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IIENSTITU Student Hana Ito: The Success Story

30 June 2023
Hana Ito, a successful IIENSTITU student, proudly graduates in her cap and gown, symbolizing her accomplishment and dedication to her studies. Her smile radiates joy and satisfaction, showcasing the culmination of her hard work and determination throughout her educational journey.

Hana Ito is an ambitious university student and personal development enthusiast. As a Business Management major at Kyoto University, Hana continuously conducts various training and events to improve herself.

The personal development courses she received at IIENSTITU were essential in developing her leadership skills, time management, and effective communication. This training contributes to Hana's success in both her academic and personal life. Hana contacted us and talked about the contribution of IIENSTITU to her success. We wanted to include our interview with her in this blog post.

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Get to know about IIENSTITU Student Hana Ito

Active in blogging and video editing at Fiverr, Hana shares her knowledge through written and visual content. Her blog posts provide informative content on personal development, business strategies, and learning methods.

Her videos offer visually exciting and informative content to the audience. She has created unique video content for several companies, and we do not share their names here to protect their privacy.

Hana's goals and achievements are not limited to this. Hana, who wants to specialize in digital marketing, receives training and improves herself in this field. By gaining knowledge and experience in digital marketing strategies, SEO, social media management, and data analytics, she aims to specialize in growing brands' online presence and communicating effectively with their target audiences.

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Hana's training, experience, and determination in personal development, blogging, and digital marketing provide a strong foundation for her future success.

How did IIENSTITU develop Hana?

Through her personal development training at IIENSTITU, she strengthened her leadership, communication, and stress management skills.

At the same time, she actively works in blogging and video editing on Fiverr, sharing her knowledge and earning income. She said the SEO, blogging, and digital marketing specialization courses she took from IIENSTITU enabled her to do this job.

Hana's ultimate goal is to become a digital marketing expert and develop strategies to grow brands' online presence. With her passionate and determined personality, Hana aims to achieve great success in the field of digital marketing in the future, and we believe that she can do it. Let's move on to our interview and get to know her better.

Hana Ito is studying online at the Institute with her computer.

IIENSTITU Student Hana Ito Interview Details

Annika: Hello, Hana. Could you introduce yourself? Which university are you studying, and which field do you want to specialize in?

Hana: Hello! My name is Hana Ito. I am currently a student at Kyoto University, and I am focusing on Business Management. I am interested in many different trainings and events to improve myself. I also want to specialize in digital marketing.

Annika: You said that you received your development course at IIENSTITU. How do these courses contribute to you, and in which areas do you develop yourself?

Hana: IIENSTITU has been an excellent resource for my personal development. I receive courses in leadership skills, time management, effective communication, and stress management. This training supports me to be successful in both my academic and personal life. It also allows me to increase my self-confidence, learn to set goals, and build a better future for myself.

Annika: You are blogging and editing videos on Fiverr. Please tell us a bit about this experience. What topics do you write about and make videos on?

Hana: Yes, I offer blogging and video editing services on Fiverr. Based on my interests and areas of expertise, I usually write articles on personal development, business strategies, learning methods, and digital marketing. I also produce informative videos on these topics. This way, I share my knowledge and can earn income by working on different projects.

Annika: You mentioned that you want to become a digital marketing expert. Why digital marketing? What kind of work do you plan to do in this field?

Hana: Digital marketing is essential in today's rapidly changing world. The internet and social media provide a platform for brands to engage with their target audience. I want to specialize in this field to help brands grow their digital presence and develop online marketing strategies. By specializing in SEO, social media management, content marketing, and data analytics, I plan to help brands increase their online visibility and reach their target audiences.

Annika: What are your future goals? What kind of a career in digital marketing do you dream of pursuing?

Hana: In the future, I would like to have a successful career in digital marketing. I dream of working as a digital marketing specialist in a large corporation and starting my consultancy. By keeping up with new technologies and trends, I want to help brands optimize their digital strategies and grow their online presence. I also want to continue sharing knowledge about digital marketing, reaching a wider audience, and contributing to industry developments.

Hana Ito listens to podcasts on her phone while receiving training from IIENSTITU.

Hana Ito's Thoughts on IIENSTITU

Annika: Hana, what are the reasons why you chose IIENSTITU? Why was IIENSTITU the right choice for you compared to other sources?

Hana: I chose IIENSTITU because of several factors. Firstly, IIENSTITU offers comprehensive training and support for my personal development. I wanted to improve my leadership, communication, and stress management skills, and IIENSTITU was an ideal resource for me as an institution specializing in these areas.

I was also impressed by the quality and content of the training offered by IIENSTITU. The trainings are given by experienced trainers and are based on up-to-date information. IIENSTITU constantly updates its programs to keep abreast of industry innovations and ensure participants are equipped with the latest knowledge.

The fact that IIENSTITU also has a vast network was one of the reasons for my preference. I had the opportunity to interact with other students and industry professionals during the programs, which helped me to network and gain access to mentorship and job opportunities in the relevant field.

I also needed to know that IIENSTITU has flexible training programs. I could study at IIENSTITU while continuing my university studies, which was a significant advantage in adapting to my programs and learning at my own pace and timetable.

When all these factors came together, IIENSTITU was the right choice for me regarding my personal development and achieving my goals.

Annika: Hana, what would you recommend to other people? Is IIENSTITU the right choice? From your experience and journey, what would you recommend to others to support their personal development and career goals?

Hana: My suggestions for others would be the following:

  • Continuously improve yourself: Embrace the philosophy of lifelong learning. Learn new skills, attend training, and continuously explore your interests to improve yourself. Personal development is essential to advance your career and live a more fulfilling life. IIENSTITU is an excellent platform for this.

  • Set goals: Setting clear and measurable objectives increases your motivation and enables you to achieve success. Remember to focus on short-term goals at the same time as setting your long-term goals. Going step by step will help you achieve big goals.

  • Do not be afraid to take risks: Sometimes, you may need to take risks to succeed. Seize new opportunities, overcome situations where you feel uncomfortable, and overcome your fears. Remember, great success often requires taking significant risks.

  • Collaborate and expand your network: Collaborating with others allows exploring new ideas and provides inspiration. Seek mentorship and connect with experts in your business and personal development journey. Expanding your network can open up new opportunities. There are many student societies at IIENSTITU. I see a lot of IIENSTITU students on LinkedIn, and I add them to my network. There are business people and students like me who are developing themselves.

  • Take time for yourself and maintain a balance: Don't neglect yourself while focusing on your goals. Manage your time well and make time for yourself to maintain a work-life balance. Give yourself rest, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and make time for hobbies and interests.

Everyone has different goals and needs, so they should take steps to align with their goals and values. I have spoken for quite a long time, thank you.

We want to thank Hana for giving us her time and sharing her experiences. Hana's efforts in her personal development journey and her determination toward her goals are inspiring. We look forward to her future achievements.

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