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What are the Benefits of Reading Books?

21 November 2020
What are the Benefits of Reading Books?

Reading books is the best and most enjoyable way to open doors to different worlds. Seeing places we will never see, living in stories that we will never witness, and reaching the most accurate information is the best step that can be taken.

Unfortunately, accessing information has become very easy as of the internet age. For this reason, reading books remained in the shadow of internet research. However, an issue should not be ignored: if the internet is not used correctly, it can turn into an information dump.

Internet platforms, where everyone can write and draw freely, make it much easier to access information and save time; on the other hand, they can fill our heads with well-known mistakes. So, of course, it's all about how the internet is used. But when it comes to books, doubts about the accuracy of information disappear.

Books are not just tools that provide information on a specific subject. It is also one of man's closest friends with its numerous benefits. When made into a regular activity, reading can be the most excellent favor a person can do for himself. So, what are the benefits behind many people telling us to 'read a book' for years?

  • Regular reading improves vocabulary. It must be admitted that there is a difference between speaking a language with a thousand words and speaking a language with ten thousand words. If we think that communication is the basis of people's coexistence, our greatest need is to express ourselves correctly. The way to improve expression and communication skills is through reading. Learning new words and recognizing different forms of expression contribute to developing these skills.

  • Books develop the ability to empathize. In its simplest form, empathy is the ability to see events and situations through the eyes of others. This ability, which is most needed in relationships, enables people to understand each other, evaluate the other party's conditions while evaluating the situation, and approach everyday events more objectively and understandingly. One of the most significant benefits of reading books is developing empathy skills by teaching different perspectives and thoughts.

  • Reading increases intelligence capacity. Studies have shown that reading a book increases intelligence capacity and thinking power by creating connections between brain cells.

  • Reading books increases knowledge. Every book teaches something new, even if it is not written to teach a specific subject. Thus, the accumulation of knowledge increases, and accordingly, the ability to think and express develops.

  • Reading habit increases creativity. When reading a book, the imagination is activated. While reading some books, it feels like watching a motion picture created by the intended reader. This movement in the imagination triggers and develops creative thinking.

  • Regular reading facilitates and strengthens focus. Reading itself is an activity that requires focus. Regularly reading books will push you to focus more, so that focus will be easier and more robust in all areas.

  • Books are the key to expertise. Reading many books on a subject studied or studied will enable you to specialize in that subject. This means being the best in the field and even more profit.

  • The habit of reading books strengthens memory. Just as exercise improves the skeletal and muscular systems, reading a book also supports memory and comprehension. In other words, reading is an exercise for the brain.

  • I was reading a book that relieves stress. It relaxes the mind by removing negative thoughts from daily life and routines. Along with this relaxation, sleep quality also increases.

  • Reading improves written and oral expression skills. As the vocabulary expands, speaking or writing in a language becomes a dance with words. Thus, the person has more than one option to express himself.

How to Gain the Habit of Reading Books?

Reading books has many benefits. However, it is impossible to see all these benefits by reading a single book. Reading will only be beneficial when it becomes a habit, a regular action. The following ways can be followed to gain the practice of reading books:

It will help if you start by choosing the right book. The first book to be read in line with habit formation should be thin enough not to bore the reader and suitable for the reader's taste. At the same time, it should have a fluent and straightforward expression rather than a heavy language. Thus, the reader will enjoy the book and will continue to read. Before buying a book, reading reviews of books from trusted reviewers or getting advice from a trusted friend or family member can be very helpful in the book selection process.

Despite all the advice and research, the book may not draw the reader in. In this case, forcing the book to finish will only get bored. This is precisely the effort to gain a habit.

Therefore, if the book does not attract attention, it would be the right move to quit and start another book.

According to research, it takes 21 days for a behavior to become a habit. Actions taken regularly for at least 21 days become habits. Reading a book every day for a certain period without interruption will turn into practice. Since everyone's routine and focus time is different, reading every day for some time that the reader will determine for himself gives results in a short time. For example, it would be beneficial to start with 15 minutes and gradually increase the time.

Having a book with you at all times will contribute to making reading a habit. Thus, it is possible to find the opportunity to read in vehicles such as buses, subways, or at any free time.

Being stable is the most crucial step. The routine should not be disrupted for any reason, reading should not be neglected, and time should be taken to read a book.

To gain the habit of reading, motivation is necessary. The best reason is to make a list of books read. Looking back, the number of books read will make you want to read new ones.

What is Effective Book Reading Methods?

To get efficiency from reading books, first of all, the purpose of reading should be determined, and a suitable book should be selected. E.g.; Stories or novels can be preferred to have a pleasant time. Or, if the purpose of reading is to get information on a subject, books that examine that subject can be chosen. In this way, a proper task is achieved.

The second step is to understand the book's main topics to be read and the critical issues. Reading the table of contents and the preface at the beginning can help. Having information about the book and the author, in general, will increase the efficiency of the book's content.

In addition to these, taking notes increases the efficiency of reading. Digital tools can be used to take notes and paper and pen. Taking notes increases the focus on the book and ensures that the information that may be needed is at hand. Thus, even if time passes, the data can be kept fresh by looking at the notes from time to time.

Reading Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Elon Musk, one of the co-founders of Tesla Motors and PayPal and the founder of SpaceX, said that he read 10 hours a day in his youth. Musk, a fan of science fiction novels, stated in an interview that he learned how to make rockets from these novels.

Bill Gates, the wealthiest person in the world, said that he reads 50 books a year and that these books are not fiction books.

In a Facebook post, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, said that he read one book in 2 weeks and invited all Facebook users to read a book in the same way.

What are the Benefits of Reading Books?

If done regularly, reading a book strengthens memory, expands vocabulary, and improves expression. In addition, it reduces stress and improves sleep and quality of life. It has been observed that new neuron connections are formed in the brains of people who read books regularly, and their intellectual capacity increases.

What Should I Do to Gain the Habit of Regular Reading?

The first condition for gaining the habit of reading books is to start with an exciting book. Then, a book that is not too thick should be chosen, and a certain amount of time should be devoted to reading every day. However, for this action to be permanent, it must be stable.

How to Read a Book Effectively?

To read a book effectively, it is necessary to grasp the main titles and critical subjects of the book. Browsing the table of contents and the preface gives you an idea about the book. Taking notes while reading prevents the passive reading process and helps the information be permanent.

Reading Books
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