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Why HR Managers Can’t Fix Bad Jobs

07 December 2022
Niceness can only do so much - make sure the job itself has everything that makes it worth staying in!

A nice Human Resources (HR) manager can make a world of difference for employees. But what happens when a job is bad—so bad that even the nicest of HR managers can’t fix it? How do you know when it's time to start looking for something new? Let’s explore why some jobs just aren’t salvageable and how to tell when you need to move on.

When the Job Is Unsustainable

Sometimes, there are certain aspects of a job that simply can't be fixed by an HR manager, no matter how nice they are. These could include salary discrepancies, a toxic work environment, or even long hours that don't align with your schedule. In cases like these, staying in the job is not only unsustainable but also potentially harmful.

When Your Goals Don't Align With Your Job

In other cases, your goals may no longer align with the job itself. This could mean you've outgrown the role or that your career aspirations have changed since you first accepted the job offer. It's important to remember here that your goals and ambitions should always come first—if they're not being met by this particular role then it might be time to consider moving on.

When You Don't Feel Valued

Feeling valued at work is essential for employee morale and productivity. If you don't feel like your work is being recognized or if feedback is lacking, then it's likely due to a lack of respect from management or co-workers alike. It's hard to stay motivated in this kind of environment and unfortunately, HR managers may not be able to change this dynamic without serious intervention from higher-ups in the company.

No matter how nice an HR manager is, sometimes bad jobs just can't be saved. Keep an eye out for signs such as unsustainable working conditions, lack of recognition for hard work done, or goals not being met within the company. If any of these signs pop up in your current workplace then it may be time to start looking elsewhere! After all, our career aspirations should always come first and taking care of ourselves means having the courage to move on when we need to.

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Bilal Senturk
Bilal Şentürk

He completed his undergraduate studies at Celal Bayar University, Anadolu University and Istanbul University, and a Master's degree with thesis on Human Resources Management at Yıldız Technical University and Business Management at Beykent University. He is currently writing a doctoral thesis on human resources and consulting businesses on human resources.

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