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How Should We Answer Career Goal Questions?

01 May 2018
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What kind of career do you aim for in our company? questions require the most crucial answers of the interview. We desire to give answers that are very creative and push the limits of imagination. “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” Questions are important for businesses, but difficult for candidates.

This article has been prepared for informational purposes about what is the most correct answer to career goal questions.

When you do a search on Google, you can find articles such as examples of career goals and achieve your career goal. However, it would not be right to look for an answer on the internet for the question that you need to say something original. You can't find the answer to this question like searching for a recipe on the internet.

The answer you give in such questions is not very important. The important thing is simply to answer the question sincerely. Giving realistic answers that are not artificial and do not push the limits of imagination preserves the seriousness of the interview. If you talk about your high school dreams at the job interview, the recruiter won't take you seriously.

Never go into adventures such as “I will be in your place in 5 years”!

For example, a middle manager may say that he has a career goal of becoming a senior manager in 5 years. It's not about pushing the limits for him. This can just be achieved. If he works systematically and wants to succeed, he can become a senior manager in that company within 5 years. Nobody expects you to win a war like Atatürk did.

Although the career goal of a recent graduate to "become a senior manager in 5 years" seems absurd, it is considered important for some – very few – employers. Those who want to work with people with high eyesight may find this type of goals that push the limits of their imagination valuable. By setting these goals, you take your first step into management.

Why is the career goal question asked?

There is only one reason why this question is asked. Finding out if you are goal-oriented…

What position will you be in our company after 5 years? If the question was about whether you have a prophecy, they would ask you about the future of the company…

To answer this question, my best advice to you is to avoid it. Answering this question correctly is not enough to prove that you are competent to do the job. Answering this question does not mean that you are goal-oriented. This question is an incorrectly asked question found on the internet. It is a wrong question asked by people who are not competent in their job.

If a person's long-term career goal is to be learned, result-oriented questions should be asked to that person.

Example: “Do you have any career goals that you have achieved so far?”

If the answer is “yes”, then the following is asked: “What is your last career goal that you have achieved?”

Do you question someone's past or future to find out if they are goal-oriented? A question about a career goal in your past? Or does the question of future career goal make more sense?

What should be considered when answering the career goal?

There are a few items that recruiters pay attention to when answering this question;

  1. What did he do to achieve his career goal?

  2. What competencies did he develop to achieve the goal?

  3. Is there a roadmap to reach a bigger goal?

  4. Is the person's age proportional to his/her personal development and education goals?

  5. When setting a career goal, you must answer these questions within yourself.

Answer career goal questions as follows

For this type of question that you will encounter in the interview, first start by coming from the past. Tell how you achieved the career goal you have achieved in the past, what you need to improve, what kind of planning you have done and what training you need to take. Then talk about your career goal 5 years from now.

Then score the goal!

Mention that you need to work in this company for your career goal in 5 years and that your employment is in the planning.

Read This Before Answering Questions About Career Goal!

The best way to answer the interview question is "What's your future goal?" or "where do you see yourself in 5 years" questions. You must have an answer to these questions.

For example, you are a nurse. You applied to a hospital. But there are too many nurses in hospitals and you can't find a job for a long time. And you said in the job interview: I've been looking for a job for a long time, but I couldn't find a job. If I can't find a job for another month, my career goal will be to go back to school and do a master's degree.

If you say this, you reduce your chances of getting hired. It also talks about career opportunities for hospital nurses. It can be a part-time job. You can work part-time and do academic studies at school the rest of the time. If you give the above answer without knowing this possibility, you will lose in both cases.

For this reason, I strongly recommend that you do your research before coming to the job interview. What does the company want? If you can find an answer to this question, you can better answer the career goal question.

Sample Answers to Career Goal Questions

My long-term goals are to continue my development into a company where I can continue to learn, take on additional responsibilities and add value. As far as I have researched, your company attaches importance to development and offers career opportunities. I want to take advantage of them.

As I gain experience, I want to move to a position where I can develop and maintain my management skills rather than technical jobs. This is the goal of many people, but I am very keen on it. But for now, I intend to focus on my technical abilities.

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