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What is Image and Reputation Management?

20 November 2019
Two people wearing formal attire stand side by side and shake hands in a close-up shot. The man on the left is wearing a light grey suit with a white shirt, a tie, and a pair of black leather shoes. His hand is gripping the other person's hand tightly. The man on the right is wearing a navy blue suit with a light blue shirt, a black tie, and a pair of brown leather shoes. His hand is clasped around the other person's in a firm handshake. Both individuals have a look of determination and seriousness on their faces. Their hands are slightly blurred in the background, suggesting a swift and vigorous motion.

Thanks to technology and the economy, organizations need many social media tools to build their target audience. Corporate companies provide trainings to their employees internally in order to improve their brand reputation and image. 

What is Image Management?

It is the management of perceptions and behaviors of individuals or institutions or organizations created by targeting brand reputation and consumption focal points. Companies want to make their brands more visible through social media tools in order to create an identity and culture within their own organizations. 

It is possible to create positive perceptions on the other side with our image and behavior. In order to do this correctly, different effects must be used together. Image and its management is a sought-after and necessary factor in many companies. In addition, this management can be used personally in both business and social life. There are several factors in image management. 

  • Companies determine the target customer group in their internal organization,

  • Identifying target customer portfolio behaviors, attitudes and consumption trends,

  • Creating a brand and corporate culture,

  • Creating feedback on competitors in the market and increasing the customer portfolio,

  • Increasing product/service quality and capacity according to consumption behaviors,

What is Reputation Management?

Reputation management is about engaging with customers to build a good business reputation. Think of communicating with them in terms of the systems you are in. Get feedback on your services and products while communicating. When it comes to dealing with negative content about a brand you are selling, the best defense is a good defect. 

There is no reputation for a business that cannot satisfy its target audience. No matter how good the product or service is, failures in management quality will upset all balances one day. It is not possible to reach the right customer or consumer without good communication. For a more conscious customer portfolio, corporate reputation management and image management are one of the most important features that support each other.

What is Corporate Image Management?

It is the process of creating and managing perception with social media tools for corporate image. Companies want their advantageous aspects to be recognized and preferred. Therefore, they research the pros and cons of their brands. In this way, feedback is received from customers in a faster and more understandable way. Point of consumption reputation takes into account many factors such as the target audience according to the needs and behaviors of the customer, social media tools to promote the face of the brand, increasing market share, R&D (research and development).

What is Image Management Training?

Professional Image and Perception Management Training is one of the supporting and developing factors in terms of customer portfolio and brand recognition. Thanks to this training, the targeted image is achieved. Corporate companies support their employees with external image management training to manage their brands more consciously and correctly within their own organizations.  

They can receive these online distance trainings through the Institute. The Institute is among the best online training sites in this field thanks to its experienced and effective teaching techniques in image management. Online training can be taken in line with the needs of organizations or individuals. 

Individuals apply to training organizations that provide certificates both for a better resume and to climb the career ladder steadily. Online education carries a great vision for an individual career. The Institute is the first in its field with its innovative online education system that is always open to development and knows all the materials needed for education. Free online education or distance education offers training alternatives according to the needs of individuals for career, corporate culture, face formation inside/outside the company.

image management
The man in the image is wearing a pair of glasses and a blue shirt. He has short, light-colored hair and a clean-shaven face. His glasses have thin frames that match the color of his shirt. He is looking directly at the camera, with a calm and confident expression on his face. His arms are folded across his chest and he is standing in an upright posture. The background is a plain white wall, making his outfit the only thing in focus. The blue shirt creates a bright contrast against the white wall, emphasizing the man's presence.
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