WordPress Tutorials


Wordpress is a blogging system that helps you create website easily. If you want to learn Wordpress, you can join the Wordpress trainings at the Institute.

What Will You Learn in Wordpress Tutorials?

First of all, to set up a Wordpress site, you start completely with the basics. You will have information about concepts such as hosting and domain, and you will also have information about where to do these operations.

You will learn how to connect your website with the server and then the next steps. There are many free features offered online, and you will be getting information about where you can use them. You will have information about what you can do for free, as well as what features you can have for a fee.

In addition, you will get free themes in the training. You can download themes that you can integrate into your Wordpress site from the page.

Starting from the use of the Dashboard, you will have an idea about many topics in detail.

You will also learn about the concept of FTP and what it does. You will learn in detail, such as uploading files, information required to create a blog. Purely technical and practical information on page layout, posts, blog posts, categories, tags, pagination and more is included in this tutorial.

What Does Wordpress Tutorials Do?

Basically, you get the information about Wordpress from the expert. You will be able to set up a Wordpress site on your own. You will also learn many useful techniques such as themes, widgets, customizing menus, creating your own layout, using plugins and increasing the security of your blog.

You will be able to preview the changes and edits you have made to your blog. You can install free themes that you downloaded from the tutorial. Note that each theme has its own features. You will be getting detailed information so that you can make the most accurate visual design in terms of user experience.

In addition to sharing your social media plans on your website, you will learn how to get information so that other users can become members of your page. Wordpress has very rich content about plugins. You can integrate multiple features into your page for free. You can build a unique Wordpress site.

You will be able to analyze your website on Wordpress. You will also be able to get detailed information such as how many people came to your site and their location. You can also install SEO plugins such as SEO package or Google XML sitemaps. Sitemaps are an important element because sitemaps are automatically created on every page you create.

There are also some add-ons to protect the security of a website you have set up thanks to Wordpress tutorials. You will learn about these plugins through Wordpress tutorials. Wordpress already has a built-in firewall protection against malware. There are common Wordpress attack vectors such as uploading files to Wordpress, SQL or disallowed files. That's why setting up a Wordpress site is both easy and safe.

You don't need to be an expert in web design to set up a Wordpress site. You can set up your website however you want. You can upload not only blog posts but also videos and images.

Adding images is another element that supports visuality. You will also learn to include various visual elements on your page correctly so that a user can enjoy spending time on your page and return to your page.

There are also heading rules to consider when creating a blog post. For this, you can also attend Blogging and Content Editor trainings. H1, H2, H3, etc. It is also important that the titles are compatible with the keywords and that the sub-titles are created. No matter how good the original of the text is, it is necessary to pay attention to the title order.

While taking Wordpress trainings, you will set up a website and when you feel ready, you can now create your own content. Of course, you need to take SEO trainings as well as Wordpress trainings.

After your site is ready, don't forget to prepare more interesting and high-search articles to keep users coming back, and make time for it. For these, in addition to Wordpress training, do not forget to attend trainings where you will get detailed information such as blogging and SEO trainings.

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