfilling and meaningful existence. Living in the 21st century, we are introduced to many concepts and information that were not common even 100 years ago! One of these includes quantum physics and philosophy.

Since we've learned about the discoveries of quantum mechanics, we increasingly see its influences in our daily lives. From touchscreen phones to smart appliances and even airplanes, technology is no stranger to using the concepts of quantum mechanics. As for philosophers, it is safe to say that they will probably never run out of ideas relevant to our daily lives. Just look at the world's greatest philosophers. Their quotes are still widely quoted today. So what exactly is quantum philosophy? This is basically the study of practical ways to apply quantum physics in your everyday life. It might sound intimidating, but it actually doesn't have to be. Quantum philosophy deals with practical ideas that can be applied in any situation, at home or even at work. It's not only about the theories and equations of quantum mechanics.

One good example is the idea of parallel universes (multiverse). Instead of feeling discouraged by how complicated it sounds, people should embrace the concept instead since it has some practical benefits; for instance, thinking about parallel universes can make you less needy and more open-minded. It is also interesting to note that science has been catching up with the ideas of quantum physics in many different fields, such as biology and even psychology. These branches of studies borrow some concepts from quantum mechanics because it offers a better understanding of how our cells work and how the mind and body work together to help us function. If you're not into all of this science stuff, rest assured that most of these concepts do not require prior knowledge in quantum mechanics or even philosophy! But why should we apply these theories in our daily lives? This is because they give us new (and sometimes better) ways to solve our everyday problems.

Practical Ways You Can Apply Quantum Theory In Your Everyday Life

Now that you know what quantum philosophy is about, here are practical ways to apply it in your daily life. There is no need to make significant changes. The goal here is to incorporate these ideas into your everyday life, so try making just one change at a time until all aspects of your life improve.

Know thyself. This is basically knowing what your weaknesses and strengths are. Then, look back, look ahead. If we want to grow as people and develop new habits, it is essential to reflect on what we've done wrong or improve. Just imagine that you're your own teacher, coaching yourself for the coming days.

Keep an open mind. This basically means to be less judgemental and more understanding towards our friends and family members who make mistakes. Of course, nobody's perfect; instead of feeling frustrated with others, it would be helpful to think of ideas on how they can improve. Be patient. Learn to have more patience with yourself and others! If you plan to learn a new skill similar to the one mentioned above, don't give up even if you can't master it right away.

The idea behind quantum philosophy is to incorporate it into our everyday lives. It's not that we need to understand quantum physics or even philosophy. For that matter, as long as we learn how to be more patient and open-minded, things will start falling in place! So learn Quantum Philosophy of Life with IIENSTITU and change your life!

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